10 Best Dog Toys for Goldendoodles in 2020

For people who are allergic to dogs, there are Goldendoodles that combine the lovable, goofy nature of Golden Retrievers with the majestic, intelligent Standard Poodle that is considered hypoallergenic. The result is a dog that resembles a teddy bear with fluffy hair and a gentle disposition.

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They have grown in popularity over the years, and it’s no wonder because Goldendoodles make great family dogs. Their friendly, outgoing nature and ability to be patient and kind are the ideal combination for being around kids.

However, just because they are an ideal family dog, it doesn’t mean they are the perfect dog. Goldendoodles are extremely energetic and need lots of exercise to satisfy the retriever in them. They can be destructive if they aren’t kept entertained and occupied, and they also have a strong need to chew on anything and everything.

Standard Poodles are highly intelligent dogs, rated as the second most intelligent dog breed. So, it’s no wonder that Goldendoodles are just as smart and need mental stimulation in addition to regular exercise.

In addition to chew toys, you will want to look for puzzle toys, fetch toys, and plushies to provide your pup with a wide variety of toys. It also doesn’t hurt to have more than one toy, just in case your pooch does manage to destroy a toy or lose it.

Different Types of Dog Toys for Goldendoodles

Dog toys have come a long way over the past few decades. In addition to regular chew toys, there are now puzzle toys that can contain treats to give your highly intelligent Goldendoodle a challenge and plush toys (or plushies) that can withstand chewing from even the most ardent of chewers.

Thanks to innovation, chew toys are now tougher than ever. And not all are created the same way. There is now rope chew toys in addition to rubber, plastic, and nylon toys. Most chew toys resemble bones, and some chew toys are even flavored and taste like bacon, chicken, and peanut butter to make them more enticing.

Puzzle toys are also a must for Goldendoodles. They can provide hours of fun for some dogs as they work to get to their favorite food or treat. Basically, it’s a toy in which you “hide” treats that your dog must solve the puzzle to get to.

Plush toys, while not indestructible, are for comfort as well as a way to simulate prey. They often come with squeaky centers to make them sound like those pesky squirrels your pup would love to catch outside.

What to Look for in a Good Toy for Goldendoodles

As we previously mentioned, Goldendoodles are playful and energetic and also super smart. You must find toys that appeal to the part of them that love to retrieve as well as the part that needs mental stimulation to prevent them from becoming bored and destructive.

Goldendoodles do have powerful jaws, as they are a large dog breed. You will want to find chew toys that are made out of the toughest rubber or plastic that you can find.

We only recommend toys that have been put to the test and are approved by owners who have dogs that chew through ordinary chew toys.

For plushies, we researched and found some that will stand up to even the most destructive of dogs. Rest assured that the plushies in this article will satisfy your Goldendoodle’s need to chase prey and will not fall apart as soon as you open the toy.

All puppies are prone to dental issues such as gum disease as their adult teeth start to come in, so you’ll want to find toys that provide relief for teething pain as well as clean your puppy’s teeth.

You’ll also want to find toys that you can clean easily, because while dogs are cute and adorable, they can be messy.

Overall Best Dog Toys for Adult Goldendoodles:

The Top Dog Toys for Goldendoodles

Best Overall – Bionic Bone Dog Toy

We love this toy and consider it our top pick because it’s like having multiple toys all wrapped into one. It’s a puzzle toy as well as a fetch toy that’s shaped like a bone, so if your pup doesn’t seem interested in trying to get to her treat, you can step outside and play a quick game of fetch to occupy her and give her exercise.

It is free from BPA and lead, so you can rest assured your dog isn’t ingesting these toxic chemicals as she gnaws on the super-strong plastic that only the most ardent chewers seem to be able to destroy. Most owners state that it keeps their dogs happy and entertained for hours on end.

There are two pockets to hide the treats in for when your pup is in the mood to eat and figure out how to get to those delicious morsels or treasure troves of peanut butter. When it comes time to clean, you can put it in the dishwasher for easy maintenance.

