Chihuahua Brush: 2024 Picks for Best Chihuahua Dog Brush

Dog brushes might seem simple, but a brush that fits one dog might not be the best for another. Each dog has a different coat that needs different grooming tools. Just like any other product you buy for your pet, you want to make sure that you choose something that works well for their specific breed and will give you the results you are looking for.

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Chihuahuas do not all have the same coats, so you’ll want to consider what type of coat your dog has before you choose a brush. You’ll also want to consider if they have any skin or coat issues that would make a certain type of brush more beneficial.

It can be overwhelming to narrow down all the choices, so we’ve done that for you!

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the best brushes for a Chihuahua, as well as give you a bit more information about your Chihuahua’s coat.

Different Popular Brush Types for Chihuahuas

There are a lot of dog brushes on the market, but not all of them work well for different breeds of dogs. Chihuahuas are small dogs with delicate skin, and using the wrong type of brush or comb on them can be harmful.

In this section, we’ll cover some of the most popular and effective Chihuahua brush options, as well as give you some information on the brushes to avoid.

Rubber Brushes

Rubber brushes are usually the ideal brush for a Chihuahua. These have soft, short bristles that attract dead fur and lift it off of their coat.

These brushes are often considered the best dog brush for a Chihuahua because they don’t disturb a Chihuahua’s skin. This breed is known to have sensitive skin that a lot of brushes can irritate over time.

A rubber brush combines gentleness and effectiveness in its approach. You don’t have to apply much pressure, and choosing the right one can be effective on both long and short-haired Chihuahuas.

Bristle Brushes

Bristle brushes are another popular Chihuahua brush type. These are better for short-haired Chihuahuas. They have tight, thin bristles that remove dead hair from your Chihuahua’s coat.

You should take careful precaution when buying a bristly brush for a Chihuahua. The larger brushes won’t work well on a Chihuahua’s small body, so you should always buy a brush that fits the size of your dog.

Additionally, be careful not to press too hard when using a bristle brush. Although the bristles aren’t inherently sharp, they can still irritate a Chihuahua’s soft skin.

Grooming Combs

Long-haired Chihuahuas will benefit from the use of gentle combs as well. This is another popular brush type for the Chihuahua breed since it can get rid of matted fur without causing scratches or irritation.

As we’ve covered, Chihuahuas have sensitive skin. This means you need to buy the right kind of brush for your Chihuahua. A lot of brushes are metal, which can scratch your Chihuahua – even if they are double-coated.

Plastic and rubber combs are much better for this breed, so take a look at those options when you’re shopping for the best brush for a Chihuahua.

Pin Brushes

Pin brushes are probably the most popular type of dog brush on the whole, but they aren’t usually the best dog brush for a Chihuahua. These are oval-shaped brushes that closely resemble a human brush you likely have in your closet.

Because Chihuahuas are small and tend to have sensitive skin, the pins on the brush can irritate a Chihuahua if you press too hard or use them too frequently. These brushes will serve for a time, but you should buy a gentle comb, bristle brush, or rubber brush for more frequent grooming.

Slicker Brushes and Undercoat Rakes

Slicker brushes and undercoat rakes are popular ways to get rid of mats and dead fur with longer haired dogs. Some long-hair Chihuahuas will get matted from time to time, but you should not take an undercoat rake or a slicker brush to them.

A Chihuahua slicker brush will irritate their skin and may cause a rash or even cuts. Slicker brushes have small – and often sharp – pins that help penetrate fur and get rid of mats and tangles. Using one of these on a small breed like a Chihuahua will inevitably lead to irritation.

There are several other ways to brush your Chihuahua that does not involve either of these tools. It’s good to have them around if you have larger breeds with long fur as well, but do not use them on a Chihuahua. A brush for a Chihuahua should limit any irritation to their skin.

Best Chihuahua Brushes

KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush

Key Features :

  • Rubber brush
  • Made in the USA
  • Great for small breeds
  • Works well on sensitive skin
Why You Should Buy

KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush

KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush is a rubber brush that is made in the USA. It is great for small breeds and works well on sensitive skin.

View Latest Price

The KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush is our top pick for the best dog brush for a Chihuahua. Chihuahuas have sensitive skin for the most part, and the KONG dog brush is fantastic for such dogs – especially those with short hair.

The short, rubber bristles attach to the dead hair in your Chihuahua’s coat and removes them. It’s usually a good idea to complete a brushing cycle with the KONG right after bathtime when loose hairs cling to the brush more easily.

The KONG brush only has a few drawbacks. It’s ideal for short-haired Chihuahuas and can work on those with longer coats, but you might need another tool to get rid of any mats. You’ll also have to make sure to clean this tool regularly or it will become dirty and will lose its effectiveness.

Best Chihuahua Matted Hair Brush

K9konnection 2 in 1 Pin & Rubber Brush

Key Features :

  • 2-in-1 brush
  • Great for getting mats out
  • Gentle on skin
  • Comfortable to hold
Why You Should Buy

K9konnection 2 in 1 Pin & Rubber Brush

K9konnection 2 in 1 Pin & Rubber Brush is great for getting mats out of your chihuahua’s hair. It is gentle on skin and comfortable to hold and has a 2 in 1 design.

