Best Dog Food For English Bulldogs

English Bulldog Eating

Are you a new pet parent or a worried owner looking for the best meal that wouldn’t make your dogs sick than they already are?

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Whatever your plight is, we understand the importance of feeding right. Many people ask us what the best dog food is for English bulldogs?

It is tricky since most dogs have different underlying conditions and nutritional deficiencies; this is especially true for English Bulldogs as they have a sensitive stomach lining.

With nearly tons of products and new companies emerging each day, you must find the most trusted, value-oriented brand that produces quality food.

We have analyzed five of the best dog food brands on the market for your benefit. Let us go through to find out the most fitting choice for your dog’s next meal.

Winner: Purina ONE SmartBlend Dog Food

Purina ONE SmartBlend Dog Food Review

Purina is an experienced pet food company as old as it comes. For nearly 90 years, they have dedicatedly worked around the philosophy that pets and people are better together.

They try their 100% to stay true to their word, and their product range speaks for themselves. Let us look at the winning specs to understand the product even better.

Featured Specs

  • Manufacturer: Nestle Purina
  • Flavor: Lamb & Rice
  • Form: Dry pellets
  • Volume: 16.5 Pounds


  • This Ultra high-quality Purina One Smartblend is the best dog food for English bulldogs with skin allergies. Since most bulldogs are prone to chicken allergies that usually manifest over the skin, we highly recommend a new flavor like lamb and rice to help with the flavor profile.
  • This Bulldog kibble is made with high-quality protein sources and has real natural lamb as its number one ingredient on the list. You are bound to get the most protein-rich meal with this pack of dog food.
  • The power-packed Omega-6 fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins embed into this food help support excellent coat and skin.
  • Purina’s innovative Dual-Defence Antioxidant Blend helps build a robust immunity system for a chipper dog.
  • The natural sources of glucosamine present in the food keep your dog’s joints healthy and comparatively strong than the rest of the food supplements.
  • This dog food is highly digestible, so you are assured that more nutrition goes to work inside your dog’s system.
  • The company prides itself on formulating a nutritious food supplement 100% devoid of fillers. Fillers generally add extra volume to the feed by decreasing the nutritional value of the food; Purina makes sure to stay away from such practices.
  • The formula has meaty morsels to add texture and protein boost for your dog. These meaty morsels are a perfect addition for picky eaters who will undoubtedly gravitate towards this extra fun element.
  • This flavor comes in two types: dry pellets with meaty morsels and wet with tender cuts in classic ground/ gravy. You can alternate these so your dog can have the same food but different texture without compromising their food quality.


  • Some dog owners complain that their dogs couldn’t chew and break down the meaty morsels. They either have to piece them with a knife or altogether remove them, which reduces the quantity of the feed by a lot.
  • Many people feel the pictures on the packaging and the actual product does not match.

Extra Features

Purina encourages you to take their 28 days challenge to see a visible difference in your pet. The pets are more energetic, have a shinier coat, bright eyes, and healthy gums. The brand tells you to see the difference from your own eyes as their products work efficiently to make your dog healthy day by day.

Buying Advice

We highly recommend this best brand of dog food for English bulldogs. If you have a dog who is a certified picky eater, this can indeed become your go-to brand. Few dogs love the meat bits and do not fuss while eating compared to when they are fed other products.

Runner-up: Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dog Food Review

Blue Buffalo Wilderness is a comparatively newer brand launched in 2003, but their products have moved into the top tiers within a few years. The superior quality checks have paved the way for bringing the most quality meals for your loved ones.

Featured Specs

  • Manufacturer: Blue Buffalo Company
  • Flavor: Chicken
  • Form: Dry Pellets
  • Volume: 24 lbs


  • This high-protein dog food features real chicken to satisfy your pet’s love for the most classic chicken flavor. The actual chicken helps build and maintain the lean muscle mass of your English bulldog.
  • This quality dog food contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that work tirelessly to support their skin and coat health.
  • The brand has an absolute rich blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals carefully selected by animal nutritionists and veterinarians to provide a healthy oxidative balance. This specially tested blend works to increase immunity while keeping your dog active.
  • Real meat provides excellent muscle development, while proteins and carbohydrates help keep an active lifestyle.
  • The added phosphorus and calcium in the dog food encourages solid bones and teeth visible within a few weeks.


  • Few dog owners feel their dog has gone more lethargic than they already were.
  • The brand sometimes packages unprocessed kibble of approximately 3-inch size, which can be a tremendous choking hazard. The quality control can be a little underwhelming with Blue Buffalo sometimes.

Extra Features

  • This dog food does not contain grain in its formula. The company strives to keep a healthy balance by avoiding fillers as much as it can. Instead, they use natural carbohydrates like peas and sweet potatoes.
  • The company strictly discourages using poultry by-products, artificial flavors, or preservatives, making this the best dry dog food for English bulldogs.

