Is Pedigree Good For Dogs?

Is Pedigree Good For Dogs

Are you a new parent who wishes to give your recent family member the best? Every pet owner at some point goes through this turmoil and asks themselves the question- ‘Is Pedigree Good For Dogs?’ In this article, we find out if Pedigree is good for your loved little puppy or dog.

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Pedigree Overview

pedigree foods

Pedigree is a household brand that has found its way into millions of homes over the past few decades.

Pedigree is the most famous dog food brand widely available worldwide at most big box stores, local pet stores, and online marketplaces because of its affordability.

The corporation has an excellent and reliable distribution channel.

This pet food corporation called Pedigree Petfoods is a trusted subsidiary of the American industrial group

The Mars petcare department of the U.S manufactures most of the famous cat and dog food brands, including Pedigree. Most people aren’t very familiar with this corporation.

They are unaware that the competitor brands like Royal Canin, Cesar, Greenies, IAMS, Dreamies, and many more are subsidiary corporations under Mars Corporation.

The Pedigree food range is manufactured on the values of supporting, fueling, and fortifying your dog’s power for complete growth at every stage of life- be it a puppy, an adult, or a senior.

Apart from their powerful and successful venture into the food industry, the Pedigree Foundation supports rescue and shelter organizations across the country.

They have even launched a You Buy We Give program wherein every time you buy their food, a portion of the charity goes towards healthy meals to shelter dogs and puppies in need.

Different Pedigree Foods

Pedigree Dog Foods has a clear division of three meal types for production – dry dog food, wet dog food, and dog treats.

Each has a wide range and varieties of products available.

Dry dog food

  • This type of dog food is very famous for people whose dogs love eating dry kibble. The dry food comes in tiny pellets of different flavors and colors.
  • This dry food comes for all dogs, from young adults to pups. The formulations keep changing according to the target age group and breed.
  • A few of the most common flavors include chicken rice and vegetables, grilled steak and vegetables, and chicken with turkey.

Wet dog food

  • Their wet dog food range has numerous options compared to the dried ones.
  • The company makes their wet food range for various breeds and age groups to have excellent nutrition at all stages of life.
  • Some of the most loved flavors include chicken and turkey, lamb and beef, country stew, filet mignon, and ground steak.

Dog treats

  • Pedigree has two primary dog treats categories, with each treat style housing several flavors and sizes to choose from.
  • Their food flavored dental sticks, also called Dentastix, are hugely popular among pet owners as these treats help reduce and minimize their plaque and tartar.
  • The other major category is their biscuits filled with bone marrow flavoring stuffing.

Dogs Reaction To Pedigree

Dog Reactions

It is relatively easy to understand your dogs’ reaction if whether they like Pedigree or not. Most of the dogs who love the flavor, texture, and smell quickly devour it by wagging their tails and impatiently looking at the food packet every time the owner is in the kitchen.

While dogs who do not like Pedigree show clear signs of their dislike by not eating the food or spreading it instead of consuming it.

Expert Opinion

The opinion is divided among many vets as few find Pedigree a consumable product while few vets have a firm stand against any Corporate Pet food. Joseph Wakshlag, a D.V.M., Ph.D., and assistant professor at the Cornell University of Veterinary Medicine, states that there is zero to no scientific evidence that any food is better than the next brand or ingredient.

Pets can easily thrive on inexpensive food too. What matters is checking for better ingredients.

Many premium dog food brands can use subpar quality raw ingredients, and you are left paying for fancy packaging and marketing.

What Could Go Wrong?

What could go wrong?

Many articles and food forums have discussed this hot topic repeatedly with always an unsatisfying conclusion every time. The following are few cons that usually strengthen the debate of Pedigree being a lousy brand.

Too many grains

This brand has a high amount of grains as its base ingredients and many preservatives. The brand has a higher corn gluten meal, soybean meal, and ground whole wheat within one recipe. Excess amounts of these ingredients naturally cause more gas and waste than an average serving amount of grain.

Too much corn

Corn is their very first ingredient on the package ingredient list. As corn is inexpensive, it becomes an excellent filler to increase its quantity. Many dogs have corn allergies and usually develop skin issues over time.

Colors and dyes

According to the Dogfoodinsider review, a detailed breakdown of the ingredient list shows artificial colors and dyes in most Pedigree dog food recipes.

Upset digestive system

We found many unsatisfied customers on stating that Pedigree has caused the upset digestive systems of their pups. Few of the dogs even go through frequent puking and loose bowel movements.

The Final Verdict

Final Vedrict for pedigree

Pedigree is entirely safe to consume if your pet likes it and doesn’t show any signs of weakness or illness. Pedigree has always been a good brand for owners looking for affordable meals. This brand is again excellent for people who have a busy schedule and do not have time to make dog food at home. Many people feel that dogs do not need a complete meat diet; consuming only meat usually sickens them. They need a healthy portion of fiber that Pedigree includes.

We would recommend avoiding Pedigree or any packaged food 24/7 x 365. Having a balanced meal would work excellent for proper growth. Many dog owners make it a point to feed their dog kibble in the morning and let them have home-cooked meals at night. Be wary of the type of food you are going to provide. Few food items like grapes, chocolate, raisins, avocado are incredibly harmful.

This method of feeding both Pedigree and fresh food lets the dog have ample nutritious food and fresh meals.

It is always ideal to know about all the things beforehand regarding dogs’ health and meals. As they cannot speak, we need to pay close attention to their habits, behavior patterns, liking, and dislikings.

Lastly, a consultation with your veterinarian would always be fruitful. We highly recommend that you talk to your vet before putting your pet on any diet. A vet would adequately diagnose your dog and warn you to avoid a particular food group per your dog’s medical condition.

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