20% off Acana Dog Food

This offer is good for 20% off Acana Dog Food. This offer is good @ Chewy.com. If you have never used a Pet Food Auto-Shipment program we highly suggest you try it out as well. We have been getting our Pet Food on Auto-Shipment for roughly 2 years now and it has been a blessing. Use the details below and save 20% off Acana dog food and FREE shipping if your order is $49 or more.


We had fed Orijen (from same company that makes Acana) before, but were having trouble finding it locally. So Chewy.com’s quick, no shipping charge delivery of Acana is a blessing!
Acana comes from a Canadian company that does not source in China; certain ingredients are sourced in Europe. It features real, organic, meat and fish. Take a look at the ingredient list — you’ll see why we like it!


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    We just found our husky loves the Wild Atlantic and she is a very finicky eater.


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