Best Brush for Australian Cattle Dogs : 2023 Picks for Blue Heeler Dog Brush

Finding the best dog brush for Australian Cattle Dogs can be a challenge if you’re not sure what to look for. If you’re tired of being unable to control the shedding hair all over your home and clothes from your Australian Cattle Dog, you’ve come to the right place.

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Keep reading for our top 2023 picks for the best Australian Cattle Dog Brush that will change the way you groom your pet forever.

Different Popular Brush Types for Australian Cattle Dogs

Below are several popular Australian cattle dog brushes.

  • Natural bristle brush
  • Slicker brush
  • Grooming glove
  • Rake

Natural Bristle Brushes

The most practical brush for Australian Cattle Dogs is a natural bristle brush.

Unlike brushes using synthetic fibers and other manmade materials, natural bristle brushes are made from elements like bamboo and premium brush fibers. Natural bristle brushes are a fantastic way to spread your dog’s natural oils throughout their fur with each grooming sessions to promote a sleek shine.

The bristles in natural brushes work to effectively get rid of things like dander and dirt that inhibit your Australian Cattle Dog’s coat from maintaining its full luster. The bristles in natural bristle brushes are typically installed in the base closer together than with other types of bristled brushes, creating a powerful grooming tool to grab loose hair and work through mats.

Slicker Brushes

The next brush for Australian Cattle Dogs on our list is the handy slicker brush. Slicker brushes have bristles made from fine wire that rest in a flat or curved brush base. Most of the time, slicker brushes feature angled bristles with nubs to safeguard your pet’s skin and hair during grooming sessions.

Slicker brushes are a wonderful tool to work through knots and clear out loose hair. They massage the skin with each use, promoting proper blood circulation and helping distribute your Australian Cattle Dog’s natural oils evenly throughout their coat.

Grooming Gloves

While not officially an Australian Cattle Dog brush, grooming gloves are an exceptional tool to maintain your pet’s fur. Grooming gloves are a much gentler way to take care of your dog’s coat than a brush or rake, so if your dog is highly sensitive this could be the way to go.

The teeth on grooming gloves are more separated than those on a comb or brush, but they work wonders to grab loose fur and reduce the amount of shedding your pet does.

Grooming gloves are also perfect to use when you are bathing your Australian Cattle Dog, to help distribute the shampoo throughout their fur and ensure a thorough clean. It is very easy to dispose of loose hair and dirt after cleaning your dog’s coat with a grooming glove, plus they are very easy to keep clean.

Each grooming session with a glove feels like a gentle massage, so chances are your Australian Cattle Dog will stay nice and still, letting you finish much faster.


Australian Cattle Dogs have a thick undercoat, which makes our next Australian Cattle Dog brush type an excellent choice. Undercoat rakes help you get rid of the loose fur that your dog loses in clumps quickly and easily. Rakes feature wide teeth that seamlessly penetrate the topcoat and grab the dead undercoat fur.

It is essential to remove the dead undercoat hair regularly to avoid your Australian Cattle Dog’s coat from becoming matted and tangled. Plus, you’ll reduce the amount of shedding your dog is doing which means less hair lying on your home’s surfaces, furniture, and your clothing.

Understanding Your Australian Cattle Dogs’ Coat

Before we dive straight into the best brush for Australian Cattle Dogs, you need to understand the ins and outs of your dog’s coat to ensure you maintain it properly.


As with many types of dog breeds, Australian Cattle Dogs’ fur experiences variations in appearance and form. Most of the time, Australian Cattle Dogs sport a short, straight coat.

The breed is characterized by high energy levels and loves to play outside in big open spaces or your backyard. Because of their activity levels, Australian Cattle Dogs’ fur tends to mat and curl quite easily.

Their top coat is a combination of red and blue hues, alongside some brown and tan elements. The undercoat is tan or brown, with bits of blue and red that peer through occasionally.


The Australian Cattle Dog’s undercoat is responsible for all their heavy shedding and requires consistent upkeep. The good news is since Australian Cattle Dogs have short fur, their shedding isn’t as extreme as other breeds.

You can find and remove loose fur with ease. Their heavy shedding periods occur once or twice each year, typically following a cold season or right before one.

Because Australian Cattle Dogs are so active, your biggest challenge as a dog owner will be keeping them clean. They love to run outside, play in the mud, and get wet, so this can pose a real issue with keeping their coat free of debris, dirt, tangles, and mats.

You will need to bathe your Australian Cattle Dog regularly, including getting rid of grime and loose hair.

Grooming Needs

Caring for your Australian Cattle dog’s fur with the right Australian Cattle Dog brush type is paramount to both their cleanliness and overall health. When grooming your pet, check the regions of their coat around the stomach and nearby areas as these are their most vulnerable spots.

