7 Best Dachshund Shampoos On The Market: Our 2020 Guide

Our little Dachshunds are excitable little critters who love to run and play with whoever and whatever they can find. While this is part of what makes them such a desirable breed, it also means that they like to get a little bit mucky from time to time (to say the least).

There’s a whole host of different products on the market in weird and wonderful varieties that are designed to clean and cleanse your pooch in various ways. But which is the best? And why?

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Today we’re going to answer those questions and give you some cleaning tips to help you have one of the happiest and healthiest Dachshunds on the planet. We’re also going to look at 7 different Dachshund shampoos that we think are going to be perfect for you and your pooch.

Let’s get started.

What To Look For In A Good Dachshund Shampoo

So what should you be looking out for in a good Dachshund shampoo? Here are a few things that you should be taking into account when shopping around.

Odor Control

Our tiny little Dachshunds are able to create quite a stink despite their small size. It’s important to check the odor control capabilities of any product you are considering using to ensure they are up to the job of making things fresh and clean. This isn’t usually a problem if you’re using a soap based shampoo, but natural shampoos can struggle a little if you don’t pick the right product.

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This is more important if you’ve got a long-haired Dachshund instead of a short haired one. A 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner will help your dog’s coat stay glossy and shiny, and will leave it looking better than ever. It’s also going to reduce tangling and matting, which can be a real problem for long-haired versions of the breed.

Going Natural

There are two different schools of thought on natural shampoos. In some cases, they are the only option available because your Dachshund may have a little bit of sensitivity to soap or they may have allergies or other skin issues that “normal” shampoos make worse. However, natural products are generally less impressive in terms of cleaning and if you can, by using a soap based product you’re probably going to get a deeper clean.

Pest Prevention

Protecting our little pooches from pests can be a constant struggle depending upon where you live. If you’ve got a flea collar then you need to make sure that you use special shampoos that are not going to wash off the treatment you have already applied (we’ve listed some in the review section below).

How Often Should I Bathe A Dachshund?

It’s generally recommended that you don’t use a soap based shampoo more than once a month. This is because the ingredients inside the shampoo can irritate skin and using it more often than this is likely to cause issues.

If you’ve got a messy pup that needs to be washed more regularly then you may need to consider getting a natural shampoo instead. The ingredients in them are often designed to be great for dogs that have skin conditions, and they are usually gentle enough to be used as frequently as required.

6 Dachshund Bathing Tips

Here are 6 simple tips that you can use to make bath time with your Dachshund a little bit easier.

  1. Put Steel Wool In The Drain – This is a tip that only applies to long-haired Dachshund’s. Dog hair (like human hair) can cause all kinds of chaos and blockages in your drainage and plumbing system. Try putting a little bit of steel wool in the plug hole before you start the bathing process, this will catch any hair that has been removed and stop it from going down your pipes.
  2. Put Cotton Wool In Their Ears – Getting water in your Dachshund’s ear canal is a very bad thing. It can lead to infection if not removed properly and will often require a trip to the vet to sort out. By putting a little bit of cotton wool in your dog’s ears you’re going to minimize the amount of water that makes it inside. Be sure to be careful when doing this, don’t force it in – and also be sure to remove it afterward. You’d be surprised how easy it is to forget when you’re trying to stop your pooch from shaking water all over your home.
  3. Avoid The Head – Washing the head of your Dachshund with soap is generally a bad idea. Soap can get into your dog’s eyes and cause them discomfort and pain. When you soap up their head you’re also going to need to rinse it a lot more, which means there is a greater chance of water getting into their ear canals. Try and avoid shampooing the head regularly and rinse it with a little water most of the time instead.
  4. Have Everything To Hand – One of the biggest “rookie errors” that many people make when washing their pooch is to not have everything you need prepared and ready to go. When your dog is soaking wet in the bath it’s no use remembering that you’ve got to go to another room and get the shampoo or a towel. The second you leave them alone they’re going to jump out and shake water all over your home. Double check you’ve got everything you need to clean them from start to finish before you get them in the bath.
  5. Non-Slip Surfaces – A slippery bathtub can often be a little difficult for a dog to stay stable on without slipping and sliding (because they are super smooth surfaces). Put a towel in the bottom of the bath or get a dedicated non-slip bath mat to make things a little easier and more comfortable for them.
  6. Run The Bath – The loud noise of rushing water filling a bath can fill a dog with anxiety if they’re not that fond of bath time. Try and fill the tub with water before you call them in to minimize the amount of time they have to anxiously wait for things to start. More often than not the anticipation of bathing is worse for your pooch than the bathing itself.

