Adams Flea and Tick Collar Reviews and Coupons: Buyers Guide

Fleas and Ticks can cause untold misery for dogs and their owners. These tiny little pests are extremely common, and up and down the country millions of people (and millions of pooches) are doing battle with the seemingly unstoppable tiny army of Fleas and Ticks.

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There are several different ways that you can try and deal with Fleas and Ticks, and a whole industry of lotions and potions has arisen that claims they’ve got the solution. However, none of them are as simple or convenient as the collar.

Today we’re going to learn a little bit about Flea and Tick collars to help you understand what you should be looking for (and what you should be avoiding). We’re also going to review what we think is one of the best brands on the market right now – Adams.

Let’s get started.

Adams Flea and Tick Collar Coupons

You’re not going to be able to find discount codes that are specifically for Adams Flea and Tick collars, they’re already cheap products. We couldn’t find any codes past or present (online or offline) from the brand.

However, this doesn’t mean that there’s no way to save.

The best way to get a discount on these flea collars is to find a pet supply store who is running a promotion that covers a wide range of products. They’re few and far between, but they do exist.

For example, at the moment you can get a 35% discount at (one of the biggest and most respected online pet stores) that is valid on a wide range of products – which includes Adams Flea and Tick Collars.

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Adams Flea and Tick Collar Review

Adams has two collars on the market, and as we mentioned earlier they are available in two different sizes. However, that’s the only difference – and everything we’re about to say below applies to both of them.

This is a head to tail collar that works by slowly and continuously releasing an active ingredient from the collar around the neck of your dog. As your dog goes about its day the ingredient spreads along its fur naturally, moving from hair to hair and destroying any fleas and ticks it finds along the way.

This is a super effective and super strong collar that provides complete protection, it’ll stop grown fleas and ticks, but it will also destroy larvae and eggs too. This ensures that you’re not just remedying the problem that’s already there – but you’re also preventing it from reoccurring.

Additionally, this is a dual action collar that will remove and fleas or ticks (and their eggs) from your pooch, but it will also repel future infestations – further ensuring that once you’ve got your pest problem under control, your dog is unlikely to be reinfested from a new source.

One of the main reasons that people use collars to combat fleas and ticks is the long lasting “set and forget” nature of the treatment method. This collar has been designed with that in mind and will provide you with over 7 months of complete protection from these pesky little pests.

Cheaper collars like this will claim on the packaging that they are water resistant and they will say that no matter how much your pooch loves to play in the pool – it’s going to continue protecting them. This, however, is not always the case, water can interfere with the ingredients inside the collar and reduce its effectiveness (despite it still technically working enough for them to make the claim on the packaging).

Luckily Adams knows a thing or two about creating flea collars that are going to be able to withstand the daily stresses that come with being attached to the neck of a dog. It’s completely waterproof, and regardless of how many baths, showers, or dips in the pool your pooch likes to take – it’s going to continue providing protection.

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Adams Flea And Tick Collar Buyers Guide

Before we get into the review section of this article we’re going to share a little bit of info about what you should be looking for when shopping around (and some best practices that need to be taken into account).

How Do Adams Flea And Tick Collars Get Rid Of Pests?

These collars work in one of two different ways (or occasionally both).

Some collars will actively attempt to attack the pests and their eggs to kill them off when they have already become a problem. This is the kind of collar you want if you’ve already got an infestation that needs some attention.

The other kind of collar is more preventative and is designed to repel fleas and ticks and stop them from infesting your pooch in the first place. These collars are little help when you’ve got an infestation, and they’re much less common.

Then you’ve got the most advanced form of collar, which does both at the same time. These collars are the most popular and effective products that not only destroy current infestations – but they ensure that once the little pests are gone, they stay gone.

How Long Do Flea Collars Last?

This depends on the product and its quality. Some cheaper flea collars (the kind you’ll find at convenience stores) claim to protect your pooch for months, but in reality, they usually stop working within a matter of weeks.

On the other end of the spectrum, quality products (like Adams) can offer long-lasting protection that will prevent you from having problems with fleas and ticks for months at a time.

Are Flea And Tick Collars Waterproof?

Again, this depends on the product that you’ve chosen. Some cheaper brands will claim to be waterproof – but what they actually mean by this is that they’re splash proof. You need to get one of the better brands that are actually rated for use in places like the shower, the bath, rivers, lakes, and swimming pools.

What Are Fleas?

Fleas are wingless little insects that are parasitic, which means that they feed off the blood of other animals to survive. Fleas can come in many different shapes and sizes, and they usually only like to feed on one kind of animal – including dogs, humans, cats, and even specific species of rats.

