Husky Brush: 2024 Picks for Best Husky Dog Brush

Huskies are a very popular dog breed because they are extremely intelligent, playful, and loyal as well as beautiful. They also have some of the thickest coats of fur that sheds twice a year. They also have an over and undercoat.

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The topcoat protects your Husky from debris, UV rays, excessive moisture, and dirt while the undercoat helps regulate their body temperature through the changing seasons.

Not all dog brushes are the same, and your Husky requires several types for routine grooming. We’ve put together some helpful information that will help you choose the best dog bush for your Husky.

Different Popular Brush Types for Huskies

There are many different kinds of dog brushes on the market, but here are some that are the best for Husky fur.

  • Greyhound comb
  • Undercoat rake
  • Pin brush
  • Slicker brush

Greyhound Combs

These combs are for leftover mats found after using an undercoat brush. One of the reasons that this comb works so well on Huskies is that it’s long enough to reach their undercoat and eliminate mats and tangles.

The Greyhound comb is perfect for finishing and leaves the coat healthy and shiny. It’s also relatively easy to find and inexpensive. Remember though, that this comb has teeth that are fragile, and they will bend or break over time. Use them gently so that you don’t leave pieces of the comb in your pet’s fur.

Undercoat Rake

Since Huskies are one of the dog breeds with two coats, an undercoat rake is a great grooming tool for them. They are affordable and the most effective way to reach their undercoat to remove all of the dead hair.

When looking for a rake choose one with rotating teeth because they are great for pulling out loose tufts of fur without pulling out chunks of rooted hair. With only one row of teeth, undercoat rakes don’t dig out entrenched hairs, and therefore, won’t irritate your pet.

Pin Brushes

These brushes are excellent at removing debris and loose hair. They also distribute the natural oils produced in your Husky’s skin for a healthy, shiny coat of fur. They won’t remove mats as these brushes are more for finishing touches.

Pin brushes for dogs are similar to the brushes that women use for their hair. They also come oval-shaped making them a great choice for dogs with woolly or curly coats. Manufacturers designed these brushes to have wires with pins on them to collect the loose dog fur as your brush.

Slicker Brushes

Slicker brushes were designed to work best on medium and long-haired dogs. They are great for eliminated mats in your pet’s fur. These brushes have fine wire bristles that eliminate tangles too.

Many types of slicker brushes flood the market today. Make sure that you buy one that has an ergonomic handle that makes the brush easy to use on your dog. When brushing your Husky, don’t press down too firmly because the wire bristles may hurt your pet.

Understanding Your Husky’s Coat

Huskies have two coats, an undercoat and a topcoat. Their double coats mean that they shed copious amounts of fur which is why understanding your pet’s fur is essential.

The topcoat or overcoat protects your Husky from debris, too much moisture, dirt, and more. Sometimes it’s called the guard coat because it provides a protective barrier. A pin brush can be used on your Husky’s topcoat to remove loose hair and debris. Slicker brushes are also good for your dog’s top layer of fur to give them that polished look after removing tangles, mats, dirt, and debris.

The undercoat is softer and regulates their body temperature. It insulates your dog in the winter and keeps them cooler in the summer. These hairs are as soft and white as cotton, and most people are surprised to learn that this coat sheds the most. To take care of both coats you must have at least one grooming tool that reaches the undercoat for grooming. An undercoat rake is a great tool for this task.

Often, people brush their dogs on a routine basis, but they are using the wrong tool and not reaching the undercoat at all. If you don’t brush the undercoat, you will battle extreme shedding in the Fall and Spring.

Dogs with two coats naturally adjust the thickness of their fur based on the daylight hours and temperature of the season. For this reason, Spring and Fall are the heavy shedding season. Each shedding cycle usually lasts for four to six weeks, and there are several tools you can use to combat the cyclone of fur that hits your house twice a year.

Overall Best Brush for a Husky

Thunderpaws Best Professional De-Shedding Tool and Pet Grooming Brush

This brush is one of the best dog brushes for Huskies on the market today. It’s economically priced and used by veterinarians and professional groomers.

Not only is it a good-looking brush, many Husky parents recommend it because of its ergonomic design. Made from high-quality materials, this brush is durable. The Thunderpaws reduces shedding up to 95 percent depending on how often you groom your Husky and if you use it properly.

