Petcurean Dog Food Reviews, Coupons and Recalls 2023

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According to the website, it is Petcurean’s goal to “create premium quality, nutrient-rich food that’s right for pets, to help our dogs and cats get the most out of their lives with us”. Petcurean was founded as a family-owned company and it remains one to this day. Because they are independently owned and operated, they have complete control over the quality of their ingredients and the safety of their manufacturing processes. This company is based in Canada and they locally source as many of their ingredients as they can. This, combined with a commitment to following the strictest standards for quality and safety in manufacturing, supports the claim that they are a high-quality brand of natural pet food that any dog would be lucky to receive.

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When it comes to their product offerings, they actually oversee three different pet food brands: Go!, Now Fresh, and Summit – there is also a line of Spike treats. The Go! brand of foods was developed for picky eaters, dogs with food allergies and sensitivities, and dogs with dull coats. They recognize that dogs like these need specialized nutrition to remedy their problems and to help them enjoy a long and happy life. The Now Fresh line is made with the freshest, healthiest ingredients available which not only promises quality nutrition, but plenty of flavor as well. Now Fresh products are divided by life stage and size so you can choose the option that best suits your dog. The Summit line of products only includes four recipes, all of which are focused around three quality meat proteins. The four recipes are designed for dogs of different ages and sizes, formulated to provide complete and balanced nutrition.

While each of Petcurean’s brands is a little bit different, they all fall under the umbrella of the “Petcurean Difference”. The Petcurean Difference is simply a promise that Petcurean makes to its customers as a reason to choose Petcurean over other pet food brands. Petcurean promises that all of their recipes are carefully and intentionally formulated to provide quality nutrition for dogs in all life stages and of all sizes. Every recipe is formulated with input from an experienced animal nutritionist and is produced in manufacturing facilities in Canada. As an independently-owned and -operated company, they have complete control over their product development processes and the sourcing of their ingredients which leads to a higher quality product for your dog.

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Petcurean Recalls 2023:

According to their website, this company uses local sources for their ingredients whenever possible and they hold themselves to a high standard for quality and safety in the production and development of their products. Their products are made primarily in manufacturing facilities located in Canada – this is where they produce all three of their dry food brands. Some of the company’s canned food products are made in Canada, though the company owns a secondary cannery in New Jersey. Although they state that their products are produced in Canada, they do not mention any company-owned facilities – in fact, the website doesn’t state what company is in charge of manufacture. This can sometimes be a red flag but it doesn’t appear to be a problem because there haven’t been many Petcurean recalls – just one affecting the Go! brand:

  • In November 2003, the FDA issued a recall for all Go! products that were manufactured in the company’s Texas plant due to reports of liver disease and liver failure. About 80% of this product was sold through a single chain, Pet Food Express.

Petcurean Dog Food Coupons 2023

The price for Petcurean food products varies from one brand to another. Now Fresh dry food formulas from this brand range from about $75 to $90 for a 25-pound bag. Go! dry foods cost about $65 for a 25-pound bag and Go! canned foods cost about $3.75 each for a 13.2-ounce can. For a 3.5- or 4-ounce bag of Spike jerky treats, you will spend about $12. To save money on thes products, look for printable Petcurean food coupon online or check the manufacturer’s website.

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Petcurean Reviews

This Pet Nutrition Company offers four different brands of food products. The Now Fresh line of pet foods is made with 100% fresh ingredients like market-fresh meats and fish as well as healthy omega-rich oils. These formulas contain no gluten, grains, corn, or soy and they are free from rendered meats, artificial preservatives, and by-products. The Now Fresh line includes eleven different dry food products (all of which are grain free) formulated for dogs of all sizes and life stages. The Summit line of foods from this brand includes four different recipes, each of them designed to provide maximum flavor and optimal nutritional value. The four flavor options are Three Meat Dry Puppy, Three Meat Adult, Three Meat Large Breed, and Three Meat Reduced Calorie. Each of these recipes features quality animal proteins and they are free from corn, wheat, soy, by-products, and artificial additives.

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Is this Food Good for my Dog?

