Top 6 Best Indestructible Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

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We guess that if you’re reading this you’ve got a pooch at home that’s able to destroy any toy you give them within a matter of seconds.

We’ve all been there. You come home from the pet store feeling good about yourself because you’ve got your four-legged friend a new toy to play with. You give it to them, leave them alone with it for 10 minutes – and it’s in pieces on the floor.

For dogs like this, you’re going to need to take special measures. Your dog’s toys don’t have to be temporary.

We’ve found 6 products that have been specifically designed to handle the power of dogs that love to destroy their toys. We don’t mean this in a “let’s claim they’re indestructible to sell more products” kind of way…

We mean it in a “they’re near enough impossible for a pooch to break” kind of way.

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Best Materials To Look Out For

Here are our top 3 materials to look out for in indestructible products.


Super high-density rubber is one of the strongest materials you’re going to find in dog toys. There’s a variation in quality between different kinds of rubber, so ensure it’s super strong, and most importantly ensure it’s super thick too.


Strong bones that are stuffed inside with treats are perfect for dogs who can destroy pretty much anything. You need to make sure you’re buying the good stuff though, don’t bother with the thin bones that are mainly treats – you want hard-core large femur bones.


A strong rope is one of the most difficult materials for a dog to destroy. If you’re thinking “that’s nonsense, my dog destroys ropes” then you haven’t brought the right kind of rope. Get the super thick rope, you want it to be so large that it’s almost comical.

Worst Materials To Look Out For

We’re not going to explain the details of every bad material to look out for – they are all common sense really. But here’s a list of stuff you want to avoid.

  • Thin hide chews
  • Hollow toys
  • Tennis balls
  • Foam toys
  • Stuffed toys
  • Thin plastic toys

Overall Best Indestructible Dog Toy

Kong Extreme Dog Toy

We’ve done quite a bit of research for this article, and we’ve come across several great dog toys that are perfect for pooches that seem to be able to disintegrate anything you give them to play with. However, there is one brand that stands above the rest – KONG.

We’d be shocked if you own a dog that destroys their toys and you haven’t heard of KONG yet. Their entire business model revolves around creating the strongest toys on the market.

They’ve worked very hard to set themselves apart from all the other brands out there that claim to be indestructible (in big bold letters) on their packaging but then get ruined within minutes by your pooch.

When KONG builds a product, they build it to be truly indestructible.

This toy is made from a super high-grade extra firm rubber that’s going to withstand everything your pooch can throw at it (and come out the other side laughing).

Because this is toy has durability as its main priority, it’s a very simple design. Toys that have too many moving parts and delicate sections can easily be damaged by playful pooches.

But just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s not fun…

It’s an unusually shaped toy that kind of resembles an egg. It’s been ridged in different depths along the outside which makes it bounce in random directions whenever it is thrown around. This makes it a great toy for your pooch to play with on their own and is perfect if your dog has separation anxiety during the day. Leave them with this, add a little treat (more on that later), and they’ll forget you even exist.

Note: These ridges also makes it a fun toy for you to throw around with them too. It works best on hard surfaces which give it the most random bounce possible.

KONG know a thing or two about making long-lasting toys, but they also know how to make playtime fun – and nothing adds more fun for a dog than the prospect of a treat…

The inside of this product is hollow, and the thickness of the rubber “walls” of the product is more than generous enough to stop your dog from annihilating it. You can stuff treats inside the hole in the toy which will be gradually released randomly as it rolls around. If you’ve got a pooch that’s been a very good boy (or girl) then add a little peanut butter inside too.

They go wild for it.

Want to make it even more of a challenge for your pooch? Then try freezing the mixture inside the toy before giving it to them. The super durable rubber can easily withstand being frozen and unfrozen countless times, and it’s going to take your dog much longer to get the treats out. This is the method we recommend you use if your dog has separation anxiety, it will calm their nerves for hours before they get all the treats out and become aware you’re not there.

It’s made in the USA, it’s recommended by vets, and it’s going to last longer than any other toy you’ve ever purchased.

This isn’t like the other toys, trust us. It’s a beast.

5 More Really Good Indestructible Dogs Toys

Nothing can come close to the KONG toy we mentioned above. It’s literally a super thick block of some of the strongest rubber that humans can create. That being said, there are still other products on the market that can hold their own against your pooch at their most playful. Here are 5 other products that are more than worthy of your consideration.

