Fromm Brand Dog Food Reviews, Coupons and Recalls 2024

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The Fromm Family brand has a long history of innovation in the pet industry, though dog food was not their first specialty. The brand was founded in 1852 when the family emigrated from Germany to the United States. The family really made a name for itself with the release of the first vaccine for canine distemper but the first food product wasn’t released in 1949 – it was called Fromm Complete Dog Meal. From that day onward, they continued to develop pet food products, expanding their offerings to include cat food products as well as treats. They continue to be a family-owned and -operated business with its own manufacturing facilities located in Wisconsin which enables them to control the quality and safety of each and every one of their products.

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According to the brand website, Fromm Family Foods is committed not just to their customers, but to their customers’ pets – they are dedicated to “producing high quality, safe and consistent pet foods” and they hold themselves to rigorous safety standards. Not only do they guarantee the safety of their products, but each package of pet food contains a unique batch code that you can plug into their website to find out exactly where the ingredients in that batch came from – you can also find testing results for that particular batch. This is just one of the many ways in which they guarantee the quality and safety of their products.

The Fromm Family of pet foods includes three different product lines – Classic, Gold, and Four-Star. The Classic line of products is inspired by the original Complete Dog Meal recipe while the Gold line of products follows a holistic approach to pet nutrition. These recipes are complete and balanced for dogs in all life stages and made with premium proteins like chicken, duck, lamb, and ocean fish. One thing that makes them unique from other pet food brands is the fact that they advocate for a rotational diet for dogs – that is where the Four-Star line of products comes in. Every recipe in this product line is carefully formulated and prepared in small batches, designed to be fed in rotation to ensure complete and balanced nutrition for your dog while also preventing the development of food allergies or sensitivities.

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Fromm Recalls 2024:

This Family has been producing food products for decades and they have perfected their manufacturing processes. Not only do they own and operate their own production facilities, but they follow the strictest standards for quality and safety when it comes to making their pet food products. This being the case, you should not be surprised to learn that they have only been affected by one recall in recent years. This recall was voluntary (issued by the company rather than the FDA) and it is the only recall in Fromm history. Here are the details:

  • In March 2016, the Fromm Family Company issued a voluntary recall of Fromm Gold canned dog foods due to inadequate levels of vitamins and minerals.

Fromm Dog Food Coupons 2024

True to its “premium” name, Fromm foods also come with a premium price tag. A 15-pound bag of Classic Adult dry food costs about $30 while a 5-pound bag of Gold Holistic dry food costs between $15 and $20. Four-Star dry foods cost about $20 for a 4-pound bag. They also offer 6- and 8-ounce bags of dog treats for around $5.00. Because these family foods can be pricey, you will be glad to know that you can save money by finding Fromm dog food coupons online.

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Fromm Reviews

They offer three different product lines for food: Classic, Gold, and Four-Star. The Classic line of food includes two different dry food recipes, Adult and Mature Adult. These two recipes are based on the original food recipe released in 1949 and they are prepared in small batches to ensure quality. Both recipes feature quality ingredients like fresh chicken, brown rice, whole eggs, and real Wisconsin cheese. The Classic Adult formula is ideal for normally active adult dogs while the Classic Mature Adult formula is designed for less active adult dogs, senior dogs, and dogs in need of weight management.

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Is Fromm a Good Food to Feed my Dog?

Because the Family offers such a wide variety of products, there is no simple answer to this question. Having been around for many decades (and being one of the first commercial manufacturers of dry pet food), they have a great deal of experience in the industry and they have had time to perfect their processes. Their website offers plenty of information about the history of the company and about its commitment to quality and safety in all that they do – in fact, you can plug in the number on your food package to find out exactly where the ingredients in that batch came from. This commitment to quality is paired with an equally important commitment to wholesome nutrition. They offer three different product lines, all of which feature premium proteins and other healthy ingredients. The quality of their products varies from one line to another and among the different formulas but, for the most part, their products are good for dogs.

Fromm Dry: When it comes to their dry food offerings, they have three different product lines: Classic, Gold, and Four-Star. The Classic line of dry foods is based on the original Complete Dog Meal recipe that was released in 1949 and it includes an adult dog and a mature dog formula. The Gold line of products is formulated according to holistic principles of animal nutrition and each recipe is designed for a specific life stage and lifestyle. There are three categories for Gold dry foods – Heartland Gold, Gold Coast, and original Gold. The original Gold formula features quality proteins like duck, chicken, and lamb while the Gold Coast formula is grain-free and made with ocean fish. The Heartland Gold formula is grain-free and features red meat inclusions. Each recipe is prepared in small batches in the company-owned facility in Wisconsin. The Four-Star line of dry foods offers a wide variety of flavor options and is intended to be used as part of a rotational diet for dogs. Each recipe is produced in small batches and made with the highest inclusions of meat, fish, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Here is a list of dry food recipes they have to offer:

Classic Dry Food Recipes:

  • Adult Recipe
  • Mature Adult Recipe

Four-Star Dry Food Recipes:

  • Beef Frittata Veg
  • Chicken A La Veg
  • Duck & Sweet Potato
  • Game Bird
  • Hasen Duckenpfeffer
  • Lamb & Lentil
  • Pork & Applesauce
  • Pork & Peas
  • Salmon A La Veg
  • Salmon Tunalini
  • Surf & Turf
  • Whitefish & Potato

Gold Dry Food Recipes:

  • Puppy Gold
  • Heartland Gold Puppy
  • Large Breed Puppy
  • Heartland Gold Large Breed Puppy
  • Adult Gold
  • Heartland Gold Adult
  • Large Breed Adult Gold
  • Heartland Gold Large Breed Adult
  • Small Breed Adult Gold
  • Weight Management Gold
  • Gold Coast Weight Management
  • Reduced Activity & Senior Gold

