5 Best Dog Clippers for Cockapoos in 2024

Cockapoos are some of the friendliest, silliest dogs out there. They’re also low-maintenance when it comes to grooming.

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They don’t shed very much, so you might be inclined to skip a couple of grooming appointments that other breeds need to meet. Doing the grooming from home is an attractive option since cockapoos don’t need too many clips.

Different Types of Clippers for Cockapoos

Buying clippers for a cockapoo is similar to the process of buying clippers for a lot of other dogs. You need to be a bit pickier with some of the smallest breeds, but cockapoos are big enough to fit standard dog clippers.

Here are the different kinds of dog clippers that work well on cockapoos. They each have their benefits, so you’ll have to choose the best option for you and your dog.

Corded Dog Clippers

Corded clippers are the standard for dog clippers, and are what professional groomers use. These work a lot like corded clippers for human hair. All you have to do is plug them into an outlet, hit the power button, and start grooming.

This type of clipper is usually the best you’re going to find, which also means they’re usually the most expensive. The best corded clippers will be durable, versatile, and powerful enough to tackle any type of coat you encounter.

Most corded clippers are going to last far longer than wireless clippers will, especially if you use them frequently.

Wireless Dog Clippers

Wireless dog clippers are the other standard option you’ll see throughout their shopping. The benefits of such clippers are that they don’t require a cord.

You can trim your dog when you’re away from home – possibly at a dog show – and you don’t have to maneuver around a cord that can irritate or distract your pooch.

These clippers can often be as powerful as corded clippers when you find the right model. Some of them take batteries, but most are rechargeable by plugging them into the wall.

Although wireless clippers give you freedom, they also come with a massive drawback. A single battery charge probably won’t last the length of time you need it to.

Most people interested in buying the best clippers for cockapoos are home groomers who only want to buy one set of clippers. Buying a wireless set means you’re risking the batteries dying when you’re in the middle of a trim.

Wireless clippers might be good enough to groom a smaller dog like a cockapoo, but probably won’t be great for larger breeds. We recommend wireless clippers if you’re interested in making quick touch-ups rather than a full cut.

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Best of Both Worlds

We should note that there are some “best of both worlds” options on the market as well. These clippers have both wired and wireless options, allowing you to plug them in when you’re home and use the wireless feature when you’re on the go.

There aren’t too many of these clippers, though, and they don’t seem to be the best dog hair clippers for cockapoos. Many of the hybrid clippers we’ve tried fall short of the mark in one way or another, with barely any features outside of the corded/cordless option.

Single or Variable-Speed Dog Clippers

Within the dog clippers, you’ll see, there are a couple of additional features. One of the primary characteristics that dog clipper brands advertise is single-speed or variable-speed.

You might think that variable-speed clippers are always better by the way these companies advertise, but that’s not always the case. Those who are just trying to keep their dog cool during the summer months will do well with some single-speed clippers.

Single-speed clippers are lightweight and don’t heat up as much as variable-speed clippers. They’re perfect for owners who aren’t looking to create precise cuts and styles with their dog, especially if they’re only trimming one dog from home.

Variable-speed clippers are more professional most of the time, but that’s because these full-time groomers are working with several different breeds. They need to make sure they can handle all kinds of complicated styles, which will require lower speeds than single-speed clippers offer.

These clippers are heavier, though, and heat up a bit more than single-speed clippers. Although they can be nice to have at times, most owners who just want to trim their dog’s coat will be satisfied with single-speed clippers.

Low Vibration or Quiet Dog Clippers

A couple of other features that some of these clippers include are low vibration or quite options. Some dogs are more bothered by sound than others are, which is why these quiet clippers can be useful tools.

Most professional dog groomers will have at least one low vibration option for the more skittish dogs. These are particularly useful if you’re trimming along the dog’s ear.

Those who don’t regularly groom their dog might find it hard to settle them down with all of the sensations. Clippers are loud, ticklish, and can get hot over long periods. Clippers that have this feature will be much easier to use on dogs that don’t have a lot of grooming experience.

Different Sizes of Blades for Cockapoo Clippers

Dog clipper blades and attachments don’t work the same way that they do for humans. Animal clippers get shorter as the numbers get higher instead of getting longer as human clippers do.

The traditional blade length you’ll see most of the time is #10. This will keep the hair 1/16 of an inch off of your dog’s body. This is the shortest you’ll likely want to cut your cockapoo’s hair to make sure they’re protected from the elements.