This brush is easy to use, and it only requires a light touch.


  • Reduces shedding up to 95 percent
  • Relieves stress in your pet and increases bonding
  • Well-made and durable
  • Ergonomic design

  • Sometimes pulls your Husky’s hairs

RUBOLD De-Matting Tool for Dogs

Best Husky Matted Brush – Husky owners love this tool because not only is it excellent at eliminating mats and tangles, it’s great for de-shedding and brushing.

Designed with 17+9 teeth, the RUBOLD De-Matting Tool gently de-mats your Husky’s fur with accuracy. The rounded outer side of the brush ensures that it doesn’t scratch your dog’s skin like other pointed tools. A sharp inside clears tangles and mats quickly.

Using this tool to brush only five minutes a day removes a lot of dead hair from your pet’s undercoat. It’s the perfect solution for dogs with curly, coarse, long, or thick matted and wiry coats.


  • The perfect multi-tool
  • Eliminates mats and tangles gently
  • 17+9 precision teeth
  • 100 percent happiness guaranteed

  • May pull hair on curly or long-haired dogs

3 More Top Rated Brushes for Huskies

Here are three more popular and top-rated brushes best for use on Huskies.

HappyDogz Magic Pro Pet De-Shedding Grooming Brush

This brush is an excellent choice for long hair and short hair animals. It’s very pet-friendly, so your Husky will enjoy his daily grooming with the HappyDogz Magic Pro Pet Brush.

The manufacturers really stand behind their product because it comes with a 10-year warranty. The stainless-steel blade is high-quality and durable. This brush makes Husky owners happy because it reduces shedding up to 95 percent. The HappyDogz brush is great for all breeds of dogs, so if you have more than one dog, it is a very economical pick.


  • 10-year manufacturer warranty
  • Reduces shedding up to 95 percent
  • Pet-friendly
  • High-quality and durable

  • May be too small for larger Huskies

MIU Color Pet De-Shedding Tool and Grooming Brush

This economical grooming tool comes extra-large which is excellent for Huskies. Its 4.9 inches and exclusive for large breed dogs.

The brush is light-weight so it doesn’t hurt or tire your hand while grooming. The handle provides an excellent grip to keep your hand from sliding while brushing your pet.

The stainless-steel blade works excellent on large dogs. This durable blade removes excess fur from the undercoat efficiently to reduce shedding.


  • Extra-large size
  • Constructed of durable stainless-steel
  • Reduces shedding
  • Comfortable and efficient

  • Some reviewers claimed that it didn’t remove a lot of fur.

DakPets De-Shedding Brush-Dog Hair and Cat Hair Shedding Tool

This brush is one of the best for Huskies and DakPets is so sure that you’ll love their product that they provide an unconditional money-back guarantee.

This 4-inch stainless steel tool is durable and very effective at removing dead hair. The blade cover ensures the safety of your pet. DakPets De-Shedding Brush is gentle, easy to hold, and lightweight. It makes the grooming process much more enjoyable for you and your dog.

It reduces shedding by 95 percent if you use it on your Husky just five minutes every day. That’s great news for Husky owners who spend too much time vacuuming during shedding season.


  • Safe and gentle
  • Money back guarantee
  • Durable and effective
  • Reduces shedding by 95 percent

  • Some customers said that their pets did not like being groomed with this tool.

5 Tips on Brushing Your Husky’s Coat

Huskies are self-cleaning to a certain extent and only require a few baths a year, unless they wander into something stinky, of course. Bathing isn’t the same as brushing. Here are some tips on brushing you Husky.

  1. Brush your Husky regularly – Huskies require regular grooming to reduce shedding and keep their skin and fur healthy. It also cuts down on the amount of cleaning that you have to do around the house because of excess dog hair on furniture and floors. Think of it as a small investment of time every day to have more time to play with your furry friend.
  2. Never bathe your Husky without brushing him first – While you can brush you, Husky, anytime, only bathe him after you brush him. If you shampoo your dog without removing the debris and dead hair, you’ll cause mats and knots. Also, Huskies are unique because unlike other breeds, their skin wasn’t designed to get wet. Always use a moisturizing conditioner for dogs after washing your pet’s coat with shampoo.
  3. Allow ample time if you plan to do a full grooming session – A novice mistake many owners make is not allowing enough time to tackle grooming your Husky. If you have to rush the whole experience will be unpleasant for you and your dog. Grooming should be fun and relaxing for your pet. A dog not used to being groomed will often take longer to brush.
  4. Don’t think that a puppy will be quicker to brush because they’re smaller. Puppies sometimes take as long as adult dogs because of their adolescent behavior.
  5. Start when your Husky is young – If you start grooming your Husky when they are young, you’ll promote good behavior and grooming habits. Its worth it later because wrestling with a large Husky who isn’t used to grooming is difficult. Start your puppy with a soft brush when you pet them, and this introduces them to brushing and bathing.

