6 Best Dog Clippers for Cocker Spaniels in 2023

Cocker Spaniels are sweet and endearing dogs that adore their family. They also have as much fur as they are lovable. If you don’t groom their coat regularly, then your charming little dog will get long, matted tangles that look bad and are next to impossible to brush out.

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We’ve created this helpful guide to assist you with finding the best dog clippers to groom Cocker Spaniels.

This article will cover:

  • The different types of blades and clippers available for dogs.
  • Which blades to use for cutting your Cocker Spaniels fur.
  • The best clippers to use on Cocker Spaniels.
  • The best blade to use if the fur on your Cocker Spaniels is matted.
  • Helpful tips on the use of clippers on your Cocker Spaniel

Routine grooming is vital for many dog breeds but even more so for Cocker Spaniels because of their long fur. The matts and tangles that form also trap odor that make your poor puppy smell bad too.

There are two specific breeds of Cocker Spaniels; the English and the American. Both of these breeds have particular grooming needs. You need to invest in some high-quality clippers because of the amount of fur that these dogs have.

Their long, lush fur needs daily maintenance. A good slicker brush can be used to brush your Cocker Spaniel’s fur daily. After that, use a bristle brush to smooth their coat. If their fur is really long, don’t forget to brush and trim their feet.

Clippers come with many features, so it’s essential to understand what you want and need in a set of professional dog clippers. Some clippers have multiple speeds, and they are good for clipping various breeds of dogs and total grooming.

There are also other features to consider like a durable housing, low noise, less heat dissipation, and more.

Types of Clippers for Cocker Spaniels

There are many types of clippers available for dogs today. Here are the main kinds on the market.

Single Speed Clippers

Single speed clippers only have one speed that the blade rotates at. People who groom breeds with thick or long coats of fur that need a quick cutting for hot summers prefer these clippers. Typically, single speed dog clippers are corded rather than cordless.

One of the most significant benefits of a single blade clipper is that they don’t get as hot as multiple speed clippers do. When clippers heat up its uncomfortable for you and your pet.

Single speed clippers are usually less expensive than those with variable speeds. Many people who choose a clipper with one speed follow the theory that if a set of clippers has, more parts, they are also more likely to breakdown.

Skilled groomers can use single speed clippers well where an amateur may make mistakes with them on tricky shearing. However, they are an excellent choice for novices who just need to do a quick cut to shorten their dog’s coat. Single speed clippers are not the best choice for grooming your Cocker Spaniel for a show.

Multiple Speed Clippers

Variable speed clippers are usually more expensive than their single speed counterparts. Most multiple speed clippers have two speeds, but some have as many as five. Variable speeds allow you to use one set of clippers for quick cuts and on difficult cuts such as detail work and sensitive areas.

They are also great for groomers who cut different breeds regularly.

One drawback that people complain of with multiple speed clippers is that they heat up the more they are used causing you and the dog some discomfort. Each model heats up differently. These clippers are also usually heavier than single speed clippers. Heavier clippers may cause stress on your wrists and hands after a while.

Corded vs. Cordless Dog Clippers

Cordless clippers are excellent if you’re traveling or in a place that doesn’t have a reliable source of power. They are also great back up clippers in areas that don’t have compatible electrical sockets. Cordless clippers are also great for last minutes cuts before dog shows.

Batteries for these clippers vary from common rechargeable batteries to lithium batteries that last longer. All of the major brands have cordless clippers with many excellent and helpful features exactly like those with cords.

One benefit to cordless clippers is that there is no cord to get tangled up around your dog, scaring them. Cordless clippers are less cumbersome making the whole experience better for you and your Cocker Spaniel. Groomers can move freely, and this is excellent for accurate and precision cutting on your dog’s paws, faces, and other sensitive places.

Unfortunately, one significant disadvantage is that the batteries in these clippers seldom last long enough to finish grooming a dog, especially if they are large. You also have to wait at least an hour until they charge up entirely.

Clippers with lithium batteries last longer and charge faster, but they are also more expensive. Eventually, the batteries will stop holding a charge and then you’ll need to replace the clippers. Cordless clippers often need to be replaced every one or two years.

Groomers commonly use clippers with cords in places with reliable power sources. Both professional and amateur groomers use corded clippers regularly. Professional groomers prefer them because they can cut more than one dog in a row. They come in a broad range of prices from relatively inexpensive to the highest quality.

Corded clippers are also lighter because they don’t contain internal batteries. Their weight depends on the manufacturer and model.

Corded clippers come with any feature that you need. They come with faster rotation speeds, low vibration, quiet motors, detachable blades, and more.

You don’t have to wait for the battery to recharge because corded clippers last as long as you have a power source. There’s no need to buy extra batteries and rotate them out.

