This offer is good for 20% off I and Love and You Dog Food. This offer is good @ If you have never used a Pet Food Auto-Shipment program we highly suggest you try it out as well. We have been getting our Pet Food on Auto-Shipment for roughly 2 years now and it has been a blessing. Use the details below and save 20% off I and Love and You dog food and FREE shipping if your order is $49 or more.

Great News! Chewy has recently added an extra 5% off on reoccurring Auto-Ship orders.

Not completely odor-free but I really don’t think it’s possible to make bully sticks/pizzles odor free. It’s dried pizzles. That held urine. How can it be odor free? But my puppy loves bully sticks and these don’t make my stomach turn so … YAY!
I do think the quality can vary because the last pack, my puppy TORE through them. Very crunchy and quickly digested. These are taking longer for him to chew on.
Chewy’s prices are the best. I saw these at Whole Foods for about $7.00 more. Crazy right??

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