Great Pyrenees Brush: 2024 Picks for Best Great Pyrenees Dog Brush

If you own a beautiful Great Pyrenees dog, your fur baby is probably your constant companion, always seeking your attention. Their thick fur is a sight to behold but can be a challenge to keep clean and tangle free.

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If you’re tired of trying to keep your Great Pyrenees fur free of mats and debris, but to no avail, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn our 2024 picks for the best Great Pyrenees brush. You won’t want to miss these!

Different Popular Brush Types for Great Pyrenees

Here are the most popular best brush for Great Pyrenees types.

    • Slicker Brush
    • Rake
    • Pin Brush
    • Comb

Let’s take a closer look.

Slicker Brushes

The best dog brush for Great Pyrenees is a slicker brush.

Slicker brushes loosen debris and dirt from dog fur, remove excess hair, and detangle mats and knots in their coat. Most slicker brushes have a rectangular shape with fine wire bristles situated tightly against each other.

The wire bristles are installed in the base of the slicker brush at a slight angle so they will not irritate or damage the skin. Slicker brushes are also an excellent choice for enhancing the overall appearance of your Great Pyrenees’ coat because the bristles promote the flow of natural oils throughout your dog’s fur.

A Great Pyrenees slicker brush is perfect for the long, thick hair of the breed and is highly durable for frequent grooming.


The next brush for Great Pyrenees you should consider is a rake. You can use a rake to remove shedding fur, making the process of grooming dogs with thick coats all the easier. Most rakes come in a T-shape, featuring rounded pins. Some rakes have a long top bar while others have a much shorter one.

Different rake products have varying teeth dimensions, with some being short and others being long and penetrating. Rakes are an effective tool to get rid of the dead coat without damaging healthy fur or skin. You brush the rake in the direction of your Great Pyrenees’ coat growth in gentle, sweeping motions so as not to run the rake too deep and cause damage.

Pin Brushes

Pin brushes are very similar to slicker brushes, but feature wire pins made from rubber or plastic instead. Their soft pins make them an ideal choice to get rid of dirt and dead hair without causing irritation or damage to the healthy coat. Plus, pin brushes are made especially for longer coats, so they are a perfect choice for a Great Pyrenees.


The final popular Great Pyrenees brush type on our list is a comb. We know how tangled and matted your dog’s fur can get, and how frustrating that can be. Combs are a mighty tool to gather dead hair and skin without grabbing healthy fur or leaving unseemly patches.

In addition, a comb is quick and easy to use when you find a mat that needs to be detangled in your Great Pyrenees fur. The comb massages the skin when in use, soothing your pet while doing the trick to promote healthy fur and oil production.

Understanding Your Great Pyrenees’ Coat

If you want to choose the right brush for Great Pyrenees, you need to understand your pet’s coat first and foremost.


Great Pyrenees dogs that are purebred are synonymous with their glistening white coat. However, some varieties of Great Pyrenees dogs actually have gray, reddish, brown, or black marks on their body, tail, ears, and eye regions.


Great Pyrenees have two coats. The first is a thin and soft inner coat (or undercoat) and a thick, rough outer coat. Their dual layer coats make it essential to groom them often and with the right tools. Tools such as slicker brushes clean out dead hair and debris in no time flat, while rakes are an effective tool to dig into tough mats of hair without causing damage.

Pin brushes are a gentle choice for frequent brushing if you want to keep dirt and debris at bay in your Great Pyrenees’ fur. Major detangling jobs often need a Great Pyrenees matting brush like a sturdy comb. Combs gently work through the mats and balls of fur without tearing out perfectly healthy patches of hair.

Shedding Phases

You should know that Great Pyrenees dogs have a couple of different shedding phases throughout the course of the year. These shedding phases are known as “blow outs”, and typically last for several weeks, enabling them to divest themselves of their inner coat.

Prior to winter starting, your Great Pyrenees will shed their undercoat to grow a thicker undercoat that will keep them nice and warm all winter long. When summer is around the corner, they will shed this undercoat again to allow for a thin, inner coat that will keep them cool.

With all this shedding, having the right grooming tools on hand is paramount. The good news is, Great Pyrenees have a self-cleaning coat. If your pet has ever gotten dirty in the mud or playing outside, you probably hurried them into the bath to remove the muck and get them clean right away.

However, if you simply towel dry your Great Pyrenees and let them be for a few hours, you’ll discover that your dog has shed the majority of the debris on their own and has a gleaming white coat once more.

A Great Pyrenees’ coat is designed to repel dirt, mud, and water with ease, so they actually shed the unwanted scent of a wet dog too.

While you might feel overwhelmed by the prospect of grooming a dog with two coats like a Great Pyrenees, you needn’t be. Great Pyrenees are fairly easy to groom, and their self-cleaning coat and natural grooming habits make your job all the easier.