Ruff Dawg Indestructible Ball Dog Toy

There’s no toy more iconic than a tennis ball. They’re a dog’s best friend, but they’re also weak…

This toy has been designed to provide just as much fun as a tennis ball while being able to withstand the best your dog can throw at it. It’s made from a super high-density rubber, but in all honesty, the material here is probably a little lower quality than the stuff used in the KONG above – however as this is a solid block, it has still got some serious strength to it.

Additionally, because it’s not hollow inside like a tennis ball, it’s not going to pop. If your dog wants to break this ball, they’re going to have to crush it in their jaws.

If rubber of a similar strength to this can handle the weight of a jumbo jet (in its wheels) your dog has no chance.

Like any good tennis ball, this product will float on water – which makes it great for dogs that like to play around in the pool or at the beach. It’s a completely non-toxic product that your pooch would be able to eat without harm (if they managed to break it, which is unlikely). It comes in a random bright and fun color, and as the cherry on top – it’s made in the USA too.

KONG Extreme Goodie Bone Dog Toy

We’re not biased towards KONG in any way, it’s just that their products are much better than anything any other brand produces in terms of indestructibility. This second product is another hard-core toy that’s been made from the same rubber as the product we chose for our overall recommendation.

It’s a completely solid toy that’s shaped in a classic bone shape. Again this means it’s great to throw around as it’s going to bounce in random directions. It’s available in two different sizes, which means it’s perfect for big beasts and little monsters at the same time too.

The thing we like most about this product is the hollow section it has on one side of the bone. With this feature, you can stuff a rawhide stick, or some peanut butter, or another tasty treat that your dog loves inside of it. They’ll get the easy to access stuff out quickly, but it’s going to give them hours of fun as they try and find the best way to reach the good stuff in the middle once the “low hanging fruit” has been eaten at the start.

It’s a modern take on a classic product – and because it’s KONG. It’s indestructible.

Redbarn Large Cheese n’ Bacon Filled Bones Dog Treat

No self-respecting list of hardcore dog toys would be complete without the original “indestructible” dog treat – a real bone. These strong femur bones are filled with a super tasty cheese and bacon mixture that your pooch is going to do everything they can to extract.

Like most bone products like this, they’ll gobble up the easy to reach filling pretty quickly, but as soon as it gets a little bit out of reach – the game begins. They’re going to have hours of fun trying to figure out the best way to wear down the edges while stretching their tongue as far as it can go to get some of the tasty treats inside.

They’re about 6 inches long, and the natural hardness of bone helps promote proper dental health. The filling can be a little bit salty, so be sure to give them plenty of water when they first get this treat. You also should keep it away from any light colored furniture or flooring, as it can stain.

Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Dog Chew Toy

This is a clever product that’s made from a combination of real cooked food grade bacon and nylon. The nylon used in this product is solid as a rock, and we’d be shocked if any pooch this product is suited for (under 70lbs) was able to cause any kind of damage to it whatsoever.

The bacon is completely natural and is the kind of stuff you’d probably like to fry up and eat yourself. There’s no need for any artificial flavorings here, just the delicious flavor of pure bacon.

It’s got a nice wishbone design that provides various places to chew on, and it’s also ergonomic so your pooch will have an easier time holding it down with their paws while they gobble away with joy.

This is a brand that also truly cares about animals, they’re a bunch of pet lovers making products for pet lovers. They donate a significant portion of all their profits to animal care charities – which we absolutely love to see.

Mammoth 100% Cotton Dog Rope Toy

The final toy we came across was this excellent variation of a standard knotted rope toy.

Cheap rope toys are already one of the strongest kinds of toy on the market, but quality rope toys like this will take superhuman efforts to destroy. The strong 100% natural cotton will be able to resist the sharpest teeth and the biggest jaws with ease. You can have as many games of “tug o war” as you like with this beasty product – it’s never going to break.

It’s also great for dental hygiene, as when your dog’s teeth rub against the cotton it has the same effect as flossing does. It’s super safe for all ages and all kinds of play, in fact, it’s particularly good for puppies who are teething as the soft yet biteable nature of the material provides them with welcome relief.


So there you have it, that’s what we think are the 6 best products on the market right now which are suitable for dogs that have a reputation for destroying every toy they are given.

All of the products here today are going to outperform the stuff you get from your local pet shop, they’re specialist items. But quite honestly, nothing beats KONG.

Get our recommended product (or the KONG dog bone instead) and see for yourself.

No other company can compete with the brand’s durability, and no dog can compete with their toys.

(We really mean it! Trust us!)

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