10 Best Dog Toys for Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkies enjoy the distinction of being one of the most popular lap dogs, but don’t let their diminutive stature fool you. These highly curious and intelligent animals can be overprotective and territorial in a way that belies their size. Though it may surprise you to learn, Yorkies boast a larger-than-life, feisty personality that requires careful management by their owner.

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Toys are a fantastic way to keep that full-spirited character in check, and the right one will support your dog in many beneficial ways. There are toys to stimulate their brain and hunting instincts, toys to control their weight, and toys to satisfy their chewing urges and maintain healthy gums. Your Yorkie can even benefit from stuffed animals that help them feel secure.

Not all products are created equal, however. It’s critical to find options that are best suited to the Yorkie’s size and temperament. Encourage their mental development with puzzle toys, as well as toys that mimic hunting behavior. Avoid overly large and hard toys that are too much for this small breed.

To help your dog maximize playtime benefits, we’ve researched several options to compile this list of the ten best dog toys for Yorkshire Terriers. We’ve included helpful information about what to look for in a toy and tips for entertaining your Yorkie. Without further ado, let’s get started.

What Is the Best Dog Toy for a Yorkshire Terrier?

Different Types of Dog Toys for Yorkshire Terriers

There are several toy types that each serve a different purpose. Some work your Yorkie’s mind, some work their body, and others provide comfort. It’s helpful to have a couple from each category.

Plush Toys 

Young children like to curl up with stuffed animals because they make kids feel secure, and your Yorkie is no different. Soft toys provide comfort for dogs suffering from separation anxiety and can facilitate better sleep. They’re perfect for this small breed, which is less inclined to rip them to shreds than others.

Puzzle Toys

Yorkies are a highly curious and intelligent breed that needs to be challenged regularly. You can do this with puzzle toys, which provide a way for your pup to put his brain to use. They’re a fantastic option for solo play.

Active Toys 

Yorkies have lots of energy and tend to gain weight if they lack regular exercise. They’ll never say no to a walk, but sometimes you need an alternative activity to do at home or a dog park. Balls, Frisbees, and ropes for tug of war—basically anything that encourages your Yorkie to move—make excellent toys for staying in shape.

Chew Toys 

Dogs love to chew, and Yorkies are no exception. If you want to keep your possessions intact, it’s critical to give your furry friend a way to satisfy its chewing urges. The right chew toy will channel his love of chewing and teach him to stay away from furniture and the like.

What to Look for in a Good Toy for Yorkshire Terriers

Though the American Kennel Club classifies this breed as a toy breed, Yorkies are more than mere lap dogs. They were initially bred to control vermin, which means they love to chase, search, and hunt. Yorkies are an active breed that requires mental stimulation, and they’re excellent at figuring out puzzles. As such, toys form an integral part of their lives.

A good toy for Yorkshire Terriers is one that keeps them active. This highly athletic dog is prone to gaining a few extra pounds if they become too sedentary, which is highly detrimental due to their small size. Regular walks are crucial to combat weight gain, but you can also exercise them with a toy that encourages activity—such as balls, Frisbees, and ropes.

Despite having small jaws, Yorkies can still do a number on toys. Their short, sharp teeth are excellent at ripping, shredding, and puncturing. Any toy you purchase for them should be high quality and feature durable construction and seaming. You also want to avoid anything that will rip apart easily or come undone in small pieces.

Overall Best Dog Toys for Adult Yorkshire Terriers

Now that you have some information about Yorkies and the different toy types, it’s time for the good stuff: our picks for the best dog toys for adult Yorkshire Terriers!

Best Overall—Kong Classic Dog Toy

Kong is a ubiquitous brand among dog owners, and it’s the one that makes our lists over and over again—typically with this product, the Classic Dog Toy. This treat-dispensing toy satisfies several Yorkie needs, which makes it a fantastic investment. It encourages your dog to chew, play, and even hunt if you hide it.

The Kong will keep your pup captivated since he has to work to get at what’s inside. Plus, Kong can even encourage higher activity levels because it tumbles in unpredictable directions when you throw it (and if it falls from your dog’s mouth). Plus, if you have problems with your dog eating too fast, you can make mealtimes longer by putting kibble in the Kong.