Also, you should check around their toes and ears for other impurities, in addition to full body checks when your Australian Cattle Dog comes in from playtime.

Australian Cattle dogs tend to gather oil and particles throughout the day, particularly because of their short coat. These dogs often have follicle and hair damage, so using the right shampoo and conditioner along with the best brush for Australian Cattle Dogs is essential.

If your dog sustains damage to their fur, this could put them at risk for illnesses like fevers and colds. Pay close attention to your Australian Cattle Dog’s shedding periods to make sure the loss of undercoat doesn’t leave them susceptible to colder weather outside.

You won’t need to bathe your Australian Cattle Dog all the time, but when you do you will need to do a deep clean. You should use conditioning products that offer protection against invaders like ticks and fleas. Bathe your dog at least once each month, preferably twice.

Besides bathing your dog once or twice a month, the single most important thing you can do is purchase the right brush for Australian Cattle Dogs. Brushes with shorter bristles like natural bristle brushes are an excellent choice to manage your dog’s short fur without causing irritation.

Brushing your Australian Cattle Dog regularly not only ensures their coat is free of debris and loose hair, but soothes them and strengthens their coat to protect them from the environment. You definitely want to do a thorough brush whenever you groom your Australian cattle dog, using a product like a slicker brush that penetrates to the undercoat. Natural bristle brushes are ideal for cleaning spots that are hard to reach without irritating sensitive skin areas too.

It is usually best to have multiple grooming tools on hand at any one time to attend to your Australian Cattle Dog’s grooming needs. Tools like a grooming glove massage your dog’s coat, removing tangles and dirt with ease while remaining easy to clean and non-irritating to your pet.

If your pet is prone to excessive mats and tangles, an undercoat rake to manage those heavy shedding periods will serve you well.

Overall Best Brush for an Australian Cattle Dog – ConairPRO Dog Undercoat Rake

Our overall top choice for the best Australian Cattle Dog brush is this incredible product by ConairPRO. The undercoat rake makes grooming a breeze, with helpful Memory Grip handles to keep your hands fatigue-free and give you optimal control when grooming your pet.

The undercoat rake gets deep into your Australian Cattle Dog’s undercoat, reducing overall shedding.

The undercoat rake features stainless steel pins to grab loose hair and maintain your dog’s shiny, healthy coat color. When your Australian Cattle Dog comes inside with burrs and other things sticking to their coat, the ConairPRO Dog Undercoat Rake removes those with ease so your dog’s fur is clean once more.


  • Features a slip-resistant gel grip handle that makes grooming comfortable and worry free
  • Has stainless steel pins to gather loose hair and inhibit mats from forming
  • Gets rid of hair clumps so you have less fur around your home during shedding periods
  • Perfect to gently penetrate the thick undercoat of Australian Cattle Dogs


  • Hair tends to gather on the handle when brushing a very thick coat

Best Australian Cattle Dog Matted Hair Brush – Li’l Pals Double-Sided Dog Comb

Our pick for the best Australian Cattle Dog matting brush is the Li’l Pals Double-Sided Dog Comb. The comb has 32 stainless steel teeth placed close together on one side, with 17 additional stainless-steel teeth on the other side. The tool is fantastic to remove tangles for your Australian Cattle Dog’s fur and smooth their coat. You can also use the comb to smooth out whiskers and sensitive hair areas around the mouth, eyes, and ears.

Because the comb’s teeth are densely packed together on the base of the tool, the comb effectively removes invaders like burrs and fleas from your pet’s coat. The comb also helps spread your dog’s natural oils to enhance their coat’s shine. What’s more, the massaging motions of the comb when in use help promote good blood flow and circulation.


  • Gets rid of mats quickly to smooth out your dog’s goat and inhibit further tangles
  • Has 32 stainless steel teeth on one side and 17 on the other for a powerful grooming tool
  • Removes burrs, fleas, and other debris
  • Works well in sensitive areas
  • Promotes oil distribution and proper blood flow


  • A customer mentioned that the comb was not ideal for cleaning foot tangles

3 More Top Rated Brushes for Australian Cattle Dogs

Check out three other popular types of brushes for Australian Cattle Dogs.

HandsOn All-In-One Bathing & Grooming Gloves

Our next pick for the best dog brush for Australian Cattle Dogs is this handy grooming glove by HandsOn. You can combine bonding time with your pet with grooming time. The five-finger grooming glove allows you to pet and relax your pooch, all while removing tangles, getting rid of loose hair, and promoting that glossy coat shine.

You can use the grooming glove to maintain sensitive areas of their coat that brushes might not be able to get to. The glove features rubber nodules to remove mats and debris, helping you ward off pests like fleas and mites in an instant.