How to brush your Husky

Brushing your Husky is a bit of a process. Start by brushing your Husky’s whole coat with a shed blade. These blades contain teeth that pick up dead hair from your dog’s outercoat. Begin by brushing at his shoulders. You’ll pull the blade against the direction that the hair grows. Brushing against the direction that his hair grows fluffs it up.

Next, change directions and brush his fur in the direction that it grows once you reach the center of his back. Huskies’ coats are dense, but the hairs that make up the coat are extremely fine. Brushing your dog in both directions removes difficult stray hairs from his outercoat.

Then, use a pin brush to brush his hair in the direction that it grows. The pins on the bristles reach into the thick undercoat. Firmly brush your Husky’s skin to stimulate the production of natural oils and to remove dead skin cells. The pin brush will also stimulate circulation. To finish, comb your pet’s head with a fine-tooth comb.

Mix three-parts water and one-part conditioner for dogs and lightly spray your Husky’s fur. This layer of conditioner protects your dog’s hair and keeps it from breaking. It’s also easier to brush out knots and tangles. If you find a difficult knot spray some of the diluted conditioner mixture on the snarl and use the pin brush to remove it.


How often should you brush your Husky?

Since Huskies shed often and have two coats, many pet parents brush them every day to reduce shedding. At the very least you should brush them a couple of times a week because their fur requires maintenance. Fur protects your dog and keeps them healthy while regulating their temperature for a variety of seasons.

How to prevent Huskies’ hair from matting

There are several ways to keep your Husky’s fur from matting. First, regularly grooming them helps avoid matting. Unkempt pets are more likely to develop snarls and tangles as well as other health problems. Brush their entire coat regularly and remove knots that you find.

Also, bathe them regularly. Huskies require less bathing than other dogs so a few times a year should be enough. If you have any questions, ask a professional groomer or veterinarian how often you should bathe your pet.

Feed them a healthy diet as established by AAFCO, or the Association of American Feed Control Officials. These foods have the right balance of vitamins and minerals that dogs need in their diet for healthy skin and hair. Fish oil supplements are also beneficial for your Husky.

Do Huskies have an undercoat?

Yes, Huskies have an undercoat and a topcoat meaning they shed a lot!

How to prevent a Husky from shedding so much?

The best way to prevent a Husky from shedding too much is routine brushing. Make sure that you keeper multiple tools on hand such as a pin brush, de-shedding tool, and slicker brush.

Many de-shedding tools advertise that just brushing your pet with a de-shedding comb or brush reduces shedding from 90 to 95 percent. Whatever tool you use, make sure that its long enough to reach the undercoat otherwise you will still have a mess to clean up during shedding season.

At least brush your Husky a couple of times a week. Think of it as a great way to bond while reducing the amount of vacuuming that you do every week.

Shaving your Husky is never advised even if you think that they may be hot. Huskies’ bodies and fur were designed to work together to keep them cool in the summer by shedding fur. You don’t want to upset the balance.


Huskies are a unique dog breed made for harsh winters in cold places. They’ve worked as sled dogs for centuries because they are hardworking, loyal, and strong. As pets, they exhibit the same qualities and are lovable.

Since they have undercoats, their fur requires regular grooming if you want to save your sanity around shedding time. In the Spring and Fall, you will find fur everywhere in your house and on your clothes, and it can be maddening.

However, simply brushing your pet 5 minutes a day can cut down on household cleaning and enforce the bond with your Husky. They love being massaged and enjoy grooming time with their owners. Plus, regular brushing encourages healthy blood circulations and stimulates the natural oil production in their bodies, ensuring they remain healthy.

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