Nylabone DuraChew Action Ridges Bacon Flavor Bone Dog Toy

Bacon is a favorite of many dogs, so it stands to reason that this bacon-flavored chew toy made by the trusted Nylabone brand is a favorite toy for Goldendoodles. This chew toy combines tough, non-toxic nylon with bacon flavor your Goldendoodle will have a hard time resisting.

It also has an extremely satisfying texture for your pup thanks to the slightly raised bristles that brush your dog’s teeth and keep tartar to a minimum.

This toy stands up to even the most powerful chewers, sometimes lasting years as opposed to hours or days like a lot of other chew toys on the market. So, if your Goldendoodle’s superpower is destroying chew toys, then you must get this.

Mammoth Cottonblend 3 Knot Dog Rope Toy

What dog doesn’t enjoy an occasional game of tug-o-war? Let your Goldendoodle demonstrate how strong she is when playing with this durable rope chew toy made by Mammoth.

The rope fibers also serve as a toothbrush of sorts, cleaning your pup’s teeth as she chews away on it. The thick rope and knot design make it one of the most durable rope chew toys on the market.

However, we must caution that you shouldn’t let your Goldendoodle play with this unsupervised. If they do chew through it, ingesting the rope can be harmful. We suggest limiting this toy to those times when she wants to play tug-o-war.

KONG Classic Flyer Frisbee Dog Toy

It’s no secret Goldendoodles love to run and play fetch, so frisbees are a popular toy for them. Fetch is one of the most popular forms of exercise for dogs, and Goldendoodles could probably play it for days on end if you let them.

The KONG Classic Flyer frisbee is made from a soft yet durable rubber that is easy on your pup’s teeth as he chomps down on it after fetching it. It’s also much safer than standard plastic frisbees that your pup may end up chewing through like they’re butter.

We also like that it’s made in the USA, so it’s free of toxic materials such as BPA and lead that often find their way into products made in China.

Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy

This interactive puzzle toy will keep your dog occupied as she tries to extract the tasty kibble that’s at the center of this clear plastic ball.She’ll soon figure out that she has to push it around using her paws or snout, and also use her tongue to get the treats out.

It’s a great way to stimulate your Goldendoodle’s sharp mind and prevent them from getting bored. And, because the kibble is hard to get out, it keeps your pup from overeating over the course of a day.

The only drawback we’ve found is that dogs who are really smart may solve the puzzle too quickly and become bored with it. If that’s the case, then maybe our next puzzle toy might be next on your list to purchase.

StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy

We like this puzzle toy because you can customize the level of difficulty to meet your Goldendoodle’s IQ. If they’re super smart, then make the opening a little smaller so they have to work harder to get to their favorite treat.

Its unique shape also makes it entertaining for your dog. It lives up to its name of Bob-a-Lot thanks to all of the wobbling it does as your dog tries to get his reward.

The main complaint we’ve seen is that it’s rather noisy on some surfaces, and you’ll need to use smaller-sized kibble as the treat. Otherwise, your dog may never be able to get to their food, and they may become bored and move on to more destructive behaviors.

KONG Cozie Marvin the Moose Plush Dog Toy

Satisfy your Goldendoodle’s need to chase down and retrieve prey for their owners with this adorable plush dog toy. It can also serve as a source of comfort and companionship, much like stuffed animals do for small children.

The KONG Cozie comes in many different options for animals, such as this moose, a monkey, an elephant, and even a dog as well as many others.

They can carry it around, shake it, fetch it, and go a little wild with it to activate the squeaky toy at the center of it.

Because it is a plush toy, we do recommend supervising your dog’s playtime as much as possible if they are destructive.

Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle Toy

All dogs love to chase prey, but Goldendoodles were literally born for this. However, sometimes you can’t get outside for one reason or another. So what’s a Goldendoodle parent to do?

