Wellness Dog Food Reviews, Coupons and Recalls 2023

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The Wellness brand of dog food is produced by Wellpet, LLC and is manufactured by a company called Eagle Pack. This brand markets itself as a holistic pet food company that uses only the highest quality ingredients in carefully designed formulas to ensure complete and balanced nutrition for dogs in all life stages. According to the brand website, “each ingredient… is thoughtfully chosen for its nutritional benefits, providing just what pets need for a happier, healthier, longer life”. They also employ a comprehensive quality assurance program which involves a rigorous selection process for ingredients as well as strict standards for safety and quality when it comes to their manufacturing processes. According to their website, this program “means that your pets will receive the finest food nature has to offer” and that is something you can both be happy about.

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The Company offers their customers what they call the “Wellness Difference” which promises that every recipe is formulated with “wholesome and natural ingredients plus a boost of super nutrients including antioxidants, omega fatty acids, prebiotics, and probiotics”. Fresh fruits and vegetables provide your dog with natural sources for key antioxidants that help protect him against free radical damage while also boosting his immune system. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids support his skin and coat health, while live active probiotics help to improve and regulate his digestion. They also promise that none of their products contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives and they aren’t made with poultry by-product meals.

When it comes to their products, they offer a wide variety of options divided over numerous product lines. Their most comprehensive line of products is the Complete Health line which has recently been reformulated to offer even more quality nutrition and health benefits. This line consists of traditional and grain-free recipes for dogs of all sizes and in all life stages. For dogs suffering from food allergies or sensitivities, they offer the Simple line of limited ingredient diets, all made with fewer than ten key ingredients plus healthy supplements for nutritional balance. Wellness also offers a selection of air-dried products in their CORE line as well as several baked recipes belonging to the TruFood line of products. No matter what your dog’s individual nutritional needs may be, they have a product to suit him perfectly.

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Wellness Recalls 2023:

While most of their food products are manufactured by the Eagle Pack Company, there is evidence to suggest that some of their products are made by Diamond Pet Foods. Diamond Pet Foods is one of the largest pet food manufacturers in the world and they are known for semiregular recalls. Some sources also claim that their canned foods are co-packed by a company called American Nutrition. Not only is it unclear who actually manufactures Wellness pet food products, but the brand has been affected by several recalls in recent years. Here are the details:

  • In February 2011, the FDA issued a recall for several Wellness canned cat foods due to inadequate levels of thiamine.
  • In May 2012, the FDA issued a recall of Wellness Complete Health Super 5 Mix Large-Breed Puppy dry food due to potential salmonella contamination.
  • In October 2012, the Wellness Company issued a voluntary recall for Wellness Small Breed Adult Health Dry Dog food due to potential moisture contamination.

Wellness Dog Food Coupons 2023

This Pet Food brand offers a wide variety of product choices so you will find a wide range of prices as well. Their CORE grain-free dry food costs between $50  and $90 for a 26-pound bag while 2-pound bags of CORE air-dried food costs about $25 each. Their canned food range in price from one product line to another but you can expect to spend between $2.50 and $4.00 for a 12- or 13.2-ounce can. If you want to save money on their products, look for printable Wellness dog food coupons online.

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Wellness Reviews

The Wellness Complete Health line of products is one of their most varied offerings – it includes both traditional and grain-free options as well as many size- and age-specific formulas. This line of products is designed to provide whole food nutrition to support the everyday health and wellness of dogs in all life stages. Complete Health foods offer the ideal balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrate plus they are made with fresh meats, whole grains, and healthy supplements like probiotics, omega fatty acids, and antioxidants. The Complete Health Grain-Free product line includes three dry food recipes made with chicken, lamb, or fish. Instead of grains, these recipes feature potatoes, peas, and chickpeas as the primary sources for dietary fiber and essential vitamins and minerals.

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Is this food Good for my Dog?

In order to answer this question you need to consider a number of different factors. For one thing, you cannot always believe what a pet food company says about itself – you need to look at their ingredients and their manufacturing processes. This brand markets itself as a holistic pet food company that wants to create high-quality wholesome foods for pets. This brand does appear to follow a holistic approach to pet nutrition and they use many organic and high-quality ingredients in their products. It is important to consider, however, that this brand isn’t completely transparent about who manufactures their products – you should also consider that the brand has been affected by several recalls. As a whole, however, they appear to be a good food brand that offers a wide variety of product choices.