ChuckIt! Classic Launcher 

Yorkies are surprisingly athletic despite their small size and love a good game of fetch as much as any dog. Unfortunately for you, fetch generally involves touching slobbery balls and bending over to pick them up. To make this game happier for all involved, the ChuckIt! Launcher should be in your rotation. It grabs the ball for you without you having to crouch down.

Besides keeping your hands nice and clean, ChuckIt! also launches the ball faster and higher than most people’s arms can. These longer distances translate to more exercise for Yorkie and less time required to tire her out. Dogs enjoy the added bounce from the ChuckIt! as well.

Nylabone DuraChew Wishbone

Yorkies love to chew, and they need an outlet to keep this urge in check. What better way to let them work their jaws than with the DuraChew Wishbone? Nylabone is undoubtedly the gold standard for bones, and your dog will be thrilled with the fantastic flavor of this toy. It’s constructed from durable materials that can withstand even the most intense chewing.

Besides keeping your dog away from your prized furniture and footwear, Nylabone helps maintain healthy teeth and gums by preventing plaque buildup. Chewing on a Nylabone also soothes sore gums, especially in teething puppies, and the toy resists cracking and splintering—a feature that pet owners despise in traditional bones.

Outward Hound Hide a Squirrel Puzzle Dog Toy

Yorkies were bred to hunt small animals, so any toy that taps into that drive is a good one. This puzzle makes it easy to do that, as it’s a fun plush log to hide squirrels in. Your Yorkie will have a blast digging them out one by one, and they will be surprised to hear the squirrels squeak, too. If you want to encourage their mental development, you can’t go wrong with this toy.

Not only will playing with this toy satisfy your dog’s hunting instincts, but it can also double as a comfort toy, too. And most importantly, if he gets a little too rough with any of the squirrels, you can buy individual replacements so that the fun never stops.

Nina Ottosson DogCasino Plastic Interactive Dog Game 

If you’re looking for an excellent way to stimulate your Yorkie’s brain while at the same time offering them a delicious treat, look no further than this toy. The DogCasino Interactive Dog Game is essentially the dog equivalent of a board game. You hide treats inside the little drawers, and the dog has to work to open them.

Yorkies are highly intelligent and made for challenges like this, so over time, you may want to up the difficulty by locking the bone-shaped pegs. Locking the pegs means that your dog has to press them with her paw to be able to open the drawers, which will ensure hours of entertainment.

And when this durable toy is inevitably covered in slobber, you can hand wash it or stick it in the dishwasher. Make sure to supervise your dog while using it, and put it away when she’s done.

Kong’s Cozies 

A plush toy is an absolute must in any Yorkie’s toy lineup. Kong’s Cozie line of soft toys offers the comfort and companionship your dog needs. They feature an adorable design and extra sturdy stitching. The Cozies also have less stuffing than standard stuffed animals, which means less mess if your dog does happen to pull the toy apart.

While it won’t go as far as a ball, you can also use the Cozies to play fetch. Each one contains a squeaker that will speak to your Yorkie’s hunting instincts when he goes to pick it up. And there are a variety of animals available in the Cozie line that will be your dog’s new best friend, such as a monkey, alligator, dog, and moose.

Rope with Squeaky Ball Toy 

Looking for a multipurpose toy that your Yorkie can use both with you and on its own? This toy made our list because it serves several different purposes. You can use it for tug of war, fetch, or let your dog play with it on her own. The ball’s got a squeaker that will drive your Yorkie wild, and it’s an excellent interactive toy that keeps dogs guessing.

Be sure to check the rope periodically for frayed ends, which can present a choking hazard to your small dog.

Kong Classic Flyer Frisbee Dog Toy

Balls are a great way to exercise Yorkies, but Frisbees offer a fun alternative. The Kong Frisbee stimulates your dog’s instinct to play and lets them release some of that boundless energy. It features soft rubber that’s gentle on Yorkie teeth and makes playing fetch safer than with a traditional Frisbee. And the durable construction stands up to repeated fetch sessions.

