7 Best Dog Harnesses for Dachshund in 2024

According to the American Kennel Club, dogs are easier to control in crowds or around other dogs, yank on their leashes less, and usually have more difficulty escaping from harnesses than traditional collars.

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Another benefit of harnesses for dachshund owners is that, compared to a collar, a harness is safer for your dog’s neck. Even with the best training, there will likely be a time when your dachshund will want to pull, dig, or chase after a rodent.

Europeans bred dachshunds to hunt badgers, and because of this history, many doxies have an instinct to plow ahead after other small animals. This instinct makes dachshunds feel the urge to rush ahead of you, sniff out prey, and sometimes dig when they get into the great outdoors.

A harness can help minimize stress on your dachshund’s neck when they tug, and it can also help you gently train them to pull less. Especially in the case of well-designed, padded harnesses, or those cut specifically for dogs that yank ahead on their leash, a harness can minimize their risk of strains or chronic stress injuries as they age.

So, what are some of the best harnesses for dachshunds?

Different Types of Dog Harnesses for Dachshunds

There are several types of harnesses, and some are for walking only, while others can be used for walks or riding in the car.

Classic nylon – These are more traditional harnesses made from tough nylon or poly material. A classic harness does not usually have any padding in the sternum area. These harnesses can be easier for some especially wriggly dogs with extra-long fur to slip out of if they are not tight enough. However, they are super affordable, come in several colors, and are durable.

Breathable mesh – Another popular option is breathable mesh, usually made from polyester. These can be more challenging for some dogs to slip out of, and some offer sternum padding. These harnesses are a good option if you need something more fitted than classic nylon, but also want airflow to help prevent your pup from overheating.

Step-in – A step-in style harness is excellent for dogs who dislike things tugging over their head and ears. They step into the leg holes, and you buckle them in the harness. After you get your doxie’s legs in the holes, you buckle them into the harness at the back above their shoulders.

Fleece – A fleece harness is typically better for a cold climate. They are similar to breathable mesh but offer just a bit more warmth with a softer material. Sometimes fleece harnesses can be stylish and look a little like a vest for your pup.

Overall Best Dog Harness for Dachshunds:

Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness

Key Features :

  • Crash-tested
  • Breathable
  • Adjustable
  • Five sizes to choose from
Why You Should Buy

Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness

The Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness has been crash-tested for dogs, so it’s a great choice for walks and car rides. It is adjustable, breathable, comfortable for your pup.

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The Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness is not only excellent for walks, but it has also been crash-tested for dogs up to 75 pounds for use in cars. This set comes with a carabiner and a 10-inch seat belt loop for your pup.

We like how adjustable this harness is, too. With five different points to adapt the size to your dachshund and five sizes from which to choose when you purchase, you’re bound to get an excellent fit.

This model combines the best of both worlds—a padded sternum section, and a more breathable side and back area for your pup.

This harness is slightly expensive compared to some competitors, but the quality and dual-purpose function for walks and vehicle safety will justify the cost for many individuals.

We like this model thanks to the excellent quality, vast range of sizing and adjustability, and the versatility of use with leashes or in the car. It also has outstanding ratings from users.

6 More Highly-Rated Dog Harnesses for Dachshunds

Sporn Humane Design No-Pull Dog Harness

Key Features :

  • Gentle pressure on legs, not throat
  • Step-in design
  • Three color options
  • Adjustable straps
Why You Should Buy

Sporn Humane Design No-Pull Dog Harness

The Sporn Humane Design No-Pull Dog Harness is a great choice for your dachshund with its step-in design and adjustable straps. There are three colors to choose from, and this comfortable harness applies pressure on the legs not the throat, so your pup’s airway will not be restricted.

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If we had to pick a runner-up for our favorite dachshund harness, the Sporn No-Pull Harness would be it. This patented design applies gentle pressure under your dog’s front legs—not at their throat—to curb tugging behavior.

The elastic webbing stretches to the sides to provide comfort for your pup and easier breathing while in the harness. This model is a step-in design, which is ideal for dogs who dislike a harness being tugged over their head and ears.

This harness comes in three color options: black, blue, or red. The quality construction and exceptional design are what make this worth looking at, though. The front sternum portion of this model is cut lower than many competitors, reducing the choking effect a collar or harness can have on a pulling dog.

You can also adjust the straps at the front of the shoulders. Nickel-plated hooks are weather-proof and make it simple to clip a leash or a seatbelt loop (not included) to this harness.

