Boxer Brush: 2019 Picks for Best Brush for Boxer Dogs

Are you struggling to find the right brush to groom your boxer and keep your faithful friend’s fur shiny and tangle free? Have you tried endless products but can’t seem to land on the right one for your pet? Well, look no further.

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We did the research, reviewing a wide selection of products until we narrowed it down to the best Boxer brush types on the market currently. It’s essential to use the best brush for Boxers to keep your dog’s coat healthy and strong. Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

Different Popular Brush Types for Boxers

There are several different brush types that are the best brush for Boxer dogs. They are:

  • Slicker brush
  • Pinhead brush
  • Rubber brush
  • Bristle Brush

Slicker Brushes

The first best dog brush for boxers is a slicker brush. Slicker brushes come equipped with fine bristles made from wire installed on a gently curved or flat, rectangular brush base. The bristles on slicker brushes are typically angled or feature small nubs to keep the brush from causing damage to the dog’s skin when in use.

Boxer slicker brushes work well with a variety of breeds but are especially useful for getting rid of a Boxer’s excess hair and keeping their short fur nice and clean. In addition to cleaning out dirt and hair, slicker brushes are a fantastic choice to keep your Boxer’s coat in excellent shape. The bristles on slicker brushes do a thorough job of spreading oil throughout your Boxer’s fur, keeping it glossy and healthy.

Pinhead Brushes

The next best brushes for Boxers are Pinhead brushes. Pinhead brushes typically come with a curved base much like a regular hairbrush, featuring pins that detangle and clean your dog’s fur effectively. Pinhead brustles are very gentle on the skin, making them an ideal choice for the short fur of a Boxer.

Pinhead brushes have long pins attached to the base that penetrates through your Boxer’s fur and gets rid of debris or loose hair. The pinhead bristles are soft and soothing, stimulating your Boxer’s skin without causing damage so their natural oils can spread evenly throughout their fur.

Rubber Brushes

Another Boxer brush type are rubber brushes. Also known as rubber curry brushes, rubber brushes work well with any type of dog coat, making them highly functional and a worthy investment for your faithful pet. The rubber nubs on these kinds of brushes work wonders to gather excess hair from short haired dogs that shed often as Boxers do.

Rubber brushes are also especially useful to massage your Boxer’s natural oils into their skin, encouraging proper blood flow and a glossy coat. Some rubber brushes come equipped with handles for an easy grip while others look like a grooming brush entirely made of rubber.

Bristle Brushes

As its name indicates, a bristle brush has soft, yet powerful bristles, making them an ideal choice for short-haired pets like Boxers. A bristle brush is an effective tool to detangle your Boxer’s short fur, remove dirt on the surface of their coat, and get rid of fur that has come loose.

Bristle brushes are an exceptional grooming tool to eliminate debris on your Boxer’s coat, leaving them with clean and shiny fur. The gentle bristles are easy on your dog’s skin, while still being vigorous enough to remove grime and tangles.

Understanding Your Boxer’s Coat

If you want to choose the best Boxer brush for your beloved pet, it is essential to first understand your dog’s coat so you can care for it properly.


All Boxers have short hair, making them a much easier dog to keep clean than other breeds. Their coat is fairly simple to clean, brushes well, and is inherently shiny with natural oils.

Boxers come in a wide range of hues, with coats ranging from fawn to black. Some boxers even have white marks on their fur. Boxer dogs with fawn coats could have everything from pale fawn fur to dark red fur.

The rarest kind of Boxers have white coats, as this breed’s ancestors once had white fur. That said, the majority of white boxers have congenital conditions and deafness, so this type of not bred often.

Grooming Needs

If you own a Boxer, you are extra lucky because this breed does not require an excessive amount of grooming. They are naturally clean pets and often groom themselves, similar to cats. However, they do shed quite often, so brushing them at least once a week will help ensure that you don’t have hair lying all around your house.

Slicker brushes are an excellent choice to keep your Boxer’s fur clean and free of mats. Pinhead brushes work similarly to slicker brushes, but are even more gentle on the skin, making them a wise choice if your Boxer’s skin is prone to irritation.

If you want to increase the shine in your Boxer’s coat, rubber brushes are an effective choice to distribute their natural oils evenly and gently. For Boxers that struggle with their fur gathering tons of debris and mats, bristle brushes dive into those tangles, cleaning the fur and clearing it of excess hair.

Potential Health Challenges

There are certain coat challenges to know of when it comes to choosing the best brush for Boxers. The first potential health issue your Boxer might face with their fur is demodectic mange. Demodex mites are frequent residents in the fur of most breeds, and Boxers are no exception.