One drawback is the pressure of the cord may cause problems if your dog is particularly anxious. They may jump when it touches them causing you to make mistakes while grooming. These instances are not common for most dogs though.

If there is no wall plug, you can’t use them so you may want to purchase a backup pair of cordless clippers if you’re traveling. However, in general, corded clippers make an excellent addition to your dog’s grooming routine.


Pet trimmers are great for touching up your dog’s ears, face, and paws. They aren’t powerful enough to shear your whole Cocker Spaniel but are still very useful. Often pet trimmers are sold in kits that have different comb guards that allow you to cut a variety of lengths of fur.

Many pet trimmers are cordless and run quietly. A quiet motor is especially beneficial for nervous dogs who frighten easily with larger, noisier clippers.

Different Blades for Cocker Spaniels

Grooming for Cocker Spaniels is pretty similar between the American and English breeds. They both need routine cutting and brushing.

Most clippers have detachable blades which are great for switching out different sizes. When buying a trimmer, you may want to look for this feature when narrowing your choices down.

Another useful tip is that clipper blades are universally sized so that they fit in clippers made by other manufacturers as long as the clippers are similar. Oster, Wahl, and Andis, the most popular pet clipper brands, are all similar so you can interchange the blades between their models.

The standard blade that most clippers contain is the #10. It works on many breeds of dogs and leaves approximately 2mm of fur on them. Keep in mind that the numbers indicate the lengths that they cut. Higher numbered blades cut closer to the skin. Veterinarians use higher numbered blades such as #40 and #50 to shave animals before surgery.

Lower numbers leave a longer cut on your pet. A #3 blade will leave about 13mm of fur.

Along with the number, there is sometimes a letter such as F. F stands for fine tooth blades. There are fine tooth and skip tooth blades. Fine tooth blades provide a finer finish and are best to use on soft and fine coats. They work well on fluffier breeds.

Skip tooth blades feed your Cocker Spaniel’s fur through the cutting blade more efficiently. These blades are great for pre-bath rough cuts. You can use it for finished cuts; it just gives your dog a layered look instead of a smooth one.

Here are the blades to use for the American Cocker Spaniel:

  • Sides of the neck-7F
  • Back, sides, and body-7F, 5F, or 4F
  • Head, neck, and ears-10

Here are the blades to use for the English Cocker Spaniel

  • Back, sides, and body-5F, 4F
  • Front, forearms-7F
  • Head, neck, and ears-15

Cocker Spaniel Clipper Maintenance

There are a few optional products that we think are beneficial to stretching the lifetime of your clippers or using them efficiently and effectively. We strongly recommend that you buy a cooling spray when you purchase your clippers.

Since dog clippers get hot when you’re using them, this spray helps cool them down, so grooming is more comfortable for you and your Cocker Spaniel.

Blade lubricant and cleaner are also good products to keep on hand. Many clippers don’t require them, but they help upkeep your clipper. If you use lubricant only use a drop or two and make sure to remove any excess, or it can clog your blade and clippers.

If your clippers break, most manufacturers are easy to contact for help. Often you can mail them to the company, and they will fix them or send you the replacement part. Depending on your warranty status, you may have to pay a small fee for the repair.

When your blades dull, take them to a local business that sharpens knives or scissors. Many times, you can find professionals like this at dog shows. Also, be aware that you can’t sharpen ceramic blades.

Best Clippers for Cocker Spaniels

Here is our list of the best overall clippers for Cocker Spaniels on the market.

Andis Single Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

Best Overall – This one-speed clipper has the Andis innovative technology that keeps all of their clippers cool without using vents and fans. It’s sturdy with a virtually unbreakable housing and comes with a 14’ strong cord. The powerful motor of these clippers runs with a blade speed of 2,700 SPM.

There is a locking switch that prevents accidental shut off during grooming. It comes with a detachable #10 blade and works with ShowEdge, CeramicEdge, and UltraEdge for added versatility.


  • Detachable blade offers maximum versatility
  • Cuts easily through thick coats
  • Cool-running technology

  • Small teeth
  • Clippers get very hot

Oster Professional Turbo A5 Heavy Duty, Two-Speed

Best Choice for Matted Cocker Spaniel Fur – These powerful dog clippers have two speeds; 3,000 and 4,000 SPM (strokes per minute). They are excellent for grooming Cocker Spaniels with tangled or matted hair. The extraordinary performance of the motor in these clippers allows them to cut efficiently through even the thickest hair. With the touch of a switch, they go from low to high speed.

It’s easy to change blades with this clipper’s detachable blade system. The housing is chew-proof and essentially unbreakable.


  • Excellent for general or precision grooming
  • Chew-proof construction
  • Switches between speeds easily

  • Some customers advised that these clippers get very hot.
  • The motor may shake, startling your pet.

