NomNom vs. Ollie: A Fresh Dog Food Review

Fresh food for dogs is all the rage as more pet parents start to realize the importance of a high-quality diet. Your dog is your best friend and you, understandably, want what’s best for him. Not only does that mean routine veterinary care, plenty of toys and treats, and all the love you can possibly give him – it also means providing a nutritious and healthy diet.

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Pet nutrition experts agree that fresh dog food is one of the best options out there. Made with wholesome, natural ingredients and prepared in smaller batches at lower heat than commercial kibble, fresh food is simply better.

There are many fresh dog food delivery companies out there at the moment, so how do you know which one to choose? We’ve tested and reviewed all of the biggest brands on the market and our final two came down to Nom Nom and Ollie. Read on to see which one took the crown.

Spoiler Alert:

The truth is, Nom Nom and Ollie are both pretty great. Both companies offer four fresh dog food recipes made with human-grade ingredients and delivered fresh right to your door for your dog. What it really came down to is a matter of preference in a few simple details. Nom Nom won out against Ollie in the end, but it was a tough fight and we still love Ollie!

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Which is the Best Fresh Dog Food?

Being a dog owner is a big responsibility, but you already know that. You care about your dog like you care about any other member of your family. The difference is your dog can’t drive himself to the pet store and he can’t reach up into the cupboard to grab a bag of kibble. It’s your job to make sure your pup gets the high-quality nutrition he deserves and that means fresh dog food.

When it comes to choosing a fresh dog food delivery company, there are plenty of options out there. In all of our testing and research, however, we came down to two we think are best: Nom Nom and Ollie.

Here’s a quick chart to show you where we ranked each in certain categories:

Quality Cost Variety Experience Convenience
Nom Nom X X X
Ollie X X

It doesn’t matter so much who we think wins in the fresh dog food battle – your opinion matters too! After all, it’s your dog who will be eating the food. We’ve taken the time to write out a detailed comparison of Nom Nom vs. Ollie in several categories to help you make the decision for yourself.

Check out what we thought about Nom Nom dog food versus Ollie dog food:


The whole reason to feed your dog fresh dog food like Ollie or Nom Nom is for the quality. Both companies use wholesome, natural ingredients and prepare their products in small batches at low temperature to preserve the nutritional integrity of the raw ingredients. The food is frozen to keep it fresh and delivered to your door within weeks of preparation.

Both Nom Nom and Ollie use human-grade ingredients and their recipes are formulated by board-certified veterinary nutritionists. If you’re not sure about the benefits of fresh food, you may like that Ollie’s food has large chunks of fresh ingredients you can actually see. Both companies produce their foods right here in the USA, using locally and responsibly sourced ingredients as much as possible.

Winner: Nom Nom


Though fresh dog food tends to be more expensive than kibble on average, Nom Nom and Ollie are very similar in price and surprisingly affordable. Keep in mind that your monthly price depends on your dog’s size and whether you offer fresh food exclusively or as part of a mixed diet.

The daily price for Nom Nom ranges between $3 and $10, so smaller dogs may cost as little as $21 a week while larger dogs may cost $70 or more. Ollie’s price range is similar. According to their FAQ section, plans start at $2 a day and average around $6 per day.

In testing both Nom Nom dog food and Ollie, we based our numbers on a 30-pound male test dog of healthy weight with an average level of activity. The weekly price for Nom Nom was about $35 and Ollie was just a few dollars more around $37.

Winner: Nom Nom


One of the benefits of commercial dry dog food is that there are so many options to choose from. When reviewing dog food brands, we like to consider their recipe variety. Both Nom Nom and Ollie offer four fresh dog food recipes, each with a different animal protein as the first ingredient.

Nom Nom dog food is made with high-quality animal proteins including beef, chicken, turkey, and pork. All four recipes are grain-free with the exception of the turkey recipe which contains brown rice. Each recipe contains a limited list of wholesome, natural ingredients supplemented with Nom Nom Nutrient mix for balanced nutrition. Calories range from 1,230 and 1,479 kcal/kg.

Ollie dog food comes in four recipes as well – beef, turkey, chicken, and lamb. The chicken recipe contains rice but the remaining three are gluten-free. What we appreciate about Ollie’s fresh dog food is that each recipe contains a single source of animal protein, including fresh meat and organ meats.

Winner: Ollie


If you’ve never ordered fresh dog food before, you’ll find the experience with both Ollie and Nom Nom to be extremely easy. You simply fill out a profile for your pet including his name, age, breed, and weight as well as other details about his activity level, allergies, etc. From there, both companies will calculate your dog’s calorie requirements and give you options to customize his meal plan.

In terms of experience, both companies were very easy to use and made the process simple. We liked Ollie’s website a little more because it was easy to navigate and all of the information we needed was simple to find. Any contact we had with customer experience with either brand was very positive.