Buying Advice

Pet owners who despise the idea of feeding their dogs poultry by-products should think about adding this range to their pet’s diet.

Alternative: Blue Buffalo Wilderness Salmon Flavored Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Salmon Flavored Dog Food Review

Our first alternative is again from the brand Blue Buffalo. Their creative new and fresh flavors help add a zinger to your dog’s diet.

The company truly understands how difficult it is to find suitable dog food for English bulldogs. Their one such highly nutritious product is their salmon-flavored dog food. Let us read the features and


to help you decide for yourself.

Featured Specs

  • Manufacturer: Blue Buffalo Company
  • Flavor: Salmon
  • Form: Dry Pellets
  • Volume: 24 lbs


  • This dog food is stuffed with real salmon for a lean muscle mass. This product is an excellent alternative to dogs with chicken allergies or owners who prefer this flavor over the chicken. This product is the best dog food for English bulldogs with allergies.
  • The antioxidant-rich blend called the Lifesource bits supports a healthy immune system while delivering extraordinary results. The extra add-ons help the pets maintain a healthy oxidate balance.
  • The Omega 3 and 6 work with the dog’s system to help achieve a healthy lifestyle and improve their coat.
  • This food is cold-formed to preserve its nutritional value and potency, unlike heating and overcooking to reduce the nutrients.
  • Transitioning to Blue is not tough as compared to other brands. You can start with 25% of this food with their regular food and keep increasing it gradually till you replace the old with an entire serving of Blue.
  • The carefully crafted ingredients help achieve healthy bones, teeth, active muscle development, and a healthy lifestyle.


  • Loyal consumers suspect a change in kibble size since the last few batches. The kibble even smells a little offputting when you open the bag. Upon encountering the company about their change in formula, the company keeps denying any change in their product.
  • Few consumers have found a few impurities in their kibble pellets.

Extra Features

  • This formula is a comparatively clean formula with zero grains like soy, wheat, and corn. The company boasts of not using poultry by-products to decrease its product quality.

Buying advice

This flavor is a good alternative for pets who do not enjoy or like chicken in their food.

Alternative: Instinct Raw Boost Dog Food

Instinct Raw Boost Dog Food Review

Instinct Raw has a whole food range based on serving raw food to your dog. The company adds exciting freeze-dried authentic meat pieces for extra nutrition, texture, and variety. If you are interested in giving natural pet nutrition, we highly recommend reading the benefits and drawbacks of this product.

Featured Specs

  • Manufacturer: Nature’s Variety
  • Flavor: Chicken
  • Form: Dry Pellets
  • Volume: 20 lbs


  • This natural dog food uses an ultimate mix of grain-free kibble with fresh freeze-dried raw chicken for a nutritional boost.
  • The company does not use any filler and has a cage-free chicken as its number one ingredient, unlike brands with corn as its first ingredient.
  • This dog food includes the good fat-burning L-Carnitine for excellent metabolism and ideal fiber level.
  • The pet food is tastefully curated without potato, corn, or wheat. The company makes sure to stay away from meat by-products, artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.
  • This product is the market’s first raw boosted kibble ideal for weight management. The raw uncooked dog food with freeze-dried meat cuts makes it a balanced meal with 25% less fat and 15% fewer calories from their other products. This chicken-flavored product is a perfect dog food if you wish to keep tabs and reduce the weight of your English bulldog.
  • The food is minimally processed and made in the USA with all the finest natural and raw materials worldwide. The company believes in creating and manufacturing genuinely authentic, natural, and healthy products than its competitor brands.
  • In addition to all the benefits, this meal gives increased energy, relief from food sensitivities, more petite and firmer feces.


  • This pet food smells different from other food available on the market. Few dogs detest the smell but end up liking the taste afterward.
  • The raw bits present in the food accelerate insect infestation in some food packs.

Extra Features

Instinct formulas are made with top-quality ingredients. The brand uses responsibly sourced fruits, vegetables, fruits, and other wholesome ingredients.

Buying Advice

This food is an excellent choice for people who wish to stay away from added chemicals and hugely processes foods.

Alternative: Iams Small Breed Dog Food

Iams Small Breed Dog Food Review

IAMS is one such brand that any veterinarian suggests as their go-to brand. This brand is extra popular among pet owners who suddenly find a change in the formula of their usual brand. IAMS is one of the most trusted brands available on the market.