Wellness Dry: All of their dry food products are formulated in keeping with holistic principles for pet nutrition. This means that they only use high-quality ingredients in their recipes to ensure that your dog gets everything he needs and nothing he doesn’t – simply put, every ingredient serves a purpose. When it comes to their dry food offerings, they have several different product lines. The Complete Health line of products comes in traditional and grain-free recipes as well as recipes formulated for dogs of different sizes and life stages. The CORE line of grain-free products features air-dried formulas as well as grain-free kibbles for small and large breeds as well as adults and puppies. The Simple line of products features limited ingredient diets which are great for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities and the TruFood line features baked recipes made with quality proteins and complex carbohydrates. Here is a list of their dry food recipes:

Complete Health Dry Food Recipes:

  • Grain-Free Adult Deboned Chicken & Chicken Meal Recipe
  • Grain-Free Adult Lamb & Lamb Meal Recipe
  • Grain-Free Adult Whitefish & Menhaden Fish Meal Recipe
  • Puppy Deboned Chicken, Oatmeal & Salmon Meal Recipe
  • Deboned Chicken & Oatmeal Recipe
  • Lamb & Barley Recipe
  • Whitefish & Sweet Potato Recipe
  • Healthy Weight Deboned Chicken & Peas Recipe
  • Senior Deboned Chicken & Barley Recipe
  • Toy Breed Adult Deboned Chicken, Brown Rice & Peas Recipe
  • Small Breed Adult Whitefish, Salmon Meal & Peas Recipe
  • Small Breed Puppy Turkey, Oatmeal & Salmon Recipe
  • Small Breed Adult Deboned Turkey & Oatmeal Recipe
  • Small Breed Healthy Weight Turkey & Brown Rice Recipe
  • Small Breed Senior Recipe
  • Large-Breed Puppy Deboned Chicken, Brown Rice, & Salmon Meal Recipe
  • Large-Breed Adult Deboned Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

CORE Dry Food Recipes:

  • Air-Dried Ocean Formula Whitefish and Salmon
  • Air-Dried Puppy Formula Chicken, Turkey & Salmon
  • Air-Dried Original Dog Formula
  • Grain-Free Original Formula
  • Grain-Free Puppy Formula
  • Grain-Free Reduced Fat Formula
  • Grain-Free Wild Game Formula
  • Grain-Free Ocean Formula
  • Grain-Free Small-Breed Formula
  • Grain-Free Large-Breed Formula

Simple Dry Food Recipes:

  • Duck & Oatmeal Formula
  • Lamb & Oatmeal Formula
  • Grain-Free Salmon & Potato Formula
  • Grain-Free Turkey & Potato Formula
  • Healthy Weight Salmon & Peas Formula
  • Small Breed Salmon & Potato Formula

TruFood Dry Food Recipes:

  • Chicken, Chicken Liver & Flaxseed Puppy Recipe
  • Chicken, Chicken Liver & Flaxseed Adult Recipe
  • Salmon, Turkey Liver & Flaxseed Adult Recipe
  • Lamb, Chickpeas & Turkey Liver Adult Recipe
  • Chicken, Chickpeas & Chicken Liver Small Breed Adult Recipe

Wellness Canned: In addition to offering a wide variety of dry food formulas, Wellness also has a large selection of canned and wet food products. Their website states that, “water is an extremely important nutrient with respect to a dog’s overall health” – it also states that their canned food products are a great way to increase your dog’s moisture intake. These recipes are made with the same high-quality ingredients as the brands dry foods and they can be used as complete and balanced meals or as a special treat to accompany your dog’s dry food diet. Here is a list of wet food products:

Complete Health Wet Food Recipes:

  • Puppy Recipe
  • Senior Recipe
  • Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe
  • Lamb & Sweet Potato Recipe
  • Whitefish & Sweet Potato Recipe
  • Turkey & Sweet Potato Recipe
  • Duck & Sweet Potato Recipe
  • Venison & Sweet Potato Recipe

CORE Hearty Cuts Wet Food Recipes:

  • Beef & Venison Recipe
  • Chicken & Turkey Recipe
  • Whitefish & Salmon Recipe
  • Turkey & Duck Recipe

CORE Grain-Free Wet Food Recipes:

  • Puppy Recipe
  • Turkey, Chicken Liver & Turkey Liver Recipe
  • Whitefish, Salmon & Herring Recipe
  • Beef, Venison & Lamb Recipe
  • Turkey, Pork Liver & Duck Recipe
  • Weight Management Recipe

CORE Chunky Centers Wet Food Recipes:

  • Turkey, Duck & White Sweet Potatoes Recipe
  • Salmon, Tuna & Spinach Recipe
  • Tuna, Chicken & Kale Recipe
  • Beef, Lamb & White Sweet Potatoes Recipe
  • Chicken, Chicken Liver & Spinach Recipe
  • Lamb, Turkey & Kale Recipe

CORE 95% Wet Food Recipes:

  • 95% Chicken with Broccoli Recipe
  • 95% Turkey with Spinach Recipe
  • 95% Beef with Carrots Recipe

Simple Wet Food Recipes:

  • Duck & Oatmeal Recipe
  • Turkey & Potato Recipe
  • Lamb & Oatmeal Recipe
  • Grain-Free Whitefish & Potato Recipe

Petite Entrees Wet Food Recipes:

  • Mini-Filets with Roasted Chicken, Carrots & Red Peppers in Gravy
  • Mini-Filets with Tender Turkey, Green Beans & White Sweet Potatoes in Gravy
  • Mini-Filets with Roasted Beef, Carrots & Red Peppers in Gravy
  • Mini-Filets with Roasted Chicken, Beef, Carrots & Green Beans in Gravy
  • Casserole with Tender Chicken, Green Beans & Carrots
  • Casserole with Roasted Turkey, Duck, Carrots & Peas
  • Casserole with Braised Beef, Salmon, Green Beans & Red Peppers
  • Casserole with Roasted Lamb, Peas & White Sweet Potatoes
  • Grain-Free Shredded Medley with Tender Chicken, Turkey, Carrots & Green Beans
  • Grain-Free Shredded Medley with Braised Lamb, Venison, White Sweet Potatoes & Carrots
  • Grain-Free Shredded Medley with Roasted Chicken, Duck, Peas & Carrots
  • Grain-Free Shredded Medley with Roasted Chicken, Beef, Breen Beans & Red Peppers

Chunks & Gravy Wet Food Recipes:

  • Beef Stew with Carrots & Potatoes
  • Chicken Stew with Peas & Carrots
  • Lamb & Beef Stew with Brown Rice & Apples
  • Turkey & Duck Stew with Sweet Potatoes & Cranberries
  • Turkey Stew with Barley & Carrots
  • Venison & Salmon Stew with Potatoes & Carrots

TruFood Tasty Pairings Wet Food Recipes:

  • Chicken, Green Beans & Chicken Liver Recipe
  • Chicken, Carrots & Duck Recipe
  • Carrots, Salmon & Cod Recipe
  • Chicken, Pumpkin & Beef Recipe
  • Green Beans, Beef & Lamb Liver Recipe
  • Pumpkin, Lamb & Duck Recipe

Wellness Food Toppers and Meal Enhancements: Not only do they offer an excellent variety of dry and wet food meals, but they also have several options for food toppers and meal enhancements. These products are designed to add a boost of flavor and nutrition to your dog’s regular diet. Here is a list of food toppers and meal enhancers:

TruFood Complements Wet Food Recipes:

  • Chicken Breast, Beef & Carrots in Broth
  • Chicken Breast, Chicken Liver & Broccoli in Broth
  • Chicken Breast, Salmon & Pumpkin in Broth
  • Tuna, Beef & Carrots in Broth

Mixers & Toppers Wet Food Recipes:

  • 95% Beef Recipe
  • 95% Chicken Recipe
  • 95% Lamb Recipe
  • 95% Salmon Recipe
  • 95% Turkey Recipe

Wellness Treats: In the same way that their dry and wet food products are packed with nutrition and flavor, so are their dog treats. This brand offers a variety of different kinds of treats that can be used for training, as tasty rewards, or to give your dog a boost of nutrition. Here is a list of the different types of treats they have to offer:

  • CORE Superfood Protein Bars
  • CORE Marrow Roasts
  • CORE Pure Rewards Jerky Treats
  • TruFood Cocochia Baked Dog Treats
  • TruFood Protein Bites
  • Petite Treats Soft/Crunchy Mini-Bites
  • Well-Bars Grain-Free Oven-Baked Treats
  • Well-Bites Grain-Free Chewy Treats
  • Puppy Bites Grain-Free Crunchy Treats

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Wellness Complete Health Grain-Free Adult Lamb & Lamb Meal Recipe Dry Review:

This Complete Health Grain-Free Adult Lamb & Lamb Meal Dry Food formula is a complete and balanced formula designed for adult dogs and it is particularly beneficial for dogs suffering from food allergies or sensitivities because it is naturally grain-free. According to their website, this recipe is “formulated with a balanced blend of proteins, grain free carbs and select facts, providing the energy your dog needs to thrive”. When you feed your dog this recipe you will notice five signs of good health – a healthy immune system, improved energy levels, shiny coat, healthy skin, and regular digestion. Plus, like all of their recipes, you can count on this formula to be corn, wheat, and soy free and to be made without any artificial additives.

The first ingredient in this recipe is fresh lamb and it is followed by lamb meal. Fresh meats are an excellent first ingredient for a high-quality food, but there is something you should remember about them – they contain up to 80% moisture by volume. This means that the actual volume of protein they provide after cooking could be much lower. Meat meals, on the other hand, have already been cooked to remove moisture so they contain up to 300% more protein by volume than fresh meats. The inclusion of both a fresh meat and a meat meal at the top of the ingredients list for this recipe is a very good sign. There are also supplementary sources of protein that occur further down the list such as menhaden fish meal. All in all, you can count on this recipe to deliver plenty of premium-quality protein.

After the lamb and lamb meal come several carbohydrates – potatoes, peas, dried ground potatoes, and chickpeas. All of these ingredients are naturally gluten- and grain-free, plus they are complex carbohydrates which means that they will deliver plenty of slow-burning energy for your dog. In addition to energy, these carbohydrates provide dietary fiber as well as key vitamins and minerals. This recipe also includes several supplementary sources of fiber such as tomato pomace, ground flaxseed, and several fresh vegetables. Tomato pomace is considered a questionable ingredient by some but there is no definitive evidence to show that it is harmful for dogs. The flaxseed is included primarily as a fat, but it provides some fiber as well. The fresh vegetables are mostly included as natural sources for key nutrient but they also provide some fiber.

The remaining ingredients in this Complete Health Grain-Free Adult Lamb & Lamb Meal Dry Food formula consist primarily of fats, flavors, extracts and supplements. The main source of fat in this recipe is chicken fat which, while it may not sound like an appetizing ingredient to you, is a highly concentrated source of energy for your dog. Animal fats are more biologically valuable than plant-based fats like flaxseed, though the flaxseed in this recipe helps to balance out the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid content of the recipe. In terms of supplements, this recipe includes vitamins, minerals, and dried fermentation products. The dried fermentation products act as probiotics to support your dog’s digestion and many of the minerals are chelated. Chelated minerals have been chemically bound to protein molecules which makes them easier for your dog’s body to digest and absorb.

Overall, this Complete Health Grain-Free Adult Lamb & Lamb Meal Dry Food formula has a guaranteed analysis as follows:

  • Crude Protein (Min) – 26%
  • Crude Fat (Min) – 12%
  • Crude Fiber (Max) – 5.5%
  • Moisture (Max) – 10%
  • Calcium (Min) – 1.8%
  • Phosphorus (Min) – 1.1%
  • Vitamin E (Min) – 2000 IU/kg
  • Taurine (Min) – 0.09%
  • Glucosamine (Min) – 250 mg/kg
  • Chondroitin (Min) – 200 mg/kg
  • Omega-6 Fatty Acids (Min) – 2.25%
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Min) – 1.0%
  • Calorie Content – 422 kcal/cup

Bottom Line:

Overall, Wellness is a high-quality brand of food that offers an excellent variety for pet parents. In addition to a number of size- and life stage-specific formulas, they also offer grain-free options and even air-dried and baked foods. This brand is committed to following a holistic approach to pet nutrition so you can count on them to use only high-quality, natural ingredients in all of their recipes. Though there is a certain degree of haze regarding the manufacture of Wellness products and the fact that the brand has been affected by three recalls, the general consensus is that Wellness is a trusted brand. Whether you are looking for a life stages formula, a grain-free food, or a limited ingredient diet, they have a number of products for you to choose from.

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