The most significant grooming factor you will have to deal with when choosing the best Great Pyrenees brush type is the size of your dog and the amount of hair they shed during those seasonal “blow out” periods.

When your Great Pyrenees dog is in the “blow out” phase, they will lose large quantities of fur at once. If you don’t brush regularly, your dog will simply pull out their own fur which makes an even bigger mess.

If you keep your Great Pyrenees indoors, you can expect to find fur clumps around your house, on your furniture, and clothes during that transitional “blow out” time.

Besides brushing your Great Pyrenees frequently to ensure you catch as much of the shedding undercoat as you can with tools like a rake and comb, you might want to use a pet-approved, vacuum cleaner to minimize fur everywhere.

When brushing your Great Pyrenees, the size of the dog can pose an issue. If you can get your dog to stay still on a grooming table when you brush, more power to you. You might find it easier to let your dog sit, lay, or stand in any location they like while you brush. Great Pyrenees crave their owner’s notice, so the frequent brushing is usually a welcome time of relaxation for your pet as they bask in your undivided attention.

Overall Best Brush for a Great Pyrenees – Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog & Cat Slicker Brush

Our first pick for the best Great Pyrenees slicker brush is by Hertzko. The best brush for Great Pyrenees gently loosens and removes undercoat, tangled fur, and mats with ease.

The Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog and Cat Slicker Brush works well for a variety of dog breeds. It features bristles that penetrate deep into your dog’s fur and undercoat without causing damage to the skin or removing healthy fur areas.

The brush itself feels like a gentle massage to your Great Pyrenees dog. What’s more, the brush has a button mechanism that makes the brushes’ bristles retract when pushed so you can remove fur from your latest grooming session and dispose of it.

The slicker brush gets rid of loose patches of hair, dissolving knots, tangles, dirt, and dander. The brush features bent bristles that get into the deep undercoat and remove shedding fur. Plus, the massage from the brush helps promote your Great Pyrenees’ blood circulation and ensures their coat is bright, shiny, and soft.


  • Gathers loose hair with ease
  • Removes knots, tangles, debris, and dander
  • Features bent bristles to gently remove excess hair without harming skin
  • Button mechanism makes it quick and easy to clean after each grooming session
  • Enhances proper blood flow and circulation


  • Some consumers mentioned that bristles might struggle against large clumps of fur

Best Great Pyrenees Matted Hair Brush – Pat Your Pet Two-Sided Undercoat Rake

Our pick for the best Great Pyrenees matting brush is the fabulous Pat Your Pet Two-Sided Undercoat Rake. The undercoat rake is an ideal choice to get into those patches of deep, shedding fur and reducing loose hair without hurting your dog’s skin or healthy patches of fur. The undercoat rake is ergonomically designed to make it simple and comfortable to use when grooming your pet.

It also features rounded teeth to reach those tough-to-get undercoat spots and reduce overall shedding. The rounded teeth won’t scratch or irritate your pet’s sensitive skin areas but are still sturdy enough to penetrate mats.

The Pat Your Pet Two-Sided Undercoat Rake sports nine teeth made from stainless steel on one end and 17 teeth on the other side to fight knots and tangles. What’s more, this undercoat rake is extra durable and easy to clean, with a rust-resistant exterior that will serve you well for many grooming sessions.


  • Features rounded teeth that cut mats but are gentle on the skin
  • Works well with a variety of breeds and is ideal for maintaining thick, dual-layer coats
  • Sports dual head with two sets of stainless steel teeth to eliminate knots
  • Durable and super simple to clean


  • Some customers mentioned the rake slows down in very thick, knotted areas

3 More Top Rated Brushes for Great Pyrenees

Here are three other fantastic brushes for Great Pyrenees.

ConairPRO Dog Undercoat Rake

Our next best Great Pyrenees brush type is another undercoat rake you’ll definitely want to consider for your grooming arsenal. The brush sports handles covered in Memory Grip, giving you something firm to hold onto and stabilize your brushing throughout each grooming session.

The Memory Grip technology contours to the shape of your hand as you brush, so you won’t experience any arm or wrist pain with each stroke.

The undercoat rake made our list as the best dog brush for Great Pyrenees for its effective removal of loose undercoat hair. It features stainless steel pins that clear your dog’s undercoat, giving their fur a glossy, smooth finish.

The undercoat rake reduces overall shedding as it allows you to grab the dead undercoat with ease throughout your pet’s shedding season.