There is no simple answer to this question because they are not a single brand – it is actually a family that encompasses three brands of food as well as one brand of dog treats. Different products are recommended for different dogs. If your dog suffers from food allergies, dull coat, or he is a picky eater, the Go! brand of food could be very good for him. If you are looking for a high-quality natural diet that is also grain-free, the Now Fresh brand offers a wide variety of life stages formulas – there are also size-specific formulas available. If you want something simple that will meet your dog’s nutritional needs without breaking the bank, the Summit brand could be a good choice. Though each of the three brands is different, they are all quality brands that would be a good choice for your dog.

Dry Food: Their dry food products are divided into three different brands, each with an assortment of product lines. The Go! brand of food is specifically designed to meet nutritional needs of dogs with unique dietary restrictions – this includes dogs with sensitive stomachs, food allergies, and more. The Now Fresh brand consists of clean, natural recipes that offer complete and balanced nutrition for dogs in all life stages and of all sizes. The Summit brand consists of a single formula available in four recipes to cater to dogs of different life stages and it is a classic recipe that offers wholesome nutrition for complete health. Here is a list of the dry food formulas they have to offer:

Go! Dry Food Formulas:

  • Fit + Free
  • Sensitivity + Shine
  • Daily Defence

Now Fresh Dry Food Formulas:

  • Grain-Free Puppy Recipe
  • Grain-Free Adult Recipe
  • Grain-Free Senior Recipe
  • Grain-Free Adult Fish Recipe
  • Grain-Free Adult Red Meat Recipe
  • Grain-Free Small Breed Puppy Recipe
  • Grain-Free Small Breed Adult Recipe
  • Grain-Free Small Breed Senior Recipe
  • Grain-Free Large Breed Puppy Recipe
  • Grain-Free Large Breed Adult Recipe
  • Grain-Free Large Breed Senior Recipe

Summit Dry Dog Food Formulas:

  • Three Meat Puppy Recipe
  • Three Meat Adult Recipe
  • Three Meat Large Breed Recipe
  • Three Meat Reduced Calorie Recipe

Canned Food: Several of the same recipes that are available in dry food are also available in canned food form but only in the Go! brand – there are no canned food options for the Now Fresh or Summit brands. Here is a list of the canned food formulas they have to offer:

Go! Canned Dog Food Formulas:

  • Fit + Free Grain-Free Chicken, Turkey & Trout Stew
  • Fit + Free Grain-Free Chicken, Turkey & Duck Stew
  • Sensitivity + Shine Grain-Free Duck Pate
  • Sensitivity + Shine Grain-Free Freshwater Trout & Salmon Pate
  • Daily Defence Chicken Stew Recipe
  • Daily Defence Turkey Stew Recipe
  • Daily Defence Salmon Pate Recipe

Dog Treats: In addition to a wide variety of dry and canned food options, they also have a dedicated brand for dog treats – Spike. Spike dog treats are made with premium quality meat proteins as well as superfoods to provide a boost of nutrition and natural flavor. These treats are made with all-natural ingredients and they are completely free from by-products, growth hormones, and artificial additives. Here is a list of the flavor options available:

  • Grain-Free Venison Jerky
  • Grain-Free Turkey Jerky
  • Grain-Free Catfish Jerky
  • Grain-Free Duck Jerky
  • Chicken Meal & Sweet Potato Snack Bars

Petcurean Now Fresh Grain-Free Adult Dog Recipe Review:

This Now Fresh Grain-Free Adult Dog Recipe is specially designed to support a healthy and active lifestyle in your adult dog. According to their website, this recipe is made with “100% fresh turkey, salmon, duck and 100% fresh omega 3 and 6 oils from coconuts and canola”. Not only is this recipe protein-rich, but it is naturally grain-free and made without any corn, wheat, or soy ingredients. This recipe is free from rendered meats, by-products, and artificial preservatives as well. All in all, this recipe seems to provide good nutritional value for adult dogs. The website states that, in creating this recipe, they made sure to “select the highest quality, healthiest, least processed, and of course the most flavorful ingredients available”.