Because fleas have no wings, this means that they have to use other methods to transfer from host to host (or in this case from dog to dog). As you may already know, fleas do this by jumping – and they have one of the highest and longest jumps in the animal kingdom.

They can jump around a foot horizontally, and 7 inches vertically, which doesn’t sound too impressive until you remember that they are around 1/8th of an inch in size.

To put this in human terms it would be like you jumping around 150 feet high and 300 feet long. The accuracy of their jumping is incredible too, they can hit a target within an inch from a foot away.

What Are Ticks?

Ticks are technically arachnids like spiders, and like fleas, they are also parasites that feed on the blood of a host animal to sustain themselves. They usually prefer to live around the head, neck, and feet – but when you’ve got a serious infestation they can live anywhere on your dog’s body.

Ticks are much bigger than fleas, and you can actually see them with the naked eye. During the summer months when the pests are more active you should regularly check your dog to see if they have any. If they do, you should try and remove them with tweezers – being careful not to break them (as they can cause infection when they burst). Clean any wounds left behind with rubbing alcohol.

You should also book a trip to the vets if you find any ticks, as they carry diseases like lyme disease that can have serious consequences.

What Problems Can Fleas And Ticks Cause?

There are numerous direct and indirect issues that can be caused by fleas and ticks – none of which are particularly pleasant.


The most obvious and well-known issue that fleas and ticks cause is itching. Your pooch will constantly be scratching and itching themselves to try and stop the annoyance the pests cause.

While this starts out as a mild inconvenience, it can lead to your dog having sores and open wounds that are caused by over scratching. They can become infected quite easily (considering the mucky lifestyles of dogs) and lead to more serious health issues too.


Many people are unaware that one of the most common ways dogs get infested with tapeworms is through fleas.

The tapeworm starts its life inside the flea and when your dog itches, licks, or bites its fur there’s a good chance it’s going to eat some of the fleas accidentally. If one of the fleas has a tapeworm when this happens – your dog will be the new host.

Tapeworms cause your dog to have an itchy bottom, and can also lead to malnutrition and weight loss. They’re unpleasant for your pooch, but they’re easily treated by a quick trip to your vet.

Flea Bite Anaemia

This is one of the most serious issues that fleas can cause.

It is only really a concern if you’ve got very young puppies, very old dogs, or dogs that are weakened from an existing medical condition. The fleas can drain so much blood from your pooch that their red blood cell count decreases to the point where they become anemic.

It’s treatable if you spot the problem and get your pooch to the vets in time, but in severe cases, it can be fatal.

Are Flea And Tick Collars Safe?

Yes, any product you buy from a reputable vendor in the US is going to be safe for your pooch. There are very rare cases when your dog might be allergic to the ingredients used to combat the pests, but you’ll learn of this very quickly if that’s the case.

The only issue in terms of safety that you’re likely to find with these products is if you’ve got young children in your home. The chemicals used to kill these pests in your pooch are safe enough if you get them on your skin (but it should be avoided), but when ingested they are pretty nasty.

They’re unlikely to cause serious harm, but if a toddler touches the collar and then puts their fingers in their mouth (like all toddlers do) it could cause an upset tummy and a few tears.

What Alternatives To Flea And Tick Collars Are There? (And When Should I Use Them?)

There are a range of different products you can manually apply to your pooch if they have a flea or tick infestation.

In super serious infestations, they may be a better option than a collar – as collars can take a little while to have full effect (because it takes time for the ingredients to cover your dog’s coat).

Additionally, many dogs don’t like wearing collars of any kind, and if your pooch is likely to try and remove the collar, it’s probably a better idea to deal with the problem manually with a cream or oil instead.

Different Sizes of Adams Flea and Tick Collars

Adams offers their collars in two sizes, one is suitable for large dogs, and the other is suitable for small dogs.

If you’ve got a small puppy or a small breed dog then deciding on the right size is easy – get the small collar. However, medium-sized dogs (and large breed puppies) are a little trickier to buy for.

If you’re unsure, we recommend you get the larger Adams flea and tick collar and see how it fits. The collars are designed to be cut, so you can pull it tight and remove the excess – ensuring a perfect fit every time.


So there you have it, now you know a little bit about Adams flea and tick collars and the protection they provide.

While the science behind making the chemicals inside these products work properly is complex, the actual products themselves are reasonably simple. You just need to find one that’s going to kill the pests, last a long time, be comfortable for your pooch, and not break the bank.

Both the collars from Adams tick all these boxes, and they’re more than worthy of your consideration.

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