Frisco Small Breed Soft Vest Dog Harness

Key Features :

  • Five different sizes
  • Four different colors
  • Excellent for smaller breeds
  • Fast-release buckle for safety and comfort
Why You Should Buy

Frisco Small Breed Soft Vest Dog Harness

The Frisco Small Breed Soft Vest Dog Harness is the perfect choice for your smaller breed dog. It features a padded construction and can be appropriately sized to fit your dachshund. It comes in different colors and sizes, as well.

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Part of what we love about the Frisco Small Breed Soft Vest Harness is that you can select from five different sizes and four different colors.

The gentle, padded construction of this harness is also excellent for smaller breeds that occasionally tug or yank on their leash while being walked.

This harness can size down to 11 inches and up to 23 inches (in circumference around your dog’s torso, just behind their front legs). There is a fast-release buckle so you can undo your dachshund quickly after an outing, and two D-rings to attach your leash. The D-rings connect to thick, sturdy straps to secure your pup well.

If your dachshund has exceptionally long fur, they may be able to wriggle out of this harness. Make sure to measure carefully for sizing on this model, as the sizing was off for some individuals.

Another fantastic feature is the four reflective bands, for evening or after-dark walks. The polyester fabric is a breathable mesh that is also straightforward to clean if needed.

This harness is available in red, pink, blue, and neutral black. Overall, this is a comfortable, affordable harness that is a fantastic option for dachshunds.

Red Dingo Classic Nylon Dog Harness

Key Features :

  • Breathable, non-padded
  • Five sizes and several adjustment points
  • Ten colors available
  • Budget-friendly
Why You Should Buy

Red Dingo Classic Nylon Dog Harness

Red Dingo Classic Nylon Dog Harness is a budget-friendly option for your daily walks with your doxie. You can choose from ten colors in this adjustable, breathable harness.

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The Red Dingo Classic Nylon Dog Harness is one of our favorites for those who want a non-padded, breathable option for walks. This harness is not recommended for use buckled into vehicles as there is no sternum padding.

However, if you want a more straightforward design for your dachshund and plan to utilize the harness for walks, this is an option to consider.

With five sizes, several adjustment points on the harness, and ten colors to pick from, we love the Red Dingo Classic Harness to fit all sorts of dogs and any owner’s style.

We don’t recommend this necessarily as a primary harness for rides in the car, but if walks or trips to the dog park are your things, this model is a budget-friendly option. The secure, bone-shaped buckles are a cute addition, too.

Best Pet Supplies Voyager Mesh Step-In Dog Harness

Key Features :

  • Breathable polyester
  • Budget-friendly
  • Four sizes and five color options
  • Step-in design
Why You Should Buy

Best Pet Supplies Voyager Mesh Step-In Dog Harness

The Best Pet Supplies Voyager Mesh Step-In Dog Harness is a good choice for dachshunds who easily slip out of more traditional harnesses. This harness comes in a breathable polyester and is contour-cut to fit comfortably around the neck.

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Best Pet Supplies makes an excellent harness for dogs that can’t stand anything being pulled over their head. This step-in style model makes getting the harness on your dachshund easier if they are finicky about this issue.

The breathable polyester fabric holds your pup securely with a comfortable, contour-cut fit around the neck area. If your dachshund can slip out of an old-fashioned, classic harness too quickly, the Best Pet Supplies Voyager is one to check out.

We like that this budget-friendly dog harness comes in four sizes and five color options.

Take note; this harness is not adjustable, so size it carefully. This model can run small, so give the sizing some thought before purchasing.

Overall, we love this harness for a dachshund that is a little extra wiggly in a thin, classic harness. The price of this well-constructed model can’t be beaten. It’s one of the most affordable we’ve seen that comes in sizes above extra-small.

Best Pet Supplies Voyager Step-In Padded Fleece Dog Harness

Key Features :

  • Cozy fleece
  • Budget-friendly
  • Step-in style
  • Machine washable
Why You Should Buy

Best Pet Supplies Voyager Step-In Padded Fleece Dog Harness

This Best Pet Supplies Voyager Step-In Padded Fleece Dog Harness is a comfy choice for your dachshund, and it’s machine washable! It has reflective strips on the sides and comes in different sizes and colors.

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For those who want a fleece harness instead of the more common mesh material or polyester straps, we love the Best Pet Supplies Voyager Step-In Fleece Harness.

This comfortable harness has a plush fleece interior with quilted stitching on the outer shell. This budget-friendly model is not only cozy for your dachshund but also comes in five sizes and five different colors.

For pups who dislike you pulling things over their head, this is yet another step-in style harness we love. Two D-rings secure a leash or a seat buckle loop (not included) to a seatbelt. Even better, you can machine wash this winter-friendly harness.