Most of the blades we’ve included have attachments or detachable blades, though, which means you can adjust how much hair you want to take off. You can start with a longer cut, for instance, to make sure you’re not going too far in certain areas.

Blades are relatively cheap and easy to come by. You can buy down to #3 blades, which will lead a half-inch of hair. Popular blades for cockapoos include #5 and #7.

Another distinction that blades have is fine-tooth or skip-tooth. You can tell that a blade is fine-tooth by the F next to the number: #7F. These blades give a fine, finished look to the cut, but aren’t always best for cockapoos. They work better on thin, well-brushed hair than they do on think, matted areas.

Those who are interested in the look of fine-tooth blades should probably start with a skip tooth. You can add a fine-tooth finish to make the coat look a bit nicer, but this is for aesthetic purposes only. Skip tooth blades are more versatile for home use.

Overall Best Clippers for Cockapoos

Oster Professional Turbo A5 Heavy Duty Animal Grooming Clippers

Key Features:

  • Dual speed: 3,000 SPM and 4,000 SPM
  • Detachable blade
  • Quieter than most

The Oster A5 animal grooming clippers are our top pick for the best clippers for cockapoos. These clippers will serve the bulk of your needs when you’re cutting for this breed.

We liked a lot of what we saw from the two-speed clippers. The strokes per minute aren’t the most powerful on the market, but most people don’t need over 7,000 SPM when they’re grooming their cockapoo.

These clippers are also durable and relatively quiet. The lower SPM setting is far quieter than some of the other clippers we’ve reviewed, which is great for dogs that are a bit more skittish.


  • Two speed options for more versatility
  • Detachable blade for easy cleaning and blade switching
  • Durable
  • Quiet clippers for their class

  • Not the most SPM we’ve seen
  • Can struggle with matted hair

Andis ProClip AGC Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

Key Features:

  • Dual speed
  • Detachable blade
  • Shatter-proof housing
  • Works with all blade types

Best Pick for Matted Cockapoo Hair – The Andis ProClip AGC Super 2-Speed Plus is our top pick for the best clippers for cockapoos with matted hair. It’s in the running for the best dog hair clippers for cockapoos in general as well. One of the primary reasons we listed the Oster blade above is that of the additional items it includes.

As the name suggests, the clippers off two speeds so you can choose a more complex style if you want. The detachable blade makes cleaning easy and allows you to replace the blades as needed.

One of the knocks on multi-speed clippers is that they overheat too easily. These can get hot after prolonged use, but they take a lot longer to get there than some of the other clippers we’ve seen.


  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Doesn’t overheat easily
  • 2 speeds to offer more cut options


  • Corded so you can’t trim on the go
  • Can be a bit loud

3 More Top Rated Cockapoo Clippers

Here are a few more top-rated options for cockapoo clippers.

Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Lithium Clipper

Key Features:

  • Cordless
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • 5 Blade adjustments
  • 90-minute runtime

The Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Lithium Clipper is our top pick for cordless trimmers. There are five different attachments you can choose so perfecting the length is easy. The cordless clippers also use a lithium-ion battery, which is the longest-lasting battery on the market.

Although these clippers can work for grooming cockapoos, they’re best used for smaller trim jobs around the paws and the ears. You might want to supplement them with some corded clippers if you want to be able to cut matted hair seamlessly.

Although the charge of the clippers lasts a while, you still might run out of charge and have to charge the device. This can sometimes mean waiting up to an hour before the job is finished.


  • Great for small trims
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Cordless
  • Durable
  • Multiple blade adjustment settings

  • Better for small trims (paws, ears, etc.) than full body clipping
  • Takes 60 minutes to charge fully

Andis 1-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

Key Features:

  • Runs cool
  • Switch locks in place
  • Durable housing
  • Long cord
  • 270 SPM blade

The Andis 1-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper is another professional dog grooming clipper that can fulfill most of your needs. The clippers are durable, and they offer a long cord so it won’t get in your way when you’re grooming.

Although these clippers can tackle your grooming needs most of the time, they aren’t as powerful as some of the others we’ve seen. They aren’t the best for matted hair, so make sure you do a round of brushing before you start cutting.


