The 7 Best Schnoodle Shampoos On The Market: Our Review

Today we’re going to look at the best shampoos on the market for Schnoodles. We’re going to rate and review 7 different products and provide you with a couple of overall recommendations too.

We’re also going to be looking at what you should be looking for in a good shampoo and give you a few handy bathing tips to make bath time that little bit easier for both you and your pooch.

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Let’s get started.

What To Look For In A Good Schnoodle Shampoo

The only specific thing you should be looking out for in a Schnoodle shampoo is conditioner. Everything else about the breed’s bathing requirements is the same as any other breed.

With a good conditioner in your shampoo, you’re going to be able to keep the long hair of your Schnoodle curly, clean, and healthy. It minimizes the amount of matting and tangling and adds a glossy shine that makes your pooch look better than ever. There are many shampoos on the market that have a conditioner them, and they are not much more expensive than normal shampoos – so there’s no excuse to not use them.

How Often Should I Bathe A Schnoodle?

If you’re using a soap based shampoo you should only wash your Schnoodle around once a month. If you do it any more often than this then the chemicals in the soap can cause irritation and skin issues that are best avoided.

You can use natural shampoos as often as you like (usually) but check the bottle first. You do this because they don’t use soap, and as such, they don’t irritate skin in the same way.

4 Schnoodle Bathing Tips

Follow these 4 simple tips to make bathing your Schnoodle a quick and easy process.

  1. Brush Your Pooch – It sounds a little strange to hear someone recommend that you brush your pooch before you bathe them, but it saves you a lot of hard work. You may already know that adding water to matted or knotted hair makes things worse – by removing the knots before bathing you’re saving yourself a huge amount of hassle.
  2. Get Everything Ready – If you’ve ever bathed a dog before you’re going to already know that they are going to try and leave the bathtub as soon as possible. If you forget something you need while bathing them and have to leave the bathroom, you’re going to have a wet Schnoodle running around your home (soaking everything in sight).Trust us. This is a tip you will only forget once.
  3. Run The Bath Early – There’s no need for your pooch to sit in the bathroom anxiously waiting for the bathtub to fill up. The sound of loud running water and the anticipation of the bathing experience that’s imminent can seriously stress your dog out – which is obviously better avoided if possible. Get everything ready and fill the bath before calling your pooch into the bathroom to avoid “torturing” them like this.
  4. Put Cotton Wool In Their Ears – Getting water in your dog’s ear canal can cause infections. Due to this, you should avoid wetting their ears as much as possible and you should also put some cotton wool in them too. If you do this carefully and gently it will block any water that would otherwise get inside. Be sure to remove it afterward, it’s much easier to forget about than you might think when you’re dealing with a hyperactive dog happy to be out of the bath.

Overall Best Schnoodle Shampoo

Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Dog & Cat Shampoo

There’s no shortage of excellent Schnoodle shampoos on the market right now. We did a huge amount of research for this article to find products that would be suitable for the breed – and we couldn’t narrow it down to just one product. We’ve listed several of the “runners-up” at the end of this article, but the overall best shampoo for a Schnoodle in our opinion is this excellent product from Earthbath

Earthbath is well known to us in the pet services industry as being one of the most reputable and reliable brands that provide great performance at a reasonably low price point. This product is a soap-free shampoo which means it’s going to be soft on your pooch’s skin and you can use it as often as you like without it causing irritation (which is great news for messy pups).

Instead of soap, it relies on the natural power of oatmeal for its cleaning properties. Oatmeal is one of natures best cleansers (and you’ll see it in several of the “runners-up” below). It leaves you with one of the cleanest pooches on the block, without having to use soap based products.

The almond and vanilla scent that this product has is something that we really like. It leaves your pooch smelling fresh and floral, and you’re going to find it hard to stop snuggling up to them and sniffing them when you’re done. It’s a completely natural and biodegradable product and it also has a wide range of different oils and natural botanicals inside that will help moisturize and soothe any redness or itchiness that may have been caused by pests or sensitivities.

It’s also compatible with almost every topical and collar based flea and tick treatment on the market, which means your pooch is going to be protected against pests before and after bathing.

It’s a great value product at only around $8 for a 16oz bottle, and if you want even better value then a 1-gallon jug of this stuff is only going to cost you around $33 – which is incredibly cheap. This is one of the most effective products on the market at the moment (that’s not soap based) and we think it’s perfect for a Schnoodle. As such, it’s more than worthy of your consideration.

