Organix Dog Food Reviews, Coupons and Recalls 2024

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The Organix brand of food is produced by Castor & Pollux – this brand also produces the Natural Ultramix line of products. The Castor & Pollux brand markets themselves as the leader in organic and natural pet food, and that is exactly what the line of products is. While the Castor & Pollux company was founded in 2000, this line of products wasn’t released until 2003. At the time of its release, they were the first and most complete line of organic pet food products on the market. In 2015, Castor & Pollux released an accompaniment to the Organix line – Organix with Raw Bites. This line of products features many classic recipes with the addition of freeze-dried raw bites. There is also a Grain-Free component to this line of products.

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Organix food products offer this promise – “safe and high-quality ingredients for happy, health adult dogs”. All of the products that belong to this line are made with real chicken, lamb, or salmon as the primary ingredients and each recipe is hand-crafted in small batches, prepared in an organically certified kitchen. Castor & Pollux believes in uncompromised quality which is why they use the highest quality ingredients in each of their recipes. They use ingredients that provide dogs with the ideal blend of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals as well as plenty of healthy fats to ensure beautiful coat and healthy skin. Each recipe is 100% completed and balanced for adult dogs and they are all free from corn, wheat, and soy as well as artificial additives.

This brand line of products includes a number of different recipe options featuring quality proteins like chicken, lamb, and salmon as well as digestible carbohydrates like green peas and brown rice. This product line includes both classic and grain-free recipes, plus the Raw Bites line is supplemented with freeze-dried raw bites for a boost of flavor and nutrition. Castor & Pollux uses organic ingredients in their recipes because they offer better nutritional integrity and they can contribute to a reduction in food allergies and skin problems while also improving digestion and improving overall health and wellness. If you are looking for a high-quality food product made with organic ingredients and formulated for nutritional balance, try this brand line from Castor & Pollux.

Organix Recalls 2024:

The Castor & Pollux company was acquired by Merrick Pet Care, Inc. in 2012, so all of their products are now being manufactured by this company. Merrick Pet Care has manufacturing facilities located in Texas and it is the only U.S.-based pet food manufacturer that is certified to product both dry and canned organic pet food products. The Merrick Pet Care company has been affected by a number of recalls in recent years, but not since they acquired Castor & Pollux. The Castor & Pollux company as a whole has never had any of its products recalled.

Organix Dog Food Coupons 2024

Because this line of food products from Castor and Pollux is made with high-quality, organic ingredients, you should expect it to cost more than a traditional kibble. The standard Chicken & Brown Rice Adult dry food recipe costs about $40 for a 14.5-pound bag and a 22-pound bag of grain-free dry food costs about $75. For canned foods, grain-free Butcher & Bushel recipes cost about $3.30 per 12.7-ounce can. For a 4-pound bag of the Free-Range Recipe with Raw Bites you will spend about $20 or so. Although this brand of food is expensive, you can save money by finding printable Organix dog food coupons online.

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Organix Reviews

This line of food products from Castor and Pollux includes eight dry food formulas, thirteen canned food options, and five different treats. In terms of dry food options, four formuls are grain-free – the flavor options include Chicken & Potato, Lamb & Peas and Salmon & Peas. There is also a small-breed recipe. All of these recipes are made with real meat as the number-1 ingredient and they are all free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. These recipes also feature organic vegetables to help support your dog’s healthy digestion. For canned food options there are five Butcher & Bushel flavors made with fresh meat in gravy as well as four traditional organic recipes and four grain-free options. Their canned foods feature flavors like Shredded Chicken Dinner with Fresh-Cut Potatoes in Gravy and Grain-Free Organic Carved Turkey with Fresh Carrots and Sweet Potato in Gravy.

Is this Food Good for my Dog?

All it takes is a quick review of the Castor & Pollux website to learn that this is a high-quality brand and to understand that this brand line of products offers excellent quality as well. Although the company was only founded in 2000, it has quickly grown to become the leader in organic and natural pet food, offering several different lines of products with a wide variety of recipes to choose from. Their food products are some of the only kibbles on the market to receive USDA certification and this brand uses only the freshest, most high-quality ingredients available. Another point that sets Castor & Pollux apart from other pet food brands is their dedication to giving back – they donate more than 6 million meals to pets in need each and every year. All in all, this brand is a great food brand for your dog.

Organix Dry FoodThis line of dry food products features a variety of organic ingredients and all of their recipes are made in organically certified U.S.-based kitchens. Their dry food products feature premium proteins like chicken, lamb, and salmon as the number-1 ingredient and they are supplemented with complex carbohydrates like brown rice. There is also a grain-free version of several dry foods made with grain-free carbohydrates like green peas and potatoes. Here is a list of dry food products:

  • Puppy Recipe
  • Large Breed Recipe
  • Healthy Weight Recipe
  • Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe
  • Grain-Free Chicken & Potato
  • Grain-Free Lamb & Peas
  • Grain-Free Salmon & Peas
  • Grain-Free Small Breed Recipe

Organix with Raw Bites Food: Not only does Castor & Pollux offer a selection of traditional dry foods, but they also offer several selections that are infused with freeze-dried raw bites. These products consist of grain-free kibble with pieces of freeze-dried meat for a boost of flavor and nutrition. Each recipe features organic free-range chicken as the first ingredient and all products are made in organically certified kitchens. Here is a list of Organix with Raw Bites dry food recipes:

  • Grain-Free Free Range with Raw Bites

Organix Canned Food: In addition to their dry food recipes, this line from Castor & Pollux also includes a variety of canned food options. These recipes are made with the same premium-quality ingredients as dry foods and they primarily consist of fresh meats paired with digestible carbohydrates, simmered in flavorful broths and gravies. Here is a list of the types of canned food they offer:

Butcher & Bushel Grain-Free Dinners:

  • Organic Carved Turkey Dinner with Fresh Carrots & Sweet Potatoes in Gravy
  • Organic Chicken Wing & Thigh Dinner with Fresh Harvest Sweet Potatoes in Gravy
  • Organic Chopped Turkey & Chicken Dinner with Chicken Liver & Fresh Peas in Gravy
  • Organic Shredded Chicken Dinner with Fresh-Cut Potatoes in Gravy
  • Organic Tender Chicken Dinner with Fresh-Cut White Potatoes & Apples in Gravy

Organic Canned Food Recipes:

  • Grain-Free Organic Chicken & Vegetable Recipe
  • Grain-Free Organic Chicken & Potato Recipe
  • Grain-Free Organic Turkey & Vegetable Recipe
  • Grain-Free Organic Turkey, Carrot & Potato Recipe
  • Organic Chicken & Potato Recipe
  • Organic Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe
  • Organic Turkey & Vegetable Recipe
  • Organic Turkey, Carrot & Potato Recipe

Organix Dog Treats:

Not only does Castor & Pollux offer an assortment of dry and canned food options in this line of products, but there are also three kinds of treats. Here are the treat flavors available:

  • Organic Dog Cookies Cheddar Cheese Flavor
  • Organic Dog Cookies Chicken Flavor
  • Organic Dog Cookies Peanut Butter Flavor

Organix Grain-Free Chicken & Potato Recipe Dry Review:

This Grain-Free Chicken & Potato dry food recipe is one of several grain-free dry food options that this line has to offer. This particular recipe features organic free-range chicken as the number-1 ingredient and it is completely free from corn, wheat, and soy ingredients. Prepared in organically certified U.S.-based kitchens, you can count on this formula delivering premium quality nutrition for adult dogs. According to the Castor & Pollux website, this recipe offers “balanced, grain-free nutrition for happy, healthy adult dogs” and it is made without any synthetic fertilizers, artificial preservatives, or chemical pesticides. This recipe is simply made with simple ingredients and designed to deliver quality nutrition and natural flavor.

As promised, the first ingredient in this recipe is organic chicken. This ingredient is a high-quality addition to any food product, especially because it is organic. When it comes to fresh meats like chicken, however, you need to be aware that they may contain up to 80% moisture by volume. Once the product is cooked to remove moisture, the volume of protein provided by that fresh chicken could be much lower. This isn’t a problem in this recipe, however, because chicken meal is the second ingredient. Meat meals like chicken meal have already been cooked to remove moisture which makes them a much more highly concentrated source of animal protein – it also means their volume won’t change much during cooking. This recipe receives supplementary protein from organic pea protein and potato protein, plus some from organic sunflower meal and organic alfalfa meal. Animal-based proteins are always more biologically valuable for dogs and it is unclear how much of these plant proteins is actually used here and how much it contributes to the total protein content of the recipe.

In addition to plenty of healthy protein, this Grain-Free Chicken & Potato dry food recipe is also rich in gluten-free, grain-free carbohydrates. The main carbohydrates used in this recipe include organic peas and organic tapioca – organic potatoes also appear later in the ingredients list. These carbohydrates contribute dietary fiber to the recipe, helping to improve and regulate your dog’s digestion. These ingredients also contribute some vitamins and minerals. The main sources of fat in this recipe are chicken fat and organic coconut oil, though you get some fat from the sunflower meal as well. Chicken fat is an excellent addition because it is a concentrated source of energy. Coconut oil provides essential fatty acids, but animal-based fats are more biologically valuable than plant based fats. The remaining ingredients consist primarily of supplements and dried fermentation products. Dried fermentation products act as probiotics. The vitamin and minerals supplements help to balance the nutritional value of this product, though chelated minerals would be more valuable – these are minerals that have been chemically bound to protein molecules which makes them easier for your dog’s body to digest and absorb.

Overall, this Grain-Free Chicken & Potato dry food recipe has a guaranteed analysis as follows:

  • Crude Protein (Min) – 32%
  • Crude Fat (Min) – 13.5%
  • Crude Fiber (Max) – 5%
  • Moisture (Max) – 10%
  • Calcium (Min) – 1.0%
  • Phosphorus (Min) – 0.8%
  • Vitamin E (Min) – 75 IU/kg
  • Glucosamine (Min) – 1,200 mg/kg
  • Chondroitin (Min) – 1,200 mg/kg
  • Omega-6 Fatty Acids (Min) – 3.5%
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Min) – 0.3%
  • Calorie Content – 383 kcal/cup

Bottom Line:

Overall, the Organix brand of organic food products offers excellent nutritional quality for dogs in all life stages. Castor & Pollux is the company that owns this brand, though the Merrick Pet Care company is responsible for actually manufacturing it. Castor & Pollux is the self-named leader of the natural and organic pet food market and they were one of the first organic brands of pet food products. A quick review of the brand website reveals the use of high-quality ingredients (many of which are organic) as well as high standards for quality and safety in the production of their products. It also doesn’t hurt that Castor & Pollux gives back to the community by donating more than 6 million bowls of food to pets in need each and every year. If you are looking for a high-quality pet food product for your dog, you would do well to choose any Organix product.

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  1. Organix Butcher & Bushel Chicken Wing & Thigh Dinner has given our dog extended diarrhea on three occasions separated by months and cost us dearly at the vet. It’s now clear to us that the diarrhea was directly being caused by the Organix food. I just did a search and found that other pet owners have mentioned the same on other websites. Despite that there have not been recalls to the product, pet owners should be aware that this food can cause intestinal problems for their pets.

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