Overall Best Dachshund Shampoo

Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Dog & Cat Shampoo

This is one of the best products we came across during our research that we think is well suited to Dachshunds.

It’s an all natural product that doesn’t use any kind of soap in it whatsoever. This means that it can be used as often as you like without having to worry about causing any kind of skin issues. In fact, this product has been specifically designed to help dogs that have existing skin issues (like itchy or dry skin) to give them a little bit of a break from the discomfort.

Despite not being a soap based shampoo, this product has excellent deodorizing capabilities and will leave your dog smelling super fresh and clean. It has a lovely scent to it that coats your pooch’s coat in a gentle and slightly floral scent of almond and vanilla.

The cleaning action in this product comes from one of natures best natural sanitizers – oatmeal, and it’s going to kill any bacteria and wash away all dirt and debris with ease. The aloe vera that this product has been infused with will help moisturize your Dachshund’s skin and protect them against any future rashes or itchiness too.

It’s phosphate free and is suitable for use with almost all ages of dog (over 6 weeks old) and it’s great value for money too at around $8 for a decent sized bottle.

If nothing else on this page catches your eye, this is the product we recommend you try first. It’s a great shampoo at a great price that’s more than worthy of your consideration.

Pros And Cons


  • Soap-free formula
  • Phosphate free
  • Suitable for regular washes
  • Great value
  • Vanilla and almond scent
  • Deodorizes well
  • Perfect for sensitive skin


  • None

Best Shampoo For A Dachshund With Allergies:

Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseptic & Antifungal Shampoo

The product we chose as our overall pick is already pretty good for dogs that have allergies and sensitive skin, but this one is better. It’s an advanced and highly popular shampoo that’s been designed from the ground up to help your pooch have healthier skin.

It can assist with all manner of different skin infections, including the most common ones like dermatitis and pyoderma. There’s a bunch of different ingredients inside (that we’re sure you’ve never heard of) that help destroy the bacteria that are partially responsible for lots of skin irritation and odor creation. There’s also compounds inside that will help remove any fungal infections that your pooch might be suffering from as an added bonus too.

It has great deodorizing capabilities that will give you a great smelling pooch when you’re done bathing them, and the infusion of aloe vera helps soothe and moisturize their skin too.

This is a product that is designed to be used intensively when you’ve got a dog with severe skin issues. Bathing them with this shampoo twice a week is recommended at first, but when the problems are resolved a weekly bathing schedule will suffice to keep the issues at bay.

5 More Really Good Shampoos For A Dachshund

The products above are our overall recommendations, but we also came across some excellent products during our research that we wanted to point out as possible alternatives. They are all also worthy of being added to your shortlist.

Hartz Groomer’s Best Soothing Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

This is an oatmeal based shampoo (like our overall pick) and will help moisturize and soothe your dog’s skin instead of irritating it like some soap based shampoos. As it is suitable for both long and short haired coats it’s perfect for your Dachshund regardless of what variety of the breed you have.

Earthbath Mango Tango

This product is very similar to the product that we chose as our overall pick. The main difference is that this product focuses a little more on cleaning than it does on skin repair. There’s no aloe vera inside, so it lacks the moisturizing power of our overall pick, but the amazing mango infusion makes this one of the best smelling products on this list.

Burt’s Bees Care Plus+ Hydrating Coconut Oil Dog Shampoo

This is one of the most well-balanced products we came across, the pH level of this shampoo has been specifically designed to be as gentle on your pooch as possible. It’s a 98.2% natural product and you can use it as regularly as you like without causing issues – so it’s perfect for particularly mucky pups.

TropiClean Luxury 2 in 1 Papaya & Coconut Pet Shampoo and Conditioner

This shampoo is better for long-haired Dachshunds, but shorter haired pups will love it too. It’s a 2 in 1 conditioner that will prevent matting and tangling of longer hairs, and the papaya and coconut infusions work hand in hand with things like kiwi and mango to provide a great smelling super clean pooch after each and every bath time.

4-Legger Organic, Hypo-Allergenic, Lemongrass & Aloe Dog Shampoo

The last product we want to quickly point out is this hypoallergenic shampoo from 4-legger. It’s an amazing product that has a fresh and sharp lemongrass scent to it that we’re sure you’re going to love. It’s a gentle all natural vegan product that will be soft on your dog’s skin while helping to promote recovery too.


So there you have it, that’s what we think are the best shampoos for Dachshunds on the market right now.

We’ve talked about a wide range of products today, and some will be better suited to some dogs (and situations) than others. However, they are all winners to have made it into this article and get our recommendation, and as such, they are all worthy of your consideration.

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