Pros And Con


  • Vanilla and almond scent
  • Not a soap based shampoo
  • Good value for money
  • Reputable brand
  • Soothes sore skin
  • Deodorises and cleans well


  • None

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Best Shampoo For A Schnoodle With Allergies

Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseptic & Antifungal Shampoo

If you’ve got a pooch that suffers from allergies or has particularly sensitive skin, then you might want to consider this product instead of the one above. This is a specialty product that works hard to treat the cause of skin issues while simultaneously healing and soothing any itchy, red, or damaged skin.

It’s made by Synergy Labs, who is one of the most respected and reputable manufacturers of semi-medical shampoo products on the market. It’s been infused with aloe vera to help repair and moisturize damaged skin, but it also has several other active ingredients in its formula to further help remedy skin problems too. The ingredients are complex and chemical based, so we won’t bother naming them, just know that the bacteria that cause skin issues (and any fungus that lives on your pooch) is going to have a very bad day when you apply this stuff to their coat.

It’s good value for money at around $8, and it’s a shampoo that has been designed to be used very regularly. At first, you should apply this product twice a week to get any issues under control, after that you should change over to a weekly cleaning schedule to keep any problems from reoccurring.

It’s hands down one of the best shampoos on the market for Schnoodles with skin allergies, and we strongly recommend that you add it to the top of your shortlist if you’ve got a Schnoodle with skin issues.

5 More Really Good Shampoos For A Schnoodle

In the final section of this article we are going to quickly run through 5 other brilliant products we came across that we think are perfect for Schnoodles. They weren’t quite good enough to make it to the top spots above – but they are still all more than worthy of your consideration.

PetAg Fresh ‘N Clean Scented Dog Shampoo, Classic Fresh Scent

There are not many natural products that can compete with the power of soap, which is why we’ve included this great soap based shampoo in the list of runner-up recommendations. It’s got cleaning power that’s off the charts, but it’s also gentle on your dog’s skin too. It’s a pH neutral formula which reduces some of the itchiness and redness that you can get with other soap based products, and it’s great value for money too. Just remember, this is a gentle shampoo, but it’s still got soap in it – don’t use it more than once a month.

Buddy Wash Relaxing Green Tea & Bergamot Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

If you’ve got a dog that’s a little bit anxious about bathing, this could be the product you are looking for. It’s a completely natural shampoo that uses natural ingredients to try and calm your dog’s nerves. The rosemary and mint work hand in hand to provide a calming aroma that will make even the most anxious Schnoodles feel like they are at a relaxing day spa. This shampoo has some serious cleaning power to it thanks to the oatmeal extract it uses, and the range of additional botanicals will moisturize and soothe any irritated skin or rashes too.

4-Legger Organic, Hypo-Allergenic, Lemongrass & Aloe Dog Shampoo

Recommending this product is always a little bit bittersweet for us. It’s easily one of the best products on the market in terms of odor control and sanitization – but it’s also one of the most expensive. It’s a concentrated product (which means you need to use less for each bath) but that doesn’t quite do enough to justify the higher price tag.

This being said, it’s an advanced soap-free formula that benefits from the power of lemongrass to destroy odors and it leaves you with a zesty fresh smelling Schnoodle when they’re cleaned and dried. If you’ve got the budget for it, we strongly recommend you give this a shot, we’d have easily chosen it as our overall pick if it was a little cheaper.

Earthbath Ultra-Mild Wild Cherry Puppy Shampoo

This is another excellent product from Earthbath, and in all honesty, it’s very similar to the shampoo we talked about above. The main difference is that this doesn’t have the calming rosemary and mint extracts inside of it – instead, it’s got a huge blast of real cherry.

This is one of the best smelling products on the market, and it’s going to make you feel like you should be drinking this stuff instead of bathing your pooch with it. Like the product above, oatmeal provides the cleaning and deodorizing power of this product – and it’s going to leave you with a seriously clean, great smelling Schnoodle.

Nature’s Miracle Supreme Odor Control Oatmeal Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

This is a brilliant 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner from Nature’s Miracle that we seriously considered as our overall recommendation today. It’s got cocoa extract in the formula to soothe saw skin and promote recovery, and the natural soap-free formula provides great cleaning power – despite it being made from natural materials. The conditioner leaves your pooch’s coat glossier and healthier than ever – and you’re going to easily notice the difference it makes if you’re coming from a lower quality product.


So there you have it, that’s what we think are the best shampoos for Schnoodles on the market right now.

It’s not easy keeping a long haired breed like this in tip-top condition. But if you follow the advice we gave at the start of this article, it should hopefully be a little bit easier for you than it was 10 minutes ago.

Any of the products we have listed here today are going to give you excellent cleaning power without breaking the bank (or harming your pooch). They are all winners to have been mentioned at all in this article and they beat off some tough competition to make the list.

Any of them are going to give you a happy, healthy, and clean Schnoodle – and they are all worthy of your consideration.

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