Whole Earth Dog Food Reviews, Coupons and Recalls 2024

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The Whole Earth brand of food follows the tagline, “goodness from the Earth,” and they make it their goal to create wholesome, naturally complete recipes for dogs and cats. If you visit the brand’s website, you will find that this company makes four promises to their customers. For one thing, their recipes are designed to provide natural nutrition – their products are also formulated using quality ingredients while retaining an affordable price point. Every one of their recipes is cooked in U.S.-based facilities and none of their products are sourced from China. They do not use any corn, wheat, or soy ingredients and every recipe is free from by-products, artificial additives, and non-nutritive fillers.

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According to the brand website, they are a “wholesome line of naturally nutritious dog and cat food that offers all the goodness from the Earth at a great value”. Simply put, if you are looking for a quality food product but you don’t want to spend a small fortune, this brand might be a good option to consider. This brand offers an assortment of dry food and canned food options, all of which are cooked in the United States and made with high-quality, natural ingredients. Their product are formulated to provide myriad health benefits including reduced shedding, improved digestion, shinier coat, improved energy levels, healthier skin, and better health overall. This company uses only the best natural ingredients to provide your dog with the nutrients he needs and absolutely nothing he doesn’t.

When it comes to their products, they offer a variety of traditional and grain-free options. Not only is each recipe formulated with high-quality, natural ingredients but every recipe is manufactured in keeping with the strictest standards for quality and safety. They offer eight different dry food recipes, each one featuring a premium animal protein as the primary ingredient and supplemented with digestible carbohydrates. There are ten canned food recipes, some of which are formulated for puppies and others for adult dogs. These recipes are also made with premium proteins and digestible carbohydrates to ensure complete and balanced nutrition. All in all, if you are looking for a high-quality food brand that is still affordable, consider this brand.

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Whole Earth Recalls 2024:

This brand of food is currently produced and manufactured by the Merrick Pet Care Company. This company is based in Amarillo, Texas and they have been producing pet foods since 1988. All of their products are manufactured in state-of-the-art, U.S.-based facilities. Although the company states that they do not source any of their ingredients from China, they do not provide specific information about where their ingredients DO come from. Still, the company has not been affected by a single recall to date, so all of these things combined point toward a quality brand.

Whole Earth Dog Food Dog Food Coupons 2024

For grain-free food options, they offer six dry food formulas and eight wet food options. When it comes to grain-free dry foods, they offer one small-breed recipe, one healthy weight recipe, and one poultry-free recipe – the remaining three recipes are Chicken & Turkey, Salmon & Whitefish, and Turkey & Duck. All of their grain-free dry foods contain at least 26% animal protein and they are supplemented with probiotics and chelated minerals for maximum nutrition. Their canned foods feature quality proteins like duck, chicken, salmon, beef, and lamb in hearty recipes simmered in naturally flavored gravies. Aside from the original Puppy and Adult recipes, all of their canned foods are grain-free.

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Whole Earth Reviews

This brand of food is produced and manufactured by Merrick Pet Care, Inc. The Merrick Pet Care Company was founded in 1988 in Hereford, Texas as an all-natural pet food company. Merrick released its first grain-free line of products in 2008 and the following year it launched this brand of holistic wet food and dry food recipes. Their website states that their products are naturally nutritious and wholesome, offering pets and pet parents “all the goodness from the earth at a great value”. All of their recipes are made from high-quality ingredients, prepared right here in the United States. They design their products to support healthy digestion, increased energy, and healthy skin and coat. They do not use any corn, wheat, or soy ingredients and their recipes are free from byproducts and artificial additives.

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Is this Food Good for my Dog?

This brand markets itself as a natural food company and all of the information provided on their site supports this claim. While Whole Earth Farms doesn’t provide specific information about where their ingredients come from, they assure their customers that they are of the highest quality available and they do state that all of their products are manufactured in state-of-the-art, U.S.-based facilities. In addition to following strict standards for safety and quality, they also keep their recipes healthy by avoiding the use of corn, wheat, and soy ingredients – they also don’t use any by-products, artificial additives, or non-nutritive fillers. Plus, a quick review of several products reveals the use of high-quality ingredients. Overall, this brand appears to offer good nutritional quality and value.

Whole Earth Dry Food: This brand offers eight different dry food formulas, some of which are traditional recipes while others are grain-free. All of their products are made with fresh, healthy ingredients that deliver premium quality and safety – that is their guarantee. For their dry food products, they use high-quality proteins as the first ingredient and each recipe is supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure nutritional balance and to provide natural flavor. All of these recipes are cooked in U.S.-based facilities which follow the strictest standards for quality and safety. Here is a list of dry food recipes:

  • Grain-Free Recipe with Chicken & Turkey
  • Grain-Free Recipe with Pork, Beef & Lamb
  • Grain-Free Recipe with Salmon & Whitefish
  • Grain-Free Recipe with Turkey & Duck
  • Grain-Free Recipe Healthy Weight
  • Grain-free Recipe Small Breed
  • Puppy Recipe for All Puppy Breeds
  • Adult Recipe for All Adult Breeds

