Can Dogs Eat Celery with Recipes?

Dogs don’t usually get very excited about celery. You may find the rare dog that loves it, but, for the most part, dogs are ambivalent about it. The only time they are really interested in celery is when you are cooking with it. If you are chopping celery to make stuffing for your turkey, then you definitely have your dog’s attention! But if you offer your dog pieces of celery, he may or may not be interested in eating them. If you want to give your dog some celery you usually have to jazz it up a little by putting some peanut butter or something else tasty on it.

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Is Celery Good or Bad for Dogs?

Celery won’t harm your dog. It can be a little stringy (fibrous) so you may want to remove the strings before giving some to your dog, but otherwise it won’t hurt him. Like many vegetables, dogs can have a hard time digesting it unless it is pureed or cooked a little. It tends to pass through their digestive tract without being much changed. You can use a blender or food processor to make it easier for your dog to digest it. If you give your dog pieces of celery, cut it into small pieces so he won’t gobble them and choke on them.

Are there any health benefits?

Celery has lots of vitamin C, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. It’s also good for lowering blood pressure and acts as a natural diuretic. Celery is thought to have anti-inflammatory properties and some people think that it’s good for dogs with arthritis.

Dog Treats that contain Celery:

There are gourmet chicken and rice dog treats that feature ¼ cup of cooked celery. You can add celery to many recipes that call for vegetables when making meals for dogs. They go especially well with carrots and beans.

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