  • Doesn’t overheat easily
  • Cord is longer than most
  • Durable

  • Not as powerful as some
  • Loud motor

Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Pet Clipper and Grooming Kit

Key Features:

  • Low Price
  • Single-speed up to 7,200 strokes per minute
  • Full grooming kit
  • Two-year limited warranty

Budget Pick – The Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Pet Clipper and Grooming Kit is the cheapest option we’ve covered, and it cuts cockapoo hair like a dream. This is a corded clipper and comes with a full grooming kit including scissors, blade attachments, oil, a cleaning brush, and an instructional DVD.

Wahl is one of the top brands in all of dog grooming, and this is one of their cheapest set of clippers that will work well on cockapoo hair.

Although these clippers will serve most of your needs, they are better at tackling hair of medium thickness. Matted hair might tug and pull a bit more than you want with these clippers. There are also some durability concerns here, but that’s often the case with clippers so inexpensive.


  • Affordable grooming option
  • Contains a full grooming kit
  • Instructional DVD included
  • Adjustable blade

  • Not great for matted hair
  • Durability concerns

Tips on How to Groom a Cockapoo with Clippers

One of the biggest benefits of a cockapoo – other than their friendliness – is the fact that they shed far less than other breeds.

This doesn’t mean you can skip trimming them, though. You might not have to give them a full cut every time, but you should be keeping some of the problem areas in check.

For cockapoos, these areas are around the eyes and the mouth. Trimming the mouth hairs will prevent food and water from getting trapped in there. The latter is more important to ensure that your cockapoo won’t be walking around with a wet snout all day.

The hair around the eyes can be an issue as well. It can obstruct their vision if it gets too long, so you should focus on these areas even when you’re not fully grooming your pooch.

Determine the Coat Type

A cockapoo is a mix between a cocker spaniel and a poodle, so the coat of your cockapoo might be different than the coat of another. It all depends on which breed is more dominant in the mix.

Cockapoos with straight hair tend to have more of a cocker spaniel in them. They don’t shed very much, so you probably won’t have to clip them as often. You should still brush and clean them when appropriate but can probably skip some clipping sessions if they don’t like it.

Mixes with more of a poodle blend will have tighter curls in their hair. These cockapoos will shed even less than cocker spaniel-dominant mixes. Still, the hair can become matted more easily so you might want to do some frequent grooming and clipping to be safe.

Getting Started

Before you determine the best dog hair clippers for cockapoos, you should consider your dog’s temperament. Do they startle easily? Are they sensitive to vibrations? If so, you’ll probably want to pick one of the clippers that reduce these elements.

You will always want to begin the grooming process when your dog is calm. Take them for a walk or on a trip to the dog park, so they’re relaxed, comfortable, and a bit tuckered out.

You want your dog to stand still while you’re clipping, and you’ll probably be at it for a while. For that reason, some people prefer to have their dog stand on a table, so they don’t have to bend over the whole time.

You’ll also want to put some newspaper or a towel down to catch the hair to make cleaning easier. Chances are, you’re going to have to hit the area with a vacuum when you’re done either way.


Brushing your dog’s hair is an important part of the grooming regime. Even powerful clippers that can handle matted coats will struggle with some of the thicker portions and might tug at the hair as it cuts.

You should spend a good deal of time brushing your cockapoo before getting out the clippers. Make sure all of the curls and mats are untangled to make the clipping process that much easier. Without it, you’re going to have to stop to detangle the hair constantly.


Now that you’ve prepared your cockapoo for the clipping, it’s time to take out your clippers. There are a ton of different cockapoo hairstyles you can choose, but beginners might want to stick with the standard.

If you’ve gone to a professional groomer in the past, take a look at the hairstyle your cockapoo is currently rocking. It will be a lot easier to follow this outline than it will be to create a new look from scratch.

Start with the clipper length you want for the coat and attach it to the clippers. You should always trend on the longer side if you’re unsure. Cutting a cockapoo’s hair too short will expose them to the elements and will be uncomfortable for them. You always want to leave a foundation of hair to protect them.

Begin the clipping around the shoulder area of the dog, and work your way to the hindquarters. Save the face for last, and make sure to hold them still while you’re using clippers or scissors around their eyes and nose.

Be aware when you’re cutting the sensitive areas of the body like the tail, belly, and paws. Your cockapoo might become a bit uncomfortable here, so make sure you have a treat ready and some reassuring pets.


There are a lot of clipper options out there, but these are some of our top picks for cockapoos. Hopefully, these selections will save you some money in grooming appointments and allow you to completely trim and style your cockapoo from home.

Keep your dog happy and comfortable, and you shouldn’t have any problems. Good luck and happy clipping!

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