9 Best Dog Toys for German Shorthaired Pointers in 2024

Your German Shorthaired Pointer is smart, loyal, and filled with energy – but if he doesn’t get enough exercise, his restlessness will drive you bonkers!

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Fortunately, the right toys will keep your furry friend happy, healthy, and relaxed. He’ll need about two periods of fairly intense activity each day. Of course, your German Shorthaired Pointer will love to go for a walk or a hike. But playing with toys that are mentally and physically stimulating is another great way to burn off energy. Otherwise, he’ll feel bored and will likely start acting out by racing around the house and possibly even chewing on your furniture and possessions.

The best dog toys for German Shorthaired Pointers are durable, mentally engaging, and encourage lots of movement. Plus, toys must be size-appropriate, as these large dogs can accidentally swallow small objects. The good news is that you have plenty of options. From balls to chew toys to puzzles and more, these dogs enjoy a wide variety of play objects.

Today, we’re taking a comprehensive look at the best toys for your GSP. Whether you already know a fair amount about the breed or are a complete toy-buying newbie, you’re sure to find tons of useful info. Aside from our complete toy guide, we’ve rounded up the best toys you’ll want to know about.

Filling up your dog’s toy basket is easier and more affordable than you might realize. Let’s get started!

What is the Best Dog Toy for a German Shorthaired Pointer?

Are you in a hurry? Does your dog need a new toy right now? If you don’t have time to read the full article at the moment, here’s a look at our eight favorite toys for adult German Shorthaired Pointers plus two great options for puppies:

Different Types of Dog Toys for German Shorthaired Pointers

German Shorthaired Pointers need a robust collection of three distinct types of toys: fetch, chew, and puzzle. Each plays an important role in keeping your dog physically healthy, mentally engaged, and emotionally comfortable.

First, you want fetch toys for active play outdoors such as balls, ball launchers, flying discs, tri-flyers, and Wubbas. These toys help burn off your dog’s energy. They need daily opportunities to run, chase, and move. Plus, GSPs desire bonding time with their owners, which fetch toys allow.

Of course, sometimes your dog has to do his own thing. The other type of toys for German Shorthaired Pointers allow them to entertain themselves. Your dog should have a robust selection of chew toys such as flavored bones, fakes sticks, barbell chew toys, and rope toys.

Finally, German Shorthaired Pointers are smart, and they need mental stimulation as well as physical. Puzzle toys (also called busy toys) engage their minds to keep them from feeling bored or depressed. Examples include hide-and-seek plush sets, activity boards, busy bones, and Kongs.

Best Dog Toys for German Shorthaired Pointers

Best Overall: Kong Wubba Classic Dog Toy

Key Features :

  • Versatile
  • Makes squeaky sound
  • Very durable
  • Great for fetch
Why You Should Buy

Kong Wubba Classic Dog Toy

The Kong Wubba Classic Dog Toy is a tug and toss toy that will withstand many hours of playtime with your dog. It has a tennis ball and a squeaky ball along with the long flowing tails that you can throw in the air or play tug with.

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It’s the goofy-looking classic that dogs love! Kong’s Wubba toss-and-tug toy contains two balls wrapped in nylon covering. The signature feature is the four long, flowing tails that you can use to throw the ball high in the air or for playing a game of tug.

Inside, the Wubba has a traditional tennis ball plus a squeaky ball. You can throw the Wubba for traditional games of fetch, enhanced by the flowing tails. Additionally, the dog can also use it as a chew toy. The squeaking acts as positive feedback that your dog will love!

If we had to pick one toy, this would be it because it fulfills many different GSP needs. First, it’s a great fetch toy. Use the flowing tail to toss it much further than a regular tennis ball. Also, the hidden squeaky ball is both a chew toy and a bit of a puzzle, as dogs often try to remove it from the tail (they can’t, but it’s fun to try).