View Latest Price

The K9konnection 2 in 1 Pin & Rubber Brush was close to our first pick overall Chihuahua brush pick because of its versatility, but it specializes in getting mats out of your Chihuahua. This was our favorite Chihuahua matting brush because it includes a soft, rubber side with a pin brush to tackle any tangles.

Make sure to be careful when using the pin brush on your Chihuahua. Using too much pressure can cause irritation.

3 More Top Rated Brushes for Chihuahuas

FURemover Duo Dual-Sided Grooming & Hair Removal

Key Features :

  • All-in-one grooming and hair removal tool
  • Thick bristles don’t irritate skin
  • Fine bristles remove fur from furniture
Why You Should Buy

FURemover Duo Dual-Sided Grooming & Hair Removal

FURemover Duo Dual-Sided Grooming & Hair Removal is a great choice because it is rubber and has thick bristles that won’t irritate the skin. It can be used to clean dog hair off your furniture, too!

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The FURemover Duo Dual-Sided Grooming & Hair Removal is one of the best brush options for a Chihuahua as well. As we’ve said, rubber brushes often make the best Chihuahua brushes, and this one is no exception.

Although these brushes work better on short-haired Chihuahuas, they can still tackle some longer hair without issue. Additionally, you can use this brush to remove fur that your Chihuahua shed from clothing and furniture.

Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush

Key Features :

  • Great for all kinds of dogs
  • Tackles both short and long hair
  • Removes mats
  • Two-sided
Why You Should Buy

Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush

Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush is great for any dog. It can be used for short or long hair and will remove mats and dead fur. It has two sides and is a great choice for your chihuahua.

View Latest Price

The Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush is your standard dual-sided dog brush that includes both bristles and pins. The bristles can add a nice shine and remove the dead fur of a short-haired Chihuahua, while the pins are effective at removing any mats from longer hair.

We prefer using rubber brushes on short-haired Chihuahuas, but this is another popular option for owners of double-coated Chihuahuas.

Ware Groom-N-Kit

Key Features :

  • Includes a full grooming set
  • Both bristle and pin brush
  • Good for removing matted fur
Why You Should Buy

Ware Groom-N-Kit

Ware Groom-N-Kit comes with a full grooming set. It has a bristle brush and a pin brush and is great for removing matted fur. This is an affordable way to get everything you need to groom your chihuahua.

View Latest Price

The Ware Groom-N-Kit is another solid pick for Chihuahua brushes since it can work well for long and short-haired dogs. The pack includes nail clippers, a pin brush, and a bristle brush that should be just about everything you need.

The pack is a cheap way to get a full grooming kit, but it’s not the best overall brush we’ve seen. There are a couple of durability issues here, and the “toy” that comes with the pack is less than interesting – even for a dog.

Still, the pack presents good value if you need everything that’s included. It’s a good alternative to buying a quality brush in some circumstances.

Safari Combo Brush for Dogs

Key Features :

  • Comfortable handle
  • 2-in-1 pin and bristle brush
  • Durable, chew-proof handle
Why You Should Buy

Safari Combo Brush for Dogs

Safari Combo Brush for Dogs has a bristle side and a pin side. It is made with a comfortable handle that is durable and chew-proof too.

View Latest Price

The Safari Combo Brush for Dogs almost made our number-one pick, but we saw some reports of pins falling out over time. Still, the brush combines everything you need to brush your chihuahua, whether they have a short or long coat.

The bristle side will give you a full, smooth look and the pins will tackle any problems you might have with longer hair.

Mr. Peanut’s Right-Handed Grooming Glove

Key Features :

  • Gentle
  • Easy to clean
  • One-size-fits-all
Why You Should Buy

Mr. Peanut’s Right-Handed Grooming Glove

Mr. Peanut’s Right-Handed Grooming Glove is a glove brush that works great for grooming chihuahuas. It is just like petting, so your dog is going to love it. It is gentle and easy to clean.

View Latest Price

Mr. Peanut’s Right-Handed Grooming Glove is one of the glove brushes that we like for grooming Rottweilers. These are ideal for Rottweilers who don’t like to sit still for a brushing session. All you have to do is pet them and clean the brush.

This is a right-handed brush, but there are plenty of similar options if you’re a lefty.

Understanding your Chihuahua’s Coat

Before we get into our pick for the best brush for a Chihuahua, let’s take a closer look at your Chihuahua’s coat. Unlike a lot of other dogs, Chihuahuas can vary in their coat length, and whether or not they have an undercoat.

Ahead, we’ll dive a bit deeper into the Chihuahua coat types so you can get a better understanding of your dog and what Chihuahua brush is best for them.

Long-Hair Chihuahua Grooming

There are quite a few variations of Chihuahua, as we’ve stated. Some have longer hair than others, and those that fall into this category are considered long-hair Chihuahuas.

You’ll find these Chihuahuas in all different colors and shapes, but they all have longer hair than their short-hair brothers and sisters. These Chihuahuas will shed more than short-hair Chihuahuas as well.