  • Helpful non-slip Memory Grip handle to give you stability and comfort when grooming
  • Stainless steel pins to get rid of loose hair and unwanted knots
  • Removes excess fur during “blow out” periods
  • Eradicates burrs and mats from when your dog plays outside


  • The brush doesn’t catch the hair it grabs, so you’ll need to use it outside to avoid a mess

Safari De-Matting Dog Comb

The next best brush for Great Pyrenees is this efficient Safari De-Matting Dog Comb. The comb eradicates loose hair, reduces tangles, and removes dander and knots. The serrated blades feature quality grade stainless steel that wards off rust and is nice and sharp to cut through mats.

The blades detangle the toughest of knots with ease without irritating your Great Pyrenees’ skin or pulling at their fur. When the comb is in use, the measured strokes help promote proper blood flow and circulation to enhance your dog’s overall appearance.

The Safari De-Matting Dog Comb also sports a comfortable, anti-slip handle manufactured from rubberized material to avoid wrist irritation and place the control back in your hands.


  • Effectively detangles and eliminates loose hair, knots, and dander
  • Rust-resistant, serrated blades made from stainless steel to slice through mats
  • Rounded blade ends to keep you and your dog safe
  • Massaging strokes from comb enhance proper blood flow
  • Comfortable, rubberized handle to give you wrist relief when grooming


  • Some customers mentioned teeth were not quite as sharp as expected

JW Pet Gripsoft Pin Brush

Our final pick for the best brush for Great Pyrenees is the incomparable JW Pet Gripsoft Pin Brush. The brush features a sheathed handle encapsulated in rubber to make your brushing comfortable and accurate.

It sports Gripsoft technology, so your hands don’t slip or ache while you brush your Great Pyrenees. Gripsoft technology also makes the pin brush contour to your hand with a useful, ergonomic handle.

The brush is a perfect choice for the long coat of a Great Pyrenees dog, with an oval, bristled head and round, gentle brush tips. The JW Pet Gripsoft Pin Brush eradicates tangles and improves the overall look of your dog’s fur.


  • Handy oval head with round tipped bristles to detangle without harming skin
  • Removes mats and smooths tangled coats
  • Features Gripsoft technology that contours against your hand
  • Easy to use and comfortable to hold


  • Some customers stated the bristles were set too far apart for their preference

10 Tips on Brushing Your Great Pyrenees’ Coat

Here are 10 quick, actionable tips for brushing your Great Pyrenees’ coat.

1. Use Pin Brush First

Start the brushing process by using a pin brush to go over your Great Pyrenees entire coat. Keep it thorough and focus on that undercoat so you can get rid of dead hairs and debris.

2. Follow with Comb

Follow your pin brush session with a wide-toothed comb.

3. Bathe

After combing your Great Pyrenees, use a white-enhancing shampoo to bathe them (unless you’re getting ready for a dog show and must use regular shampoo).

4. Rinse

Once you’ve cleaned your dog thoroughly, rinse away.

5. Shake Dry

Let your Great Pyrenees shake dry their coat.

6. Towel Dry

Use a towel to dry any remaining moisture.

7. Dry Extra Moisture

After removing most of the moisture from your Great Pyrenees coat, use a hairdryer to finish the drying process. Use a brush to smooth your dog’s hair when drying it, so the topcoat lies flush with the undercoat.

8. Use Warm Air

You can also let your dog’s hair dry naturally to reduce any remaining moisture.

9. Check Ears, Teeth, and Nails

Now that you’ve cleaned and groomed your Great Pyrenees’ coat, take a moment to check your pet’s ears, teeth, and nails.

10. Brush One Last Time

Round off the grooming session with a final brush all over your Great Pyrenees’ coat. You can use a spray conditioner if necessary.


How often should you brush a Great Pyrenees?

Despite their considerable amount of hair, you really only need to spend a half hour once or twice a week brushing and raking your Great Pyrenees dog.

How can you prevent your Great Pyrenees’ hair from matting?

The best way to keep your Great Pyrenees’ hair from matting is by brushing and raking their coat once or twice a week without fail. By brushing regularly, you will reduce the buildup of loose hair and greatly lower the risk of matting.

Do Great Pyrenees have an undercoat?

Yes, they have a top coat and undercoat. The undercoat is what sheds during those “blow out” periods twice every year, making it essential to care for their grooming needs on a regular basis.

How to prevent a Great Pyrenees from shedding so much?

The best way to prevent a Great Pyrenees from shedding so much is to brush often and well. Tools like combs and rakes consistently work through mats, dander, and knots to get rid of loose hair and keep your dog from shedding everywhere.


Despite their impressive thick and fluffy coat, finding the best Great Pyrenees brush and maintaining their fur is simple. Brush and rake your dog’s coat once or twice a week, maybe more during those peak “blow out” seasons.

Whether you are a brand-new dog owner or a total pro, Great Pyrenees are loving, affectionate dogs that you will find are easy to care for, attentive, and unwaveringly loyal.  Who could ask for more?

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