Everything you’ve ever thought about German Shepherds being tough, hardened working dogs is undone in this article chock full of slumbering and relaxed GSD puppies.

We’ve got puppies snuggling stuffed animals, floating on rafts, lounging on the beach and so much more.

If you’ve been craving a Shep puppy of your own then you’ll have to think long and hard about looking at the rest of this article as it will forever solidify in your mind why YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO HAVE ONE!

1. Down With Opie P

A video posted by O P I E ? (@downwithopie_p) on

2. Chase GSD

A photo posted by Chase (@chase.gsd) on



3. Mitzi GSD


A photo posted by mitzi.gsd (@mitzi.gsd) on



4. Cooper the GSD


A photo posted by Cooper (@cooperthegsd06) on

5. Reina the GSD

A photo posted by Reina (@reina_gsd) on

6. Josie the GSD

A photo posted by Josie Jo (@josie_the_gsd) on



7. Levi the Shepherd


A photo posted by Levi (@levi_theshepherd) on


8. Bella Bouncing Bear


9. Persnickety Ickety

10. Olive The GSD

A video posted by olive_thegsd (@olive_thegsd) on



11. Your Buddy Zeus




12. Turbo The GSD


A photo posted by Turbo (@turbothegsd) on

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