ChuckIt! Classic Launcher

Key Features :

  • Saves back and arm
  • Makes for cleaner play
  • Launches ball far
  • Simple and durable
Why You Should Buy

ChuckIt! Classic Launcher

The ChuckIt! Classic Launcher will save your arm and your back when you’re playing fetch with your pet. It scoops the ball up for you and helps you launch it further to exercise your GSP while spending quality time, too.

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Your German Shorthaired Pointer loves to play fetch, but you don’t love slobber on your hands from picking up the tennis ball again and again. A ChuckIt! launcher helps make playtime mess-free while also increasing the fun.

It’s a simple, durable ball launcher with a comfortable grip and no moving or mechanical parts. You can use it to pick up a ball without touching any slobber or even bending over.

Additionally, it lets you send that ball flying. Most people can throw a ball with a launcher about three times the distance than by hand. An active dog like a GSP will love the ability to let loose and run after “prey.”

It’s easy to keep clean and resists damage thanks to its durable plastic construction. The launcher includes one ChuckIt! ball but easily grips any 2.5-inch ball.

Kong Classic Flyer Frisbee

Key Features :

  • Pliable and easy to catch
  • Very durable
  • Floats through the air
  • Built for big dogs
Why You Should Buy

Kong Classic Flyer Frisbee

The Kong Classic Flyer Frisbee is another great toy by Kong that your GSP will love. It is durable and easy to track as it floats through the air. It is pliable and easy to catch.

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As natural hunters, if these Pointers can’t chase down animals, they’ll gladly take a flying disc. It’s easy to track as it floats through the air, creating a different type of pursuit compared to a ball.

The problem with a standard flying disc, as you’d buy in a toy store, is that a dog as large and strong as a GSP will likely tear it apart in no time flat.

However, the Kong Classic is built tough for big dogs. The famous Kong rubber can withstand sharp teeth, strong jaws, and plenty of slobber.

Although tough, the flyer remains soft and pliable. It’s safe to catch even at fast speeds, and won’t hurt your dog if it accidentally hits his face or body.

Two sizes are available: small and large. Most GSPs are better-suited for the large.

Nylabone DuraChew Textured Ring

Key Features :

  • Can be rolled
  • Chicken flavored
  • Made of durable nylon
  • Can be used for fetch
Why You Should Buy

Nylabone DuraChew Textured Ring

The Nylabone DuraChew Textured Ring is made of extremely durable nylon and has a great chicken flavor your dog will love. It doubles as a fetch toy and can be rolled, too.

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Combining a fetch toy with a chew toy, Nylabone’s DuraChew textured ring is perfect for Pointers. It’s a disc-shaped chew toy made from ultra-tough nylon with delicious chicken flavor.

Plus, the ring doubles as a fetch toy because you can roll it like a wheel. While it’s probably not great for indoor use, it’ll typically go far on a flat, grassy surface or down a slight slope. Add some variety to your GSP’s fetch games with a rolling toy instead of one you throw through the air.

Additionally, it helps protect your dog’s dental health. As your dog chews, the ridges and grooves help keep his teeth clean by removing plaque and tartar. While it’s no substitute for professional doggie dental care, regular use helps keep teeth clean. Think of it as the most fun toothbrush ever!

Petstages Durable Stick

Key Features :

  • Real wood smell
  • Won’t splinter
  • Floats in water
  • Comes in multiple sizes
Why You Should Buy

Petstages Durable Stick

The Petstages Durable Stick won’t splinter and is made of a non-toxic durable material. It has a real wood smell and comes in multiple sizes.

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Dogs love to play with sticks – but real sticks often splinter, which poses a risk of injury and choking. A synthetic option such as Petstages Durable Stick is a safe alternative that is no less fun for your pup. It’s made from non-toxic, durable material with a natural wood smell.

The stick works great for playing fetch. It even floats in water. Your dog can chew on it all day with no risk of splinters. Available in multiple sizes, choose a Medium or Large for your GSP.

The real wood smell has another benefit. Some dogs prefer real sticks to any traditional toy. Unfortunately, real sticks aren’t as safe. Use the synthetic option to help your dog stop playing with real sticks and switch to a safer alternative.