The first ingredient in this product is deboned turkey. Fresh meats like this are an excellent source of protein on which to build a food product, but you do need to be aware that fresh meats may contain up to 80% moisture by volume. Once the  food is cooked, most of that moisture is lost, which means that the total volume of protein provided by the fresh meat could be much lower. There are additional sources of protein that appear further down the list such as whole dried egg, salmon, and deboned duck but it is difficult to tell how much of any of these ingredients is included. It is also worth noting that sundried alfalfa, a plant product rich in protein, is included – it could be adding to the protein content of this recipe without boosting the meat content. Overall, however, this recipe contains 26% crude protein which is within the recommended range for adult dogs.

After the deboned turkey comes potato flour, peas, and apples – other carbohydrates include pea fiber, tomato, potatoes, and flaxseed. All of these carbohydrates are gluten-free and grain-free, plus they are digestible for dogs. It is somewhat concerning to see so many different carbohydrates included but the total fiber content is only 3.5% which is well within the ideal range. These carbohydrates provide your dog with slow-burning energy as well as dietary fiber to support his healthy digestion. Fresh fruits and vegetables that appear later in the list will help to boost the fiber content of this product as well, though their primary purpose is likely to provide natural sources for key nutrients.

The remaining ingredients in this Petcurean Now Fresh Grain-Free Adult Dog Recipe consist primarily of fats and oils, fresh fruits and vegetables, supplements, and extracts. The primary sources of fat in this recipe seem to be flaxseed and canola oil. Both of these are plant-based fats which, as a general rule, are less biologically valuable for your dog than animal fats like fish oil. It is a little concerning that there are no animal-based fats listed for this recipe, though the 16% crude fat value is perfectly adequate. In addition to synthetic supplements, this recipe includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to help ensure nutritional balance and the dried fermentation products act as prebiotics and probiotics to help support healthy digestion. It is also important to note that many of the mineral supplements included are chelated – this simply means that they are bound to protein molecules which makes them easier for your dog’s body to digest and absorb.

Overall, this Petcurean Now Fresh Grain-Free Adult Dog Recipe has a guaranteed analysis as follows:

  • Crude Protein (Min) – 26%
  • Crude Fat (Min) – 16%
  • Crude Fiber (Max) – 3.5%
  • Moisture (Max) – 10%
  • Calcium (Min) – 1.1%
  • Phosphorus (Min) – 0.7%
  • Omega-6 Fatty Acids (Min) – 2.5%
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Min) – 0.5%
  • Calorie Content – 378 kcal/cup

Bottom Line:

As a whole, the Petcurean brand is above average in terms of quality. The tricky thing about Petcurean is the fact that it encompasses three different food brands. The Go! line of products is catered to dogs with special dietary needs while the Now Fresh line offers a wide selection of life stages and size-specific formulas. Though quality may vary from one brand to another (and among different recipes), you can count on Petcurean to have the best interest of your dog in mind. This company uses fresh, high-quality ingredients in all of their formulas and while they may not manufacture everything in company-owned facilities, they have not been affected by many recalls. Simply put, you can feel good about feeding your dog Petcurean food.

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  1. I am thinking of switching over to petcurian dog food for my dog and am wondering if you have any coupons/samples to give,so I can try them and see if my dog does ok on your brand……thank you

  2. I am suprised that Cod is used in these foods …Salmon is good , however i am often seeing warnings to not give my dog Cod since she has re curring pancreas problems as so many pets today are all…experiencing diet problems from the inferior food these days and ,,,not fortunate as dogs from the days of leftover human grade food that was canned for pet food. its all about the how much a company can Fool the public. its good to see a company like Petcuran that seems to have a grip on the “Siimpler the Better .”…THANK YOU Petcuran. since our dogs come from the wild and Dont go to the nearest tree for Gourmet or..Odd fillers and foods that are …NOT Food to our pets.. instead they cause Health Problems .. Dear Petcuran Stay Simple …and Get even More Simple.. Thats what So Many of us are looking for….the Simplest .Closer to Natural diet ..that is easy to Store even when we take them camping …in other words Raw would be fine However not everyone has the same lifesyle so we need simple food for their best interest and that which we can serve in a hurry.

  3. I switched My puppy Bichon Frises from FROMM food to NOW because of constant itching. He was On Chicken and then lamb so I’m hoping this does it.

    Hoping to find a Canadian site to check recalls and see how food is rated.

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