When a Boxer puppy is born, they inherit the mite from their mother. Most of the times, these mites are perfectly harmless. However, if your Boxer has a weakened immune system, this stimulates the Demodex and can cause the condition called demodectic mange. Signs and symptoms of the condition include hair loss, skin with red scales, and fur loss in the mouth and eye region.

Other symptoms include a fever, lowered appetite, and sores. Demodectic mange is divided into two categories: generalized mange and red/localized mange. The former causes patches of white skin all over a Boxer’s body, while the latter appears in the form of red spots and fur loss.

Most of the time, your Boxer’s immune system will suffice to ward off demodectic mange. However, if you notice any of the aforementioned signs and symptoms appear, and your Boxer’s condition does not improve or worsens over time, it is best to get your dog checked by the vet to see if anything further needs to be done.

Your Boxer’s skin is a strong indicator of their internal functions, including any allergies your pet might have. Boxers are highly sensitive to food, so if they are allergic to something in their diet, you might notice a rash, scales, or patchy areas develop on their skin. Itchiness is another symptom of food allergies. If you see these signs developing, you may need to adjust your Boxer’s diet.

A number of Boxers may be vulnerable to a non-cancerous tumor known as Histiocytoma that grows on the surface of the skin. White boxers are most susceptible to Histiocytoma. The tumor could blister but will not cause pain or discomfort to your Boxer if touched. If your Boxer has a Histiocytoma you can easily have it removed with lasers or let it run its course and dissolve on its own.

One other thing you need to know before picking the best dog brush for Boxers is that they experience seasonal hair loss. When the weather gets cold, Boxers typically shed lots of fur, particularly on their sides. The hair loss is normal and should improve after your Boxer gets enough time in the sun.

Overall Best Brush for a Boxer – FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs

Our pick for the overall best brush for Boxers is the classic FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs. The best dog brush for Boxers features stainless steel edges that glide through your dog’s short fur with ease, gently removing loss hair without damaging the skin or fur.

The handle to the brush is ergonomically designed, making it comfortable for you to do a thorough brush of your Boxer’s fur without experiencing wrist or arm aches. The FURminator lowers the amount of loose hair that your dog sheds as much as 90% when used frequently.


  • Thoroughly removes loose hair lost through shedding
  • Cleans fur without causing distress or damage to the skin
  • Lowers shedding
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Very easy to use


  • A bit pricey when compared to other grooming brushes

Best Boxer Matted Hair Brush – Safari Self-Cleaning Brush for Dogs

We chose the Safari Self-Cleaning Brush for dogs as the best Boxer matting brush. The brush features a button mechanism that retracts the pins, removing any hair that has gathered from brushing your Boxer so you can clean it with ease. All you have to do is reset the button and the brush is ready to use once more.

The Safari Self-Cleaning Brush for Boxers also has a functional comfort grip handle so you can remove mats from your dog’s fur with ease.  The brush features stainless steel pins that work through the Boxer’s short coat to remove debris and promote healthy shine.


  • Easy to use with retractable pins to make cleaning a breeze
  • Gentle pins made from stainless steel that clean without causing irritation
  • Helpful comfort grip on the handle
  • Pins help you groom your Boxer without expending too much effort


  • Some customers stated that the button mechanism might wear out with frequent use

3 More Top Rated Brushes for Boxers

Here are 3 additional Boxer brush types. Let’s take a closer look.

FURminator Firm Slicker Brush For Dogs

Our choice for the best Boxer slicker brush is another terrific product by FURminator. The brush features straight bristles on one side of the brush and bent bristles on the other, making it a multipurpose product you’ll be sure to use for years to come.

The slicker brush works well with a variety of coat lengths, including the short fur of a Boxer.

The FURminator Firm Slicker Brush for Dogs makes it easy to get rid of tangles and mats on the surface of your Boxer’s fur without hurting their coat or causing any skin irritation. The slicker brush for Boxers also sports a handy dual flex head that adheres to the shape of your Boxer’s body as you groom their fur.

The slicker brush features a comfortable, ergonomically designed handle that provides stability as you brush while feeling light in your hand. Its exterior is made of antimicrobial plastic, reducing invaders like germs and keeping bacteria at bay.


  • Cost-effective
  • Dual purpose brush with straight bristled and bent bristled sides
  • Dual flex head that sticks to your dog’s contours and makes brushing easier
  • Comfortable, ergonomic handle design
  • Wards off bacteria and germs


  • Some consumers mentioned bristles could be slightly abrasive for sensitive skin

Pat Your Pet Enhanced Five Finger Grooming Gloves

While this Boxer brush type isn’t technically a brush, it works wonders to groom your pet’s fur and functions just like a regular brush. The Pat Your Pet Enhanced Five Finger Grooming Gloves help you groom and cozy up with your Boxer all at the same time.