Mammoth Monkey Fist Bar Dog Toy

Key Features :

  • Comes in many colors
  • Rope fibers clean dog’s teeth
  • Can relieve gum pain
  • Great for fetching or chewing
Why You Should Buy

Mammoth Monkey Fist Bar Dog Toy

Mammoth Monkey Fist Bar Dog Toy

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This Monkey Fist rope toy from Mammoth is about as durable as toys get. Your GSP will love chewing and fetching the rope. Many dogs even learn how to throw the rope themselves, creating plenty of opportunities for solo play.

The knotted rope is made from 100% cotton. Plus, it’s not only fun, but it’s healthy, too. The denim rope fibers clean your dog’s teeth as they chew. Because German Short Pointers grow quickly, it’s possible for them to reach the size of an adult while still dealing with teething issues. Chewing on this toy helps relieve associated gum pain.

Starmark Everlasting Treat Bento Ball

Key Features :

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Physical and mental stimulation
  • Ball has massaging nubs
  • No latex, vinyl, and toxins
Why You Should Buy

Starmark Everlasting Treat Bento Ball

The Starmark Everlasting Treat Bento Ball will provide your pointer with both physical and mental stimulation. The nubs on the ball will massage their gums and the toy is dishwasher safe.

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German Shorthaired Pointers need physical and mental stimulation. Engage their minds, and help prevent boredom, with the Everlasting Treat Bento Ball from Starmark. Fill it with the included Everlasting Treat or your dog’s favorite treat.

As the dog attempts to free the treat inside, the ball’s massaging nubs stimulate and clean the gums. The ball is free from latex, vinyl, and toxins. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe.

Additionally, manipulating the ball requires your dog’s total attention. It’s an excellent way to keep your dog busy for about a half-hour or so. Give a treat-filled Bento Ball to your GSP if he’s acting rambunctious, but you can’t take him out to play at the moment. They’re also a fun nighttime treat to help tire your active buddy out before bed.

Busy Buddy Twist ‘n Treat Dog Toy

Key Features :

  • You can control the difficulty
  • Mentally stimulating
  • Treat dispensing
  • Dishwasher-safe
Why You Should Buy

Busy Buddy Twist ‘n Treat Dog Toy

The Busy Buddy Twist ‘n Treat Dog Toy is not only great for your pointer to chase, but
it dispenses treats, too. You can control how difficult it is and stimulate your dog physically and mentally.

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What does a GSP love more than chasing a ball? How about chasing a ball that sprays treats everywhere? The Busy Buddy Twist ‘n Treat is a rolling ball that dispenses kibble or treats when the dog hits and moves it around.

By adjusting the openings, you control the difficulty. Twist it tight to give your Pointer a puzzlingly good time. It’s made from natural rubber so it’ll withstand everything your big dog can throw at it. Keep it clean between uses by throwing it in the dishwasher.

Note that playing with the toy gets wild at times. Your dog will likely focus so intently on getting the treats that they’ll ignore their surroundings. It’s best for use in a flat, clear area such as a closed-in porch or a fenced backyard.

Overall Best Dog Toy for German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies

Kong Puppy Dog Toy

Key Features :

  • Can be filled with treats
  • Alleviates gum pain
  • Very durable
  • Bounces unpredictably
Why You Should Buy

Kong Puppy Dog Toy

Yet another recommendation from the Kong brand, Kong Puppy Dog Toy is very durable, but the puppy version is a bit more flexible to protect tiny teeth. Chewing on this toy can help alleviate gum pain and it can be filled with your dog’s favorite treats.

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German Shorthaired Pointers have unique needs in a toy. They have lots of energy, so they need a toy which involves running. At the same time, once they start teething, they’ll need a chewing toy to help soothe their aching gums.

The Puppy Kong meets both of those needs. Made from ultra-tough Kong rubber, it’s specially designed for a puppy’s teething needs. Chewing on the rounded, slightly-flexible surface helps alleviate gum pain.

Plus, the toy bounces – and it’s unpredictable. Your dog will love chasing it around as it moves erratically.