The gloves also serve as a de-shedder, so you won’t find as much loose hair around your home. HandsOn All-In-One Bathing & Grooming Gloves are a great choice both for bathtime or a quick grooming session.


  • Helpful five finger design so you can groom thoroughly
  • Makes it easy to reach sensitive spots and keep them clean
  • Features rubber bristles to get rid of tangles, mats, and dead hair
  • Helps you ward off mites, fleas, and other unwanted pests
  • Soothing massage sensation makes grooming time fun for your pet
  • Works for bathtime and grooming time


  • Gloves may be stiff when you first use them

Four Paws Magic Coat Dual-Sided Combo Brush for Dogs

Our next pick for the best Australian Cattle Dog Brush is this Dual-Sided Combo Brush by Four Paws. It uses a combination of bristles and pins to help you detangle your pet’s fur, keeping it smooth and clean.

The pins help eliminate knots and mats, while the nylon bristle element promotes the distribution of your dog’s natural oils, so their coat is glossy and bright.


  • Two sides, one bristles, and the other pins to help you maintain your dog’s coat
  • Eliminates knots and promotes a healthy shine
  • Increases production of your dog’s natural oils
  • Gets rid of loose hair, dander, and dust


  • Brustles are hard so might be tough on highly sensitive skin areas

Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs

Our top choice for the best Australian Cattle Dog slicker brush is the classic Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs. After each grooming session, all you have to do is press the button on the brush to retract the pins so you can wipe the loose hair away.

The slicker brush features a comfort grip handle and a base with stainless steel pins to dig into your dog’s undercoat.

The stainless-steel pins are effective yet gentle, so they won’t irritate your Australian Cattle Dog’s sensitive skin areas. The slicker brush reduces your dog’s shedding, so you’ll find less loose hair lying around. The bristles fight tangles and mats, dig out dead hair with ease, and promote the spread of your Australian Cattle Dog’s natural oils in their coat.


  • User-friendly button to retract pins and make cleaning a breeze
  • Stainless steel pins that are thorough yet gentle on your dog’s coat
  • Features a comfort grip handle to give you control and eliminate hand fatigue
  • Reduces loose hair lying around the house and cuts shedding back


  • Some customers mentioned the self-cleaning button wore out quickly with extensive use

5 Tips on Brushing Your Australian Cattle Dog’s Coat

Here are five quick and easy tips for brushing your Australian Cattle Dog’s Coat.

Bathe and Brush

Once every four to six weeks or so, before you brush your Australian Cattle Dog’s Coat, do a thorough bath of your pet. Regular bathing helps wash away excess oil and prevent the skin from becoming irritated.

Brush Once a Week

You should brush your Australian Cattle Dog at least once each week to keep their coat nice and clean, promote proper oil distribution, and get rid of loose hair.

Brush More During Prime Shedding Times

Your dog will shed an extensive amount of hair during their prime shedding times, typically spring and fall. You might need to brush more often during these periods to ensure loose hair is not allowed to gather and mat.

Take Your Dog for Routine Checkups

Besides brushing and maintaining your dog’s coat at home, you should have your Australian Cattle Dog checked out by a veterinarian occasionally. Australian Cattle Dogs are usually fairly healthy, but you should make sure a professional checks them for parasites and heartworm that your brush won’t root out.

Use a Combination of Tools

With Australian Cattle Dogs, it’s best to use a combination of tools to groom your pet’s coat. For instance, starting with a natural bristle brush and following it up with a quality undercoat rake will help ensure you don’t miss any mats or debris.


How often should you brush an Australian Cattle Dog?

Brush your dog’s coat once a week, potentially more during prime shedding seasons.

How can you prevent your Australian Cattle Dog’s hair from matting?

The best way to keep your dog’s hair from matting is to brush them often and bathe them regularly. Grooming helps prevent oil and dirt from gathering, clears out debris, removes mats, and promotes a glossy shine.

Do Australian Cattle Dogs have an undercoat?

Yes, Australian Cattle Dogs have a double coat with a soft undercoat and rainproof topcoat. They don’t shed a ton during the year but have heavy shedding periods around spring and fall. It’s important to groom their coats and remove loose hairs from the undercoat regularly to keep shedding at bay.

How to prevent an Australian Cattle Dog from shedding so much?

Brush and bathe! These two things are your best way to keep your Australian Cattle Dog from shedding too much. Tools like an undercoat rake will get into those tough to reach spots and get rid of dead hair with ease.


Caring for your Australian Cattle Dog is simple. Bathe your dog at least once every four to six weeks and brush weekly with quality tools to prevent shedding and matting.

Any of 2023’s best Australian Cattle Dog Brushes are sure to remove dirt and debris, promote a healthy shine, and keep your pet’s fur glossy and clean.

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