Measure carefully, because this model contours to your dog’s torso and shoulders but has minimal adjustments once you pick a size. Two small reflective strips are another bonus on the sides of this fleece design, making it ideal for walks after dark.

Best Harness for a Dachshund Puppy

Puppia Soft Vest Dog Harness

Key Features :

  • Protects dog’s neck
  • Well-contoured shape
  • Four sizes and eight colors
  • Breathable mesh
Why You Should Buy

Puppia Soft Vest Dog Harness

The Puppia Soft Vest Dog Harness is a breathable mesh option that has a nicely contoured shape and is great for dachshunds who tend to pull and tug during walks. You can choose from four sizes and eight color options.

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We love the Puppia Soft Vest Dog Harness for dachshunds that tend to pull during walks. The design of this doggie vest helps protect their neck against strain when they tug at the lead.
We also like this model for doggies who are good at wiggling their way out of their harness, including puppies. Compared to the old-school, classic strap harness, this breathable mesh design contours to your dachshund’s legs and shoulders more effectively.
Some users reported that this harness ran small, so make sure you check and double-check when measuring your pup. This is a plus for fitting puppies, of course, making the Puppia Soft Vest ideal for new doggies.
The sizing being off is by no means a unique complaint in the world of dog harnesses—it’s something to watch out for in any purchase.
This harness is a few dollars more than some competitors. However, the well-contoured shape, four sizes, and eight color options make it worth the still-reasonable price.

What to Look for in a Good Harness for Dachshunds

Some of the most crucial things to check for in a dog harness are:

Quality material – With classic nylon harness you won’t have to worry about this as much but check the reviews on breathable mesh-style designs.

Buckles – Another aspect to look into with any harness is if the buckles hold up over time, or if they are exceptionally challenging to undo when you go to take your dog out of the device.

Breathability – During summer, or if you live in a hot climate, you’ll want to be cautious about any harness that is padded all the way around your dog’s torso. Some harnesses, like padded fleece, can make your pup overheat quickly in hot weather.

Padded sternum area – If you plan to buckle your dachshund into a seatbelt with the harness, definitely look for one that has padding in the front at the sternum area. Some dog harnesses are even crash-tested for vehicle safety. If you only use the harness for walks, padding in the spot can help minimize chronic stress on their joints.

Overall user ratings – We select all of the harness on our list to review from models that have at least a four-star rating. Every product will have some negative feedback, but if the overwhelming majority of ratings are four or five stars, it’s worth paying attention to.

Tips for Getting Your Dachshund Acclimated to Using a Harness

If you have never used a harness with your dachshund, it’s important to ease into it. Harnesses are great for dachshunds, especially since the breed is prone to back problems. Often, the tugging of a collar can make things worse.

Read on to learn some tips to get your dachshund accustomed to using a harness.

  1. Allow your dachshund to smell the harness. Let your dog sniff at it and leave it for them to explore while you watch.
  2. Put treats inside the harness on the floor. If your dachshund begins to associate the collar with positive rewards, they will get excited about it.
  3. Get them used to the clicking. The clips that connect their harness may startle some canines. Especially if you’ve trained them with a clicker for obedience, they might confuse this sound with something they are doing wrong.
  4. Reward your dachshund for contact. Before you put the harness on your pup, spend some time with your dog by making clicking sounds and allowing your dog to touch the harness. Allow them small rewards each time they touch the harness.
  5. Keep training sessions brief. If puppies, no more than five minutes. In adult dachshunds, no more than ten minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my dachshund hates a harness?

Even if your dachshund is seriously stubborn, with patient training, most dogs can get used to their harness. It just takes time and patience. Try a few tricks with some diligence before you give up the idea of a harness on your dachshund.

How do I get a stubborn dachshund comfortable with a harness?

If they want to come inside the house, make them wear the harness outdoors and walk inside on their own, only about five feet at first. If treats motivate them, set out a trail of treats while they wear the harness. Try taking them to a secluded nature park where their surroundings will intrigue them more than the harness distracts them. Work with your dog’s personality and try a few methods before you give up. Allow them to acclimate to the sensation and get distracted while wearing the device.

How do I measure my dog for a harness?

Using a flexible sewing measuring tape, measure around (the circumference) of your dog’s neck, and the girth around their torso, just behind their front legs. For puppies, be aware that you may need to upgrade as your dog grows.


Many dachshunds like to dig and pull on their leash. With their sometimes wily personalities, they can also wriggle out of a collar or hurt themselves from tugging too hard. We highly recommend using a harness with your doxie, even if it takes some time.

All of the harnesses listed above made our list for their excellent ratings and doxie-specific features. Your next task is to choose the siez and style that’s perfect for your pup.

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