Finally, you can fill it with your dog’s favorite treats. The inside is hollow. You can stuff it with kibble, yogurt, peanut butter, or a variety of Kong snacks.

What to Look for in a Good Toy for German Shorthaired Pointers

If you could harness the energy of your GSP, you could probably power your house — and the houses of a few neighbors, too. They’re not the type of dog you can take for a quick walk when you get home from work. Instead, the American Kennel Club recommends ample activity at least twice a day.

When selecting balls and fetch toys, you can go for the big leagues. Ball launchers, frisbees, and other toys that can go long distances are usually appropriate. Of course, you’ll only want to use these toys in a safe, open area (we’ll discuss the specifics below).

For chew toys, your main concerns are size and durability. Make sure the chew is appropriately-sized for your dog’s mouth to prevent accidental swallowing. Also, watch out for splintering, which is when small plastic splinters break off from the toy. They can become stuck in your dog’s throat, so make sure the toy is strong enough to stay in one piece. (Eventually, most dogs will wear down even the toughest chew toys, but it should be an extremely gradual process.)

Lastly, GPSs are smart – very smart. When selecting a puzzle toy, you can usually start with intermediate-level puzzles and move up if needed. Additionally, as field dogs, German Shorthaired Pointers love to complete tasks for their owners. Puzzle toys which result in the dog freeing and then delivering an object to you engage the dog intellectually and emotionally.

Overall Best Dog Toys for Adult German Shorthaired Pointers

Tips for Playing With/Entertaining Your German Shorthaired Pointer

Toys don’t just keep your GSP healthy and happy; they help you keep your sanity, too. Without proper play, your Pointer will likely drive you up the wall. That said, not just any type of play satisfies their physical and mental needs. Here are five tips for playing with and entertaining a German Shorthair Pointer:

  1. GSPs play best in large, open areas such as a park or field. Make sure the area is far away from traffic, steep drops, hidden ground obstructions, and other hazards.
  2. However, don’t play anywhere too open. Even the best-trained Pointers can catch a scent or spot an animal and take off in pursuit. The best fetch spots have a fence or equivalent natural barrier.
  3. Before any off-leash play begins, make sure your dog is well-trained. Fortunately, this breed takes to training quickly and effortlessly. They naturally want to work with their owners to accomplish tasks.
  4. GSPs are susceptible to bloat, a sudden and potentially fatal condition where the stomach fills with liquid. To stay safe, feed him in the evening after the day’s activities have wound down.
  5. Additionally, prepare for a lifetime of play. German Shorthaired Pointers grow to full size in about six months, and they typically stay active well into their senior years.
  6. Remember, you’re in charge. A GSP’s natural exuberance sometimes knows no bounds. Make sure you’re not throwing the ball too far or exerting your dog to unhealthy limits.
  7. Finally, don’t forget to incorporate obstacles that the dog can jump over, crawl under, and run around. They have a deep love and a natural desire for agility play.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Play with My German Shorthaired Pointer?

Experts typically recommend at least two sessions of robust play daily. Generally, you’ll want to space play apart into morning and evening sessions.

How Active Should the Play Be?

These dogs are so strong and energetic that a walk around the block is only the start. Each session of active play should last a half-hour or more. Your dog shouldn’t be flat-out exhausted by the end of playtime but should feel fairly tired.

What Toys are Best for Active Play?

Fetch toys such as balls and flying discs are typically the best way for your dog to run and chase. Don’t forget he’ll need toys to promote mental activity, too, such as busy bones and hide-a-treat toys.

Is Active Play Safe for German Shorthaired Pointers?

Generally, yes. However, you’ll want to make sure the play area is free from hazards like rocks and low obstacles. Also, never play near traffic.


Playtime is serious business for a German Shorthaired Pointer. You’ll need fetch toys for their physical health, chew toys for entertainment, and puzzle toys for mental stimulation.

All of the toys listed above are highly-rated and safe. Together, you and your German Shorthaired Pointer can enjoy a lifetime of play, fun, and love.


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