Featured Specs

  • Manufacturer: IAMS
  • Flavor: Chicken
  • Form: Dry Pellets
  • Volume: 15 lbs


  • The IAMS small breed dog food has quality farm-raised real chicken as its first ingredient.
  • The food helps promote a healthy coat and skin with the addition of Omega 6 fatty acids into the formula.
  • Their muscles are bound to feel more toned, strong, and lean because of the generous amount of quality sourced protein available in the food.
  • The company has added a blend of beet pulp and prebiotics to increase digestion.
  • The food pumps your small English bulldog with the rich antioxidants necessary for its growth.
  • Most veterinarians recommend IAMS to little puppies with a sensitive stomach making this the most recommended dog food for English bulldogs.
  • The specifically formulated toy breed dog food is excellent for tiny bulldogs who wish to gain adult nutrients.
  • IAMS pet formula is made with no artificial flavors, preservatives, fillers for unmatched quality.
  • Each product of IAMS is made in the USA that goes through a thorough quality check to ensure the highest grade of materials being used for production.


Some bulldogs find these little pieces hard to chew, especially if they are pups. Once you put them on IAMS regularly, they would surely love the taste and texture.

Extra Features

The company keeps adding new offers to celebrate its customers. The recent offer claims the brand would take care of the yearly vet checkups after purchasing two dog food packs.

Buying advice

We recommend buying this product for owners who have an English bulldog puppy. The formulations make it a complete and whole diet for puppies; adult dogs should avoid this formula.

Dog Food For English Bulldogs FAQ 

What can English bulldogs not eat?

best food for english bulldog

The English bulldogs belong to a breed of lazy pooches with small bodies and sensitive stomachs. Given their size and body structures, they are vulnerable to certain health complications like excessive weight gain, abdominal pain, and gas accumulation in the abdomen. Food is an essential part of determining their healthy living.

While a balanced diet with an enriched nutrition input could assure your dog good digestion, certain food and ingredients are in particular toxic, putting at threat their health. Chocolates are a prime ingredient of worry for bulldogs. The theobromine content in chocolates is not suitable for dogs, severely impairing their digestion. Foods of the “Allium” family, including onions and garlic, induce toxicity and harm their red blood cells.

Sugary items like sweets and ice creams should also be avoided at all costs. Excessive salt ingestion is also said to cause sodium ion poisoning and depleted water content in bulldogs.

Tea & Caffeine are other items in the unsuitable food item category. So are grapes and raisins, which lead to extreme conditions of poisoning and kidney failure. A more recent addition to the list is the nutty macadamias which appear to cause distress to your canines.

Other everyday food items you should put away from your dogs include apples, avocado, alcohol, and dairy food.

Can Bulldogs eat rice?

One of the most staple ingredients in all households is rice. Owners may want to extend rice as a part of their dog’s regular diet. It is an economically viable food source and supposed to be a rich source of carbohydrates and protein. It is also an easily digestible food source, especially for breeds with delicate digestion tract.

Rice could not only be a vital contributor to your bulldog’s nutritious diet but serves as a quality energy reserve. The best form to serve your bulldogs the humble grain is steaming or boiling it. Moreover, like any food item, the key to reaping maximum benefits is determining the correct quantity. Thus, it would help if you did not pile up the rice in your dog’s bowl in an indefinite amount.

While white rice is an ideal grain to feed your bulldog, there are increasing discussions on the benefits of including brown rice as well. Brown rice has a higher fiber quotient than white rice, which means more vitamins and minerals for your pooch!

Can I feed my dog rice and chicken every day?

A sumptuous bowl of chicken and rice is the go-to meal for every pet owner when they either run out of creative dinner options for their canine companion or have a pet with an upset tummy. It is also a good balance of protein and carbohydrates, wholesome and healthy.

Moreover, the additional benefit of feasting on plain, simple homemade food please the stomach and the heart! It is an easy-to-make and delicious meal for dogs of all breeds and moods. Thus, dogs who seem a little low on the appetite scale could also be managed with a simple bowl of chicken and rice.

Like is the case with most meals, there would be some essential nutritional inputs that are bound to lack and thus require additional substitutes. Dogs need a healthy mix of protein, carbs, calcium, vitamins, and minerals. Therefore, including portions of wholesome – and suitable vegetables and pulses should make up for the lost nutrients.

The best and simplest way to prepare your dogs’ chicken and rice bowl is by boiling your rice (white or brown) and mixing it with some shredded chicken.

What is the best homemade food for dogs?

are homemade food good for my bulldog

There is a lot of processed dog food out there in the market. With all sorts of promises to provide your dog with the best balance of taste and nutrition, these dog nibbles and treats are still away from the wholesome value that a home-cooked meal could provide. It is especially true for dogs with a sensitive digestive system and low immunity.

The best homemade dog is prepared with the right balance of ingredients that provide the “Carbohydrate, Protein, Calcium, Vitamin & Mineral” nutrient chart. Thus, you could look at preparing a customized meal bowl for your pup, taking into account their intolerance to specific ingredients. A combination of rice, protein (chicken or salmon), and vegetables are a good and humble option.

Slow-cooked soup or stews are also a good dish that could include as many ingredients as possible, thus could serve to be high on nutrition. Porridge mix of a