5 Best Waterless Shampoos for Dogs in 2024

Many people are unfamiliar with waterless dog shampoo but once you use it, you’ll probably never be without it again. People with show dogs always have a bottle of the stuff tucked away so they can clean up a dog at the end of the day without having to give a full bath. It’s great for spot cleaning if your dog has a little diarrhea.

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Does your dog like to run through mud? Waterless dog shampoo is great for rinsing off paws at the back door. And, if you have an elderly dog or a dog that’s recovering from an illness, you can use waterless dog shampoo to give your dog a “bath” without making him stand in the bath tub.

Do you have a long-haired male dog who can’t seem to help turning his feathers the color of urine? Waterless shampoo can help wash out the pee. If you hike or hunt with your dog, waterless shampoo is terrific for doing some spot cleaning before you and your dog go back in the house. We love waterless dog shampoo.

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How Does Waterless Shampoo for Dogs Work?

For one thing, waterless shampoo isn’t actually waterless. It does have some liquid contents. When you use it, your dog will be a little wet in the places where you apply it. But you don’t need to pour it all over your dog. You only apply it to the areas where your dog needs some clean up. It works by absorbing oil in the coat and cleaning your dog’s skin and hair. It leaves him smelling fresh.

Use waterless shampoo by applying it freely to the area that needs to be cleaned. Massage it into your dog’s skin and fur. Then rub it out with a dry wash cloth or towel. After you have wiped the shampoo out, comb or brush your dog’s coat. Brush again after the area has dried. Some people like to use a blow dryer to dry the coat but that’s completely optional. You can also let your dog air dry.

If the dirt on your dog’s coat has already dried (for example, mud) or your dog has a longer coat, you can spray the waterless shampoo on his coat and brush the fur to help loosen any dried dirt. Wipe the area with a clean, dry wash cloth or towel. Repeat until your dog’s coat is free of the dried dirt. Brush and then brush again after the area is dry.

The Best Waterless Dog Shampoo

Paw Choice Naturals Waterless Foaming Mousse Dog Shampoo, Lavender & Chamomile

Paw Choice Naturals Waterless Foaming Mousse Dog Shampoo, Lavender & Chamomile

Our number one choice for the best waterless shampoo is Paw Choice Naturals Waterless Foaming Mousse Dog Shampoo. This foaming mousse is a dry, waterless shampoo that’s easy-to-use.  It gently cleans dirt and removes odor while it conditions your dog’s coat. Just massage the foam into your dog’s coat and let him air dry. It contains no harsh chemicals, detergents, or parabens. Suitable for all hair and fur types. Leaves a fresh lavender and chamomile scent. Paw Choice also makes a popular Mango & Pomegranate formula. – Buy It

Other Recommended Waterless Dog Shampoos

Four Paws Magic Coat Gentle Tearless No-Rinse with Aloe Vera Puppy Shampoo

Four Paws Magic Coat Gentle Tearless No-Rinse with Aloe Vera Puppy Shampoo

If you need a waterless shampoo for puppies, Four Paws Magic Coat Gentle Tearlesss No-Rinse with Aloe Vera Puppy Shampoo is a favorite. The Four Paws Magic Coat brand has been around a long time, bathing generations of puppies. Wiggly puppies can be a hand full in the bath so a waterless, tearless shampoo can make it much easier to bathe a puppy when he just needs a quick clean up. This no-rinse formula cleans, softens, and hydrates your puppy’s coat without needing any water. It’s paraben-free, alcohol-free and sting-free. It won’t hurt your puppy’s eyes. It also has aloe vera to soothe your puppy’s delicate skin. Has a nice baby powder scent. Four Paws also has a natural formula called Four Paws Magic Coat Natural Waterless Foam Shampoo with Oatmeal, Tea Tree Oil & Aloe Vera for Dogs. – Buy It

BioSilk Therapy Deep Moisture Waterless Dog Shampoo Spray

BioSilk Therapy Deep Moisture Waterless Dog Shampoo Spray

BioSilk Therapy Deep Moisture Waterless Dog Shampoo Spray is designed for dogs but it uses some of the same classic ingredients as BioSilk Therapy for humans. It gently cleanses and moisturizes your dog’s dry skin and fur between baths. It has silk and enriching vitamins that work together to clean and moisturize without any harsh or drying ingredients that could harm your dog’s skin. It eliminates odors and keeps your dog smelling fresh and clean. The advanced formula is pH balanced. No sulfates or parabens. No artificial colors. Safe to use in conjunction with topical flea control products. – Buy It

Ark Naturals Don’t Worry Don’t Rinse Me Waterless Dog & Cat Shampoo

Ark Naturals Don't Worry Don't Rinse Me Waterless Dog & Cat Shampoo

Many people like Ark Naturals Don’t Worry Don’t Rinse Me Waterless Dog & Cat Shampoo. It has a natural botanical formula featuring balsam, cedarwood, rosemary, and orange oils, leaving your dog smelling good. It’s easy to use and wipes out quickly. It also moisturizes your dog’s coat. It’s the bestselling waterless dog shampoo on Chewy.com. – Buy It

Vet’s Best Waterless Dog Bath

Last, but not least, we can recommend Vet’s Best Waterless Dog Bath. This no-rinse formula dog shampoo cleans and moisturizes your dog’s skin and coat when a full bath isn’t possible. It’s formulated using natural ingredients like aloe vera and neem oil. And it has a calming, relaxing fragrance. It won’t affect your dog’s topical flea control products. This is a very good waterless shampoo to use during cold weather. – Buy It


These are some of our favorite waterless dog shampoos but there are other good products. If you haven’t tried a waterless dog shampoo before, try one and see how it works for you and your dog. You’ll probably be surprised by how often you find yourself reaching for it. It’s amazing how often dogs need a little touch up or some minor cleaning when you don’t have time to give them a full bath. Let us know what you think and which waterless shampoo you like the best!

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