The gloves help you remove mats of hair that are sticking to the surface of their fur, detangling your Boxer’s coat, and leaving them with a nice, shiny appearance.

These gloves feature a five-finger design that makes grooming effortless, with rubber bristles to fight tangles, get rid of unwanted mats, and remove shedding hair.

The gloves work to effectively reduce invaders like fleas and mites that could be resident in your Boxer’s fur. When used often, the gloves can even help lower the amount of shedding your Boxer does.

When grooming your Boxer with these gloves, the massaging feel of the product relaxes your pet and makes grooming time a total breeze. You can pet and groom at once with these Five Finger grooming gloves, which will save you plenty of headaches in the long run.


  • Dual purpose gloves that allow you to pat and groom at once
  • User-friendly five-finger design to make the grooming process easier than ever
  • Sturdy rubber bristles to detangle and eliminate mats
  • Helps reduce overall shedding
  • Glove’s massaging mechanism relaxes and soothes your pet


  • Price

Bodhi Dog Grooming Dog, Cat, & Small Animal Shampoo Brush

Our final best dog brush for Boxers is the Bodhi Dog Grooming Dog, Cat, & Small Animal Shampoo Brush. The helpful tool makes cleaning and grooming your dog easier than ever with a rubber exterior that cleans debris and dirt from your Boxer’s fur in no time.

It also features soft bristles to massage your dog’s skin while detangling mats and getting rid of clumps.

The rubber helps remove dead skin and loose fur, promoting a shiny, healthy coat. The Bodhi Dog Grooming Shampoo Brush features an ergonomically friendly, oval design that fits with ease into your hand with a handy loop in the back to stabilize your brushing.

As its name suggests, you can use this grooming brush to give your Boxer a soothing bath and massage. The rubber tips remove dirt and grime without pulling your Boxer’s hair. You can use this brush on dry or wet fur as you like, so you can use it solely for grooming or let it do double duty as a bath brush too.


  • Works as both grooming and shampoo brush
  • Gentle rubber tips that remove dead skin, dirt, and shedding fur with ease
  • Soft on even the most sensitive skin and doesn’t pull hair when in use
  • A waterproof brush that works well on dry or wet fur


  • The brush is on the smaller side size-wise

5 Tips on Brushing Your Boxer’s Coat

If you’re stumped about the best way to brush your Boxer’s coat, worry no longer. Here are 5 helpful tips to brush your Boxer’s coat with ease.

1. Brush Weekly

Use your Boxer brush weekly to get rid of dead skin and hair.

2. Start with a Rubber Brush

Start by using your rubber brush to clean your Boxer’s coat, removing dead skin and hair.

3. Brush Circularly

You should brush in a circular motion into the coat to distribute your Boxer’s oils evenly and remove things like loose hair and debris.

4. Use a Bristle Brush

After the rubber brush, use a bristle brush, combing in the direction of your Boxer’s hair growth to remove any remaining mats or tangles.

5. Follow with a Soft Cloth

After brushing your Boxer, consider using a soft cloth to wipe away any excess dirt remaining on the surface of their fur.


How often should you brush a Boxer?

Boxers do not need to be groomed as often as other breeds, so once a week will typically suffice. If you have a white Boxer, their hair is prone to more shedding, so you might need to brush them more often than you otherwise would. During the seasonal shedding time when Boxers lose more hair, you might need to brush as much as daily or every other day to ensure the appearance and overall health of their coat.

How can you prevent your Boxer’s hair from matting?

Using tools together like a rubber brush followed by a bristle brush is an effective way to remove tangles, mats, and loose hair. If you find excess dead hairs on the surface of your Boxer’s fur, you can use a shedding blade or stripping knife to gently cut those away.

Do Boxers have an undercoat?

No, boxers do not have an undercoat. They are one of the smooth-coated breeds, with one coat made up entirely of short hairs. Their lack of an undercoat makes them easier to groom but also makes it essential to get rid of loose hairs regularly through brushing.

How to prevent a Boxer from shedding so much?

The best way to reduce your Boxer’s shedding is to brush their coat often. Brushing helps to stimulate your Boxer’s healthy oils and remove loose hair, so they won’t be shedding it all over your clothes and furniture.


Finding the best Boxer brush for your faithful dog doesn’t have to be a challenge. Remember to groom your Boxer at least once a week to keep their coat glossy and tangle free.

Keeping your Boxer well-groomed is essential to ensure your pet has healthy oil distribution and enjoys fur free from dead skin, loose hair, dirt, and other debris.

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