Winner: Ollie


One of the best things about fresh dog food delivery services is, of course, the delivery part. Nothing is better than having your dog’s food delivered right to your door in convenience monthly shipments. You don’t have to worry about running out of food and every order is fresh and nutritious.

Both Nom Nom and Ollie have this benefit going for them, but there are a few differences in terms of other conveniences. The biggest difference is that Nom Nom sends you individual packages that are pre-portioned according to your dog’s calorie needs. You’ll need to portion out Ollie dog food yourself.

Ollie does, however, send a reusable leftover tray and customized scoop with each order. Ollie’s individual packages have peel-back lids for easy opening while Nom Nom’s can be a little tricky. Depending on the size of your dog’s portion, the packages may be a little awkward to fit in the freezer but that’s something you’ll have to deal with no matter which company you choose.

Winner: Nom Nom

Everything Else

We can’t possibly tell you everything there is to know about Ollie or Nom Nom in the span of a single review, but we’ll do our best to hit any other key points worth mentioning.

One thing worth mentioning is that both Nom Nom and Ollie offer products other than fresh dog food recipes. Nom Nom offers a selection of jerky treats as well as seasonal recipes. Ollie currently offers four different dog treats, three of which are protein-based and one made from sweet potato.

Something else you might want to consider when shopping around for fresh dog food is access to customer service. If you’ve never tried fresh food for dogs before, you may be a little nervous and you might have questions. Both Ollie and Nom Nom have excellent customer care teams and detailed FAQ sections on their websites. Ollie support is available via email and phone, the same for Nom Nom.

If there are other details you want to know about either Ollie dog food or Nom Nom food, we encourage you to check out the company websites and review their FAQs.

What Do You Do Now?

This is probably the question you’re asking yourself. The bad news is, we don’t have an answer! It’s not our job to tell you what to do as a dog owner – we simply want to provide you with the information you need to make an educated decision for yourself and for your furry friend.

We will say that we love both Ollie and Nom Nom when it comes to fresh dog food delivery, so you’d do well to choose either for your dog. If you want to go with our top pick, however, it’s got to be Nom Nom.

What really matters at the end of the day is that you and your dog are both happy and healthy. If you want your dog to live his best life, feed him the best quality food you can consistently afford. Should fresh dog food be within your budget, you’ll have a happy and healthy pup on your hands!

Fresh Dog Food Delivery FAQs

Why is fresh food for dogs so expensive?

When it comes to choosing a dog food brand, many pet owners shop by price. There’s no shame in having a budget to feed your dog, but it’s generally not a good idea to let price be the deciding factor. The truth is price isn’t always a reflection of quality. More than that, however, you can find a decent dog food at just about any price range, so there’s really no reason not to choose something decent.

The main reason fresh dog food costs more is because of the quality. Fresh food typically uses better ingredients because the company is concerned about quality. Commercial dry food manufacturers often prioritize price and quantity over quality, so they buy cheaper ingredients and process their foods in large batches. Fresh food tends to be more expensive because it is a better product.

Are dog food delivery services worth the cost?

fObjectively speaking, fresh dog food is more expensive than the average kibble. That being said, you have to think about it over the long term. You might save money now by feeding your dog cheap kibble, but you run the risk of your dog developing malnutrition and other health problems that could lead to expensive vet bills. Paying a little more for high-quality nutrition protects your dog’s health and it could even save you money over the life of your pup.

When weighing the cost of feeding your dog, you have to think about all the factors. You may only see the charge on your debit card statement, but you also have to look at your dog. Does he seem healthy and full of energy on what you’re feeding him? Might it be worth a few extra dollars a month to see him looking and feeling his best?

How much can I customize or change my subscription?

The degree to which you can customize a fresh dog food delivery service depends on the company. Both Ollie and Nom Nom offer four recipe choices so you can make your selection based on your dog’s dietary preferences and needs. You can make changes to your dog’s daily feeding amount by adjusting his weight or activity level – you can also contact customer care directly for further customization.

When it comes to adjusting your orders, you can do so through your online account. Both Nom Nom and Ollie do their best to make sure you have the right amount of food for your pet. You can change or reschedule your shipments as needed, though you might need to talk to a customer service representative directly if you want to cancel your account entirely.

Can I sample the food before I buy?

The downside of fresh food companies like Ollie and Nom Nom is that they aren’t available in stores – you can’t just run out and buy a small package to try them. That being said, Nom Nom offers a sample pack that contains 150g portions of all four recipes for just $15. Ollie doesn’t currently offer a sample pack, but you can divide your first order among all four recipes.

What happens if my dog doesn’t like it?

Because Nom Nom and Ollie deliver your food fresh, you won’t be able to return it. Both companies are very concerned about customer satisfaction, however, so they’re more than happy to find a resolution if you’re not satisfied with the product. Nom Nom offers a full refund on your first 30 days of food if you aren’t satisfied. Ollie doesn’t explicitly state what they offer in terms of refunds on their website, but you can reach out to customer care if you have a concern.

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