8 Best Dog Brushes: Our In-Depth Guide to Dog Brushes

Brushing your dog is one of those things that you either love doing or you hate doing. Either way, it’s something that has got to be done if you’ve got a long haired breed – and it’s important that you have the right tools for the job if you want things to go smoothly.

With that in mind today we’re going to talk about the different kinds of dog brushes on the market. We’re going to see which kinds are good (and which kinds are not so good) before reviewing some of the best dog brushes that we are comfortable recommending.

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Let’s get started.

Different Types of Brushes for Dogs

What kinds of brush are on the market for dogs? And what do they do? Here are a few quick definitions.

  •    Comb – No different to a comb for a human. It works exactly the same way, and it allows you to get in at unusual angles.
  •    Deshedding Tool – A special tool that is specifically designed to remove loose hair
  •    Slicker Brush – Designed for removing hair from undercoats and removing knotting and matting
  •    Pin Brush – Standard brush type that can be used on wet or dry hair for grooming or hair removal
  •    Rake – Usually large brushes that are designed to remove tangles and knotting, kind of similar to a slicker brush
  •    Bristle Brush – Removes debris and gives a nice shine, designed for dogs with short or wiry hair

Overall Best Dog Brush

FURminator deShedding Edge Dog Brush By FURminator

We came across quite a few good products while researching this article, some are better at certain things than others. We’ve listed 7 excellent other products at the end of this page, but we think we’ve found a clear winner that provides performance and great value for money.

The FURminator has possibly got one of the best names of any product in the pet services industry, whoever came up with this name needs an immediate pay raise.

It’s designed to be a product that is as effortless to use as possible. Every single minute detail of this brush has been examined, adapted, refined, and improved to make brushing your pooch as quick, easy, and efficient as it possibly can be.

It has a super strong stainless steel section on the edge which has been developed to identify and catch loose hair in the undercoat. It manages to do this without being too sharp or too long to cut the skin or damage the top coat – which makes it super easy to use.

The ergonomic handle of this product is a prime example of the kind of attention to detail this product has provided its customers. It’s soft, well-formed, and allows you to have a firm yet comfortable grip that’s not going to make your wrist ache while you’re getting the job done. We also really like the FURemover button on the top of the product, simply push it in, and you’ll be able to remove the fur that has been caught in the brush with minimal effort.

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However, it’s not just ergonomically excellent for you – this has been designed with your pooch in mind too. The curved nature of the stainless steel section allows it to glide through your dog’s fur at the perfect position and angle – without scratching them or grabbing too much hair that’s not ready to be removed yet. The little skin guard sections on the two edges of the curved section add further protection for your pooch, and it’s almost impossible for you to accidentally cause pain or injury with this product because of this.

This is a product is designed to be used very regularly when you follow the recommended grooming schedule you can reduce the amount of shedding that your dog experiences by up to 90% – which is astonishing. The cherry on top for us is the retractable edging system that allows you to protect the stainless steel “business end” of the product when it’s not in use – giving the product a much longer lifespan.

We realize that all these benefits may sound like we’re trying to make a mountain out of a molehill – after all, how advanced can a simple brush really be?

But you’re going to have to take our word for it, this brush is at the cutting edge of dog grooming technology – there’s a massive difference between this product and other low or average quality products.

It’s much more comfortable for your pooch, and it’s much easier for you. Like FURminator says – it turns grooming into a bonding session instead of being a chore.

The best part about this product is that it “only” costs $33.

We know that there’s a good chance you’ve never spent this much on a brush before (for yourself or for your dog) but remember. This is a one-time purchase.

This product is going to last you for years before you need to think about replacing it. We’re pretty sure that every time in the next 8 to 15 years of your dog’s life that you pull this brush out the cupboard – you’re going to be glad you paid a very tiny little bit more for the amazing convenience and performance it provides.

7 More Really Good Dog Brushes

There are not many products that can compete with the brush above, but we found some viable alternatives that are still worthy of your consideration. We’ve listed them here in this “runners-up” section.

Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush

This is a very clever brush that’s super cheap too. It has two different sides to it that are designed to perform two different jobs. The first side has been infused with countless super high quality, super strong stainless steel pins. They are designed to do the heavy lifting of the product to remove loose hair and destroy any tangles or matting that might be causing issues.

The other side has thinner and gentler nylon bristles that are designed to be used after the steel section. It’s more of a massaging spa treatment instead of a functional tangle remover. This side will evenly spread your dog’s natural oils over their coat and make things much silkier. It’s super good for wiry haired dogs, and the ergonomic handle might not be as good as the one on the FURminator – but it’s better than nothing.

Considering you get all this for less than $5 – it’s a bargain.

Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs By Safari

This is a clever product that kind of revolves around one central feature. It’s a stainless steel brush that has reasonably thin yet durable metal pins that allow your pooch to be gently groomed. You can easily remove hair and tangles with the minimum of fuss and the ergonomic handle makes things easier too.

The main thing we liked about this product is the retractable nature of the pins. With the click of a button, the pins will disappear into a few holes – leaving the hair resting gently on top of the base of the brush. You can then literally wipe the hair off with no effort required whatsoever, and then continue brushing. It’s a super low maintenance product, and we strongly recommend you check it out.

Andis Steel Pet Comb

We’d love to be able to talk this product up and make it sound like some kind of advanced super comb – but it’s not. This is a standard yet high-quality stainless steel comb, it’s stronger than plastic and it’s well made. It’s got thicker bristles on one side for tangle removal, and it’s got thinner bristles on the other side for “finishing”.

Let’s be honest, it’s a comb, you already know what combs do – if you want a comb for your pooch, this is the one to get.

Let’s move on.

FURminator Firm Slicker Brush For Dogs

It might appear like we have some kind of preference for FURminator’s products – but honestly, we don’t. They just make excellent grooming products, and we couldn’t create an article about dog brushes without mentioning their Firm Slicker.

This is one of the highest rated dog brushes on the market, and while it’s not as advanced as our overall pick – it’s still darn good.

This is a two-sided brush that has straight bristles on one side and bent bristles on the other side. This allows you to work on matting and tangles and then flip it over and work on more general grooming. The product has been designed to work with the shape and contours of your pooch to optimize the grooming routine with the positions of the bristles.

Again it has an ergonomic handle that is super comfortable, and the plastic has been treated with an antimicrobial agent that will keep things as clean and healthy as possible.

This product costs around $12, which isn’t bad for a brush – regardless of the quality. But honestly, if you’re going to pay this much for a product, we strongly recommend you “live a little” and get the FURminator we chose as our overall pick instead. It’s much, much better.

Andis Premium Large Pin Pet Brush

Andis Premium Large Pin Pet Brush
Honestly, this is nothing more than a high-quality pin brush designed for dogs. There’s nothing particularly special about it – it just does all the basics and essentials well. But, variety is the spice of life, and if you’re the kind of person that appreciates a standard pin head product – this is the one you should go for.

The bristles are super strong and are covered with pinheads to prevent scratching and increase comfort for your pooch while stimulating their hair follicles at the same time. The rubberized handle is ergonomic and will feel comfortable in your hand, and by using the brush you’re going to spread oils, remove tangles, and give your pooch healthier fur.

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog & Cat Slicker Brush

This is another excellent product that has a similar self-cleaning function to the Safari brush above. It works in pretty much the same way, when you’re finished grooming you can press a button and it will retract the bristles – you can then wipe off all the hair with ease.

It’s a well-designed product that allows the bristles to penetrate into the bottom layers of your dog’s coat where all the tangling and matting mainly takes place. It will remove knots and loose hair without scratching or catching your pooch and causing them discomfort. It’s been designed to feel like a massage for your dog – and they love it!

This is a multi-species brush (unlike some other products) and you can use it on your cat and your dog if you’ve got a multi-species household. The handle is ergonomically designed, and at around $15, it’s good value for money too.

But again, if you’re going to spend $15 on a brush, you might as well spend $30 and get the FURminator we chose as our overall pick – it’s a far better product that will noticeably improve grooming time for both you and your pooch.

Hartz Groomer’s Best Slicker Dog Brush

The final product we are going to recommend today is another reasonably standard brush that uses a metal pin bristle design to remove tangles and knots without causing too much stress for you or your pooch. This product has got a lovely soft coating on the bristles which makes things softer on their skin, and they provide a massage for your pooch.

It’s got an ergonomic handle, it’s less than $8, and it’s from a reputable brand. It’s worth checking out if you’re on a budget.


So there you have it, we hope you now know a little bit more about the world of dog brushing.

Any of the products we have mentioned today are going to give you great value for money, but…

We really like our overall pick.

It’s more expensive than every other product on this page – but it’s also by far the best brush on the market right now. It’s a one-time purchase, and if you can afford the extra $20 or so it costs – you’re going to know exactly where every cent went…

It’s exceptional value for money.

Carlotta Cooper

Carlotta is a long-time contributing editor for the weekly dog show magazine Dog News. She's also the author of The Dog Adoption Bible, the Dog Writers Association of America Adoptashelter.com Award winner for 2013. In addition, she's written Canine Cuisine: 101 Natural Dog Food & Treat Recipes to Make Your Dog Healthy and Happy.

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