Enter the Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle Toy, which is an extremely popular puzzle toy as well as plush toy (or toys, really).

This toy resembles a tree that houses plush squirrel squeaky toys you hide inside for your dog to hunt and retrieve. The tree comes in a number of sizes, including a large for your Goldendoodle.

And should your pup destroy or lose all of the squirrels, there are replacements you can purchase separately.

Overall Best Dog Toy for Goldendoodle Puppies

Like most puppies, Goldendoodles need proper dental care and teething relief as their adult teeth start coming in. That’s where these toys come in handy.

Nylabone Chicken Flavored Puppy Teething Dinosaur Dog Chew Toy

Combining tasty chicken flavor with sturdy plastic, the Nylabone Puppy Teething Dinosaur Dog Chew Toy is an excellent choice for your Goldendoodle puppy.

Owners seem to like that it’s too large to swallow accidentally, and it’s strong enough to stand up to constant chewing by teething Goldendoodle puppies. The little nubs on the surface provide a pleasing texture, and also serve to clean your puppy’s teeth, keeping them in top shape.

Should your puppy show signs of distress due to teething, you can put this toy in the freezer for a few hours and then let her chew on the cold toy for added relief.

We should note that while this is a chew toy, it’s meant to be more of a teething toy and is not made for adult dogs. They will easily chew through it and destroy it in no time.

Best Toy for a Goldendoodle Puppy

The KONG Puppy – Natural Teething Rubber Toy

KONG is king when it comes to dog toys, thanks to their innovative designs and high-tech rubber. They even have a puppy rubber formula that is softer than their adult rubber formula, which makes it ideal for teething puppies.

It also serves as a puzzle toy, making it a great choice for naturally curious Goldendoodle puppies. Just place the treat in the center, and watch them try to get it out and eat it. Or, take it outside and play a game of fetch. If they’re going through teething, place the toy in the freezer and let the cold soothe your pup’s sore gums.

Tips for Playing With Your Goldendoodle

Goldendoodles are active and need lots of exercise, but they also need some mental stimulation to prevent boredom from setting in. Here are a few tips for playing with your Goldendoodle:

  1. Provide plenty of puzzle toys to challenge their minds. If they get bored, try playing a game of hide and seek, or hide their favorite toy to see if they can find it.
  2. Keep your Goldendoodle safe by monitoring their playtime with these toys at first. If they easily destroy them, then you may need to find other options.
  3. Don’t just settle for one type of toy. Have plenty on hand and rotate them to help keep them interested in what they have.
  4. And last but not least, get plenty of outdoor exercise with your Goldendoodle. They require a great deal of it, so playing fetch is probably your best bet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know which of these toys would work best for your Goldendoodle? We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions we get when it comes to playing with your Goldendoodle and getting her interested in the toys you bought.

What toys should I avoid for Goldendoodles?

This will depend on your dog and how quickly he goes through toys. Some Goldendoodles can destroy plush toys and even chew toys, and others are more gentle and will not go through them as fast. If you have a power chewer, then we suggest avoiding plush toys unless absolutely necessary.

How do I get my Goldendoodle to play with the toy I bought him? He doesn’t seem to like most toys.

Dogs of all kinds love to eat. Goldendoodles are no exception. A flavored toy is a great way to introduce a chew toy to your dog if he hasn’t seemed interested in most other chew toys.

My Goldendoodle has destroyed so many chew toys. How can I be sure these won’t suffer the same fate?

No dog toy is totally indestructible. It will be trial and error, but we do promise that the toughest chew toys on this list will do for most Goldendoodles, even power chewers.


In this guide, we talked about the best toys for the active and inquisitive Goldendoodle breed. There are super-durable chew toys, toys for playing fetch, soothing plushies, puzzle toys, and toys for teething Goldendoodle puppies. We hope that our reviews make it easier to find the best toy to meet the needs of your furry friend.

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