Whole Earth Canned Food: Not only do they offer an assortment of dry food recipes, but they also offer numerous canned food options. Many of the same recipes that come in dry food form are also available in canned food. One distinguishing factor between these two product lines is that all of their canned food recipes are grain-free – there are two traditional dry food recipes made with grains. As is true for their dry food recipes, however, all of the canned food recipes are made with premium proteins as the primary ingredient and supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables for nutritional balance and flavor. Here is a list of canned food recipes:

  • Grain-Free Adult Recipe
  • Grain-Free Puppy Recipe
  • Grain-Free Red Meat Recipe
  • Grain-Free Chicken & Turkey Recipe
  • Grain-Free Hearty Duck Stew
  • Grain-Free Hearty Salmon Stew
  • Grain-Free Recipe Hearty Beef Stew
  • Grain-Free Recipe Hearty Chicken Stew
  • Grain-Free Recipe Hearty Lamb Stew
  • Grain-Free Recipe Hearty Turkey Stew

Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free Recipe with Chicken & Turkey Review:

This Grain-Free Recipe with Chicken & Turkey dry food is formulated for dogs of all breeds and all life stages. This grain-free recipe features premium animal protein as the first ingredient and there is a guaranteed minimum value for crude protein content of 26%. According to their website, this recipe is cooked in America with the Earth’s best ingredients and, because it is a grain-free recipe, it is ideal for dogs with food allergies or sensitive stomachs. The brand website states about all of their recipes that they were “created as a truly holistic food at a value price, without compromising the quality of your beloved pet’s food”. Simply put, you can count on this brand to deliver both quality and nutrition, not to mention affordability.

As promised, the first ingredient in this Grain-Free Recipe with Chicken & Turkey dry food is chicken meal. Before you start to worry about the word “meal” here, consider the fact that meat meals (like chicken meal) are simply fresh meats that have been cooked to remove moisture. The cooking process yields a highly concentrated source of protein which makes an excellent addition to any food product, especially a first ingredient. Chicken meal is not even the only protein source included in this recipe – there is also fresh chicken and fresh turkey. Your dog will also get some supplementary plant protein from the dried alfalfa meal. It is good to see that the chicken meal is listed before the fresh turkey and chicken because fresh meats contain up to 80% moisture by volume. Once they are cooked, the actual volume of protein they provide could be much lower. The volume of the chicken meal won’t change significantly with cooking.

After the chicken meal comes two main sources of carbohydrate – dried potatoes and peas. These are both gluten-free and grain-free carbohydrates, plus they are considered highly digestible for dogs. These carbohydrates are included to provide your dog with dietary fiber to support his digestion and they also provide some key vitamins and minerals. Supplementary carbohydrates include dried sweet potatoes and dried alfalfa meal. It is good to see that this recipe doesn’t appear to be as carb-heavy as many traditional kibbles. In fact, with a crude fiber content of 4.5%, this recipe is just right – any value under 5% is ideal for crude protein content in food.

The remaining ingredients in this Grain-Free Recipe with Chicken & Turkey dry food consist primarily of fats, flavors, and supplements. The main source of fat used in this ingredient is chicken fat which, while it may not sound appetizing to you, is a highly concentrated source of energy and a valuable ingredient for dogs. Your dog will also get some fat from the fresh meats but it wouldn’t be a bad thing if this recipe included one more source of fat to boost the total crude fat content a little bit higher than 13%. In terms of supplements, those most worth noting include vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. The dried fermentation products act as probiotics to support your dog’s healthy and regular digestion. The vitamins and minerals help to provide nutritional balance which is good, but it would be better to see chelated minerals here.

Overall, this Grain-Free Recipe with Chicken & Turkey dry food has a guaranteed analysis as follows:

  • Crude Protein (Min) – 26%
  • Crude Fat (Min) – 13%
  • Crude Fiber (Max) – 4.5%
  • Moisture (Max) – 12%
  • Calorie Content – 348 kcal/cup

Bottom Line:

Overall, they are quality brand that is also very affordable. This brand markets itself as a natural pet food company and the health claims they make on their website appear to be founded in truth. While this brand doesn’t provide specific information about where they source their ingredients, they make sure to tell their customers that all products are manufactured in the United States in state-of-the-art facilities. A quick review of several recipes reveals high-protein, digestible formulas that offer excellent nutritional value for dogs without breaking the bank. There are a few ways in which this brand could be improved but its history of zero recalls and its use of quality proteins (not to mention the avoidance of fillers and artificial additives) points toward a quality brand. Your dog would be lucky to enjoy any of these products.

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  1. I switched my Doby/Dane that was having anal gland and skin problems. His coat is beautiful now. Shedding has reduced and no more trips to vet with stinky butt. I thought he lost weight because he looked way slimmer and cut. He actually gained weight but muscle mass. And the bloated stomach is arched like when he was young. The only down side is my Bichon/poodle is now guarding the food. He was never food aggressive before but he doesn’t want my big guy near the bin. They both never leave a bite where they use to graze. The love this food and they are much more active. Can and dry food. All red meat. Whole Earth is #1 with my dogs.

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