Canned: They offer quite the variety of dry food products but there are a limited number of canned options to choose from. There are no canned foods in the Classic line of products but both the Four-Star and Gold product lines include three canned food options. Gold canned foods are complete and balanced for dogs in all life stages and they are also grain-free. Four-Star canned foods are also complete and balanced for dogs in life stages and they can be used as a complete meal option or as a complement to Four-Start dry foods. Here is a list of canned food recipes they have to offer:

  • Four-Star Shredded Beef in Gravy Entrée
  • Four-Star Shredded Chicken in Gravy Entree
  • Four-Star Shredded Pork in Gravy Entree
  • Gold Chicken Pate
  • Gold Chicken & Duck Pate
  • Gold Salmon & Chicken Pate

Treats: In addition to their dry food and canned food offerings, the brand also offers quite a selection of dog treats. There are seven different treat recipes in the Four-Start line of products, many of which are low-fat and grain-free. Here is a list of dog treat recipes they have to offer:

  • Four-Star Chicken with Peas and Carrots
  • Four-Star Lamb with Cranberry
  • Four-Star Parmesan Cheese
  • Four-Star Salmon with Sweet Potato
  • Four-Star Cheese
  • Four-Star Cranberry LiverFour-Star Liver

Fromm Family Heartland Gold Adult Dry Review:

This Family Heartland Gold Adult Dry Food is marketed as a grain-free, red meat recipe that is designed for normally active adult dogs. Made with premium meats like beef, pork, and lamb, this recipe contains plenty of protein to fuel your dog’s metabolism, helping to maintain his lean muscle mass. Being a grain-free formula, this recipe includes digestible carbohydrates like chickpeas, potatoes, lentils, and peas as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, this recipe is supplemented with probiotics to help promote healthy digestion.

The first ingredient in this recipe is beef which is followed by pork meat meal. A fresh meat like beef makes an excellent first ingredient in a protein-rich food formula, though there is one thing you need to be wary of. Fresh meats like beef contain up to 80% moisture by volume which means that when the food product is processed and cooked, much of that moisture is removed and the actual volume of protein provided by the beef could be much less. This is unlikely to be a problem for this recipe, however, because pork meat meal is the second ingredient. Meat meals have already been cooked to remove moisture so they offer up to 300% more protein by volume than fresh meats. This recipe also includes supplementary protein sources like pork liver, dried whole egg, and lamb. It is also worth noting that several plant-based ingredients like lentils and chickpeas will add to the protein content of the product as well.

After the two main protein sources come five carbohydrates – peas, lentils, chickpeas, potatoes, and dried tomato pomace. The first three of these are all legumes which are naturally gluten-free and grain-free sources of digestible carbohydrates – they are also rich in dietary fiber. Potatoes are another gluten-free and grain-free carbohydrate that is easy for dogs to digest. The dried tomato pomace is considered a somewhat controversial ingredient by some, but there is no solid evidence to suggest that it is a harmful ingredient. This recipe also contains flaxseed, pea flour, brewers dried yeast, and alfalfa meal as well as several fresh vegetables. These vegetables do help boost the dietary fiber content of the product but they are more valuable as natural sources for key nutrients. Overall, this Family Heartland Gold Adult Dry Food formula contains 6% crude fiber which is a good value.

The remaining ingredients on the list for this product consist primarily of healthy fats, extracts, supplements and probiotics. The primary source of fat in this recipe is pork fat which, though it may not sound appetizing to you, is a valuable source of energy for dogs. Salmon oil and flaxseed help to achieve the proper omega fatty acid balance in this recipe while also supporting your dog’s immune system and brain health. Plus, all of these fats will improve the quality of your dog’s skin and coat. The addition of vitamin and mineral supplements to this recipe is good, but it would be better to see chelated minerals – minerals that have been bound to protein molecules which makes them easier for your dog’s body to digest and absorb. The final ingredient is probiotics which helps to support your dog’s healthy digestion.

Overall, this Family Heartland Gold Adult Dry Food formula has a guaranteed analysis as follows:

  • Crude Protein (Min) – 24%
  • Crude Fat (Min) – 16%
  • Crude Fiber (Max) – 6%
  • Moisture (Max) – 10%
  • Omega-6 Fatty Acids (Min) – 2.5%
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Min) – 0.5%
  • Calorie Content – 409 kcal/cup

Bottom Line:

Overall, the Fromm Family brand offers a wide variety of product choices for dogs in all life stages and lifestyles. Not only do they offer two classic recipes but they also offer a large selection of grain-free and rotational formulas. They make it very clear on their website that they are a company dedicated to quality and safety – all of their recipes are carefully formulated and produced right in their own Wisconsin manufacturing facilities. Fromm is extremely transparent about their manufacturing processes and even gives customers the option to find out exactly where the ingredients in their dog’s food came from. The Brand has perfected the art of complete and balanced food products, offering a flavor to suit every taste and preference. If you are looking for a high-quality food and you want the benefit of a large variety of options, Fromm is a great brand to consider.

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  1. Why are their treats so high in toxic ingredients. As humans we would not injest these, why do they make their treats with them. (Arsneic, mercury,lead, cadmium, chromium, nickel, acrylamide, and BPA. Their treats on a 5 point scale rate 3 and even 1. ) I bought so many packages only to find out after doing so that theses ingredients are in my puppy’s treats. WHY? I trusted your food and family history of caring not only for your customers but the health of their pets. Do I now trust my puppy’s dog food from you?????

  2. I have used fromm for years and feel good about of but the past two days my dogs are having black diarrhea have you had any other reports from pet owners

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