Plus, this toy adds a fun twist to a classic game, with a dynamic rebound that will keep your dog on its toes. Keep in mind that although it’s made with robust materials, it’s not meant to be a chew toy. Make sure to put it away when you’re finished playing.

Overall Best Dog Toys for Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

Here are a couple of our favorite picks designed specifically for the needs of young Yorkie dogs.

Nylabone Puppy Chew Teething Pacifier Dog Toy

Teething puppies need a way to soothe their painful gums, and the Nylabone pacifier dog toy is the perfect way to do that. Not only does it provide teething relief, but it also encourages healthy chewing habits, cleans your dog’s teeth, and prevents tartar buildup. The small size and appealing shape are perfect for reaching all the corners of tiny Yorkie mouths.

And like all Nylabone products, there is no splintering or cracking with these robust teething toys. We do recommend supervising your puppy during use, however.

Pet Qwerks Talking Babble Ball Dog Toy

This talking toy provides hours of fun and entertainment for your energetic puppy. It’s motion-activated and encourages your Yorkie to interact with it by making sounds when they touch it—or even breathe on it! This battery-operated ball randomly generates a selection of up to twenty sounds that will drive your dog wild, from spoken phrases to growling.

It also has a useful feature, automatic sleep mode, which turns the toy off when not in use. You can’t go wrong with this product, especially if you need to leave your puppy to its own devices for a while.

Tips for Playing With/Entertaining Your Yorkshire Terrier

Getting the most out of playtime is about more than merely handing your dog a toy. There are ways to encourage your Yorkie to play that will make it more enjoyable for them and help you get the most out of your investment.

  1. Dogs love new things—even if they’re technically old, like a tennis ball that’s been in your garage for ages. To keep them from getting bored with their toys, make sure to rotate their favorites every few days.
  2. Praise your dog for showing interest in their toys. They will learn to associate playing with their toy with positive interaction from you and want to play more.
  3. Similarly, develop an interest in the toy by engaging your dog in play. Dogs may show little interest at first, sometimes because they don’t know what to do with the toy. By playing with them, you show them what this new object’s purpose is. Plus, they’ll be happy to receive attention from their favorite human.
  4. Want to give your Yorkie treats? Make her work for it. Puzzle toys that require brain power will make your dog happy and keep her busy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of toys are best for a Yorkie’s temperament?

Yorkies love all sorts of toys. They do best with products that stimulate their natural desire to hunt (especially squeaky ones that sound like prey), as well as puzzle-type toys that challenge them. Your Yorkie also loves toys they can chew on, as well as plush companion toys to make them feel secure. And don’t forget to buy them action toys like balls and Frisbees.

Are there any toys I shouldn’t buy my Yorkie?

Bulky, sturdy toys are great for large breeds with big chewing capacity, but Yorkies require smaller products that their little jaws can get around. Avoid toys that can be easily ripped or torn; Yorkie teeth are sharp, and these loose parts pose a choking hazard. The same goes for toys with attachments like bells, which your dog could also choke on.

What should I do to keep my Yorkie safe during playtime?

Yorkies require constant supervision during playtime. Because of their small size, they can work themselves into small spaces and get lost. They should also be watched when playing with bigger dogs, as they aren’t afraid of them. And as you would with any dog, periodically check your Yorkie’s toys for signs of wear, and remove any that are compromised.

Do toys help reduce chewing problems?

Toys are a wonderful outlet for Yorkies, who love to chew, especially puppies. While they can help give your dog a channel for its desire to chew, excessive chewing may mean that your dog is bored or needs more exercise. Be sure to address these areas if you notice an uptick in chewing, especially if toys fail to make an impact.


Toys and play are an integral part of a Yorkie’s life. Providing your small but mighty friend with the proper stimulation, companionship, and exercise is fundamental to maintaining a happy, healthy Yorkie. You can’t go wrong with any of the highly-rated products recommended above, any of which will make a welcome addition to your dog’s toy rotation.

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