4 More Top-Rated Cocker Spaniel Clippers

There’s never a one-size-fits-all solution for every dog owner, and everyone loves options. We think each of these are also fantastic options.

Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Lithium Clippers

The Wahl Professional Bravura Lithium Clipper is an efficient five-in-one blade tool with a lithium-ion battery. The blade adjusts between the #9, #10, #15, #30, and #40 sizes.  This ability makes it a great clipper for people who need to groom a variety of dog breeds. Its one of the main reasons why professional groomers choose it.

The lithium-ion battery provides 90 minutes of cutting time and recharges in 60 minutes. These clippers heat up less than some others, and the vibration is low.

The Bravura Clipper is great for light grooming or finishing work on small and medium dogs. It also works on cats. This set of clippers comes corded or cordless and is perfect for trimming around your Cocker Spaniels feet and face.


  • Five-in-one blade
  • Comes in corded or cordless
  • 90 minutes of cutting time

  • Only Wahl brand combs work with it
  • Some people advised that it wasn’t good for complete grooming.

Wahl Professional Animal ARCO Cordless Dog and Pet Clipper

Another great five-in-one Wahl clipper, the ARCO Cordless Dog and Pet Clipper is excellent for precision grooming and trimming sensitive areas on your Cocker Spaniel. Both amateur and professional groomers love how light these clippers are.

The blades adjust between sizes #9, #10, #15, #30, and #40. The adjustable blade size makes these incredible clippers for cutting different breeds of dogs, though they work best on Shih Tzus, Spaniels, Terriers, and Bichons.

The motor doesn’t require maintenance, and the rechargeable battery in these clippers runs for 80 minutes of grooming. They recharge in 75  minutes.


  • Five-in-one blade especially great for Spaniels
  • Lightweight
  • Battery lasts for 80-minutes of grooming time

  • Some customers complained that the blades dull quickly.
  • There were some concerns over the blades remaining aligned.

Andis ProClip Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

These two-speed clippers have the Andis cool-running technology that keeps them cool without vents and fans. They run quietly and are incredibly reliable. The durable, shatterproof housing means that they won’t break if you drop them or your pet chews on them.

The ProClip works well on heavy coats of fur as well as general grooming on all dog breeds. Professional and amateur groomers love that these clippers have a wide grip as well as a locking switch to prevent them from shutting off during grooming.


  • Innovative cool-running technology
  • Detachable blades make cleaning easy
  • A quiet motor

  • Clippers get hot
  • Some users complained that they didn’t work as well on thick coats.

Oster Golden A5 Animal Grooming Clippers, Single Speed

These clippers, much like their two-speed relative mentioned above, are durable and excellent for matted or thick fur. The universal rotary motor runs at over 2,100 SPM.

The tough, chew-proof housing protects the motor from damage. They come with a CryogenX #10 blade that is resilient and strong. The detachable blade system makes changing blades easy and fast.


  • Sturdy housing
  • Great for grooming thick or matted hair
  • Swift and easy blade changes

  • You need to purchase the plastic guard separately.
  • Heats up quickly

Tips for Grooming Your Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniels love it when they are groomed and that’s a good thing since grooming is vital to their well-being. Here are some tips for grooming these lovable dogs.

  1. Brush and Comb Them Daily – Those long silky strands tangle easily, so it’s critical to brush and comb  Cocker Spaniels every day. Brushing is essential before and after grooming to brush out any loose trimmed pieces of fur. Routine brushing also makes cutting your Cocker Spaniel’s coat easier.
  2. Cut Their Fur Biweekly – Since their fur matts so easily and grows fast, its necessary to trim them every two weeks. Even if you plan to leave their fur on the long side, they still need to be cut regularly. Areas to pay attention to are their head, neck, and face. Trimming these areas prevents breathing and vision issues. It’s important to be careful when cutting these places because they are very sensitive. If your Cocker Spaniel gets nervous and jerks or flinches, it can mess up their hair cut.
  3. Bathing – Unlike cats, dogs don’t clean themselves as well by licking their fur. A good bath once every three months helps their coat stay glossy and clean. Don’t bath them much more than this because you can damage their skin and fur with too much washing. It disrupts the natural oil in their skin that promotes hair growth. It can also cause dryness and irritation.


If you decide that grooming your Cocker Spaniel is too difficult to do or you can’t do it as frequently as you need to, you should take your dog to a professional groomer at least every six to eight weeks. Clipping your Cocker Spaniel’s fur between visits helps reduce grooming costs. For the best results, you should brush your pet every day to keep them tangle free.

The clippers on this list are the best overall brands on the market today. Evaluate the features that you need and the price point that you can afford. We hope that this guide helped you learn more about your Cocker Spaniel and the best clippers to use when grooming them.

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