You’ll need to brush both Chihuahua types, but pay special attention to those with longer hair. You don’t have to worry about clipping a Chihuahua, though. Their coat will stop growing after a certain point, so you don’t need to keep it in check or keep it short during the summer months.

A Chihuahua brush type that will work on a short-hair Chihuahua will work on those with longer coats as well. The best options are a pin brush or comb to get rid of any mats, tangles, and dead fur.

A long-hair Chihuahua will have a fine, soft coat that feels almost feathery to the touch. They take about three years to grow their long coat fully. Many owners consider these Chihuahuas to be the more beautiful dogs and are often the ones you’ll see competing at dog shows.

Chihuahuas with longer coats need more frequent grooming. You should brush them daily or every other day to avoid too much shedding. You should also bathe them more often than you would with a short-haired Chihuahua.

Short-Hair Chihuahua Grooming

Chihuahuas with shorter coats require far less maintenance than those with long coats. You still need to brush them and bathe them occasionally, but you won’t see a bunch of loose hair all over your clothing and furniture if you skip a day brushing them.

That is not to say that your short-hair Chihuahua won’t shed. Those who are allergic to dogs will still experience allergies if they own a Chihuahua since they tend to leave dead fur behind as well.

We recommend using a rubber brush, comb, or bristle brush on a short-hair Chihuahua. These tools will help get rid of dead fur without harming or irritating their skin.

Single Coat vs. Double Coat

Chihuahuas are one of the few breeds that can have a single or a double coat. Long hair Chihuahuas usually have double coats, which means they have an undercoat protecting them from the elements.

A Chihuahua with short hair will be single-coated. They still shed at the change of seasons, but not near as much as those with a double coat.

This is because Chihuahuas with a double coat have an undercoat. An undercoat is a dense layer of fur close to the skin that helps keep a dog warm. They shed this coat during the fall and spring to make way for their new seasonal coat.

One of the elements that greatly affects how much your Chihuahua sheds during the change in season is where you live. Those who live in climates that are warm throughout the year won’t shed very much, while Chihuahuas in colder areas will shed as the weather gets warmer or colder.

Overall Best Brush for a Chihuahua

Tips on Brushing your Chihuahuas Coat

Brushing a Chihuahua isn’t much different than brushing any other type of dog. We’ve stressed this multiple times but we’ll say it here again: do not apply too much pressure when using a brush on your Chihuahua. These dogs have sensitive skin, and the pins can irritate or even cut them if you’re not careful.

Here are a couple more tips on how to properly brush your Chihuahua without causing a fuss.

Making Them Comfortable

A Chihuahua can get a bit skittish when it comes to grooming time. Make sure to make them as comfortable as possible and have some treats on hand to calm them and reward them for standing still.

It’s also a good idea to take your Chihuahua for a walk before brushing or bathing them. This will help them burn off some of their energy and will make them more receptive to the grooming process.

Always Brush with the Grain

This tip applies to brushing almost any dog, but it’s especially true with Chihuahuas. Both short and long-haired Chihuahua need to be brushed with the grain to prevent any irritation that might occur.

Unless you are told otherwise, you should always be brushing with the grain of your dog’s coat. This will still pick up excess fur, especially if you’re using the correct Chihuahua brush type.


How often should you brush a Chihuahua?

You should brush your Chihuahua at least two or three times a week, but it doesn’t hurt to do it more. Many Chihuahua owners brush their dog every day.

It’s also important to brush a Chihuahua with long hair more frequently than you would a short-hair Chihuahua. These sub-breeds have more fur and therefore shed more frequently. Brushing daily will help keep them comfortable and limit the excess hair you find on your clothing and furniture.

How to prevent Chihuahuas hair from Matting

Chihuahuas aren’t known to get matted hair too often, especially those that have short hair. Some of the Chihuahuas with longer hair may get matted from time to time, but you can easily prevent this by regularly brushing them.

Do Chihuahuas have an undercoat?

Some Chihuahuas are double-coated while others only have a single coat. Those with a double coat will have an undercoat, and these will be long-haired Chihuahuas.

A Chihuahua will shed their undercoat twice a year. They shed it in the spring when the weather gets warmer and again in the fall. Both of the shedding cycles give way to more weather-appropriate coats. The amount your Chihuahua sheds will depend on the climate in which you live as well.

How to prevent a Chihuahua from shedding so much?

Chihuahuas naturally shed their coat, whether they have long hair, short hair, a single coat, or a double coat. You will notice shedding throughout the year and as seasons change.

Regular brushing, bathing, and grooming will help limit the amount of shedding your Chihuahua experiences. Other environmental elements like their diet can also contribute to shedding, though, and your Chihuahua might start to shed if you change their regular food intake.

We recommend talking to your vet if you’re worried about your Chihuahua shedding too frequently.

Final Thoughts on a Brush for Your Chihuahua

Hopefully, this guide and product list were able to give you a place to start on your search for the best dog brush for a Chihuahua. These brushes will give you excellent versatility and grooming options without harming your dog’s sensitive skin.

Want to find the best brush for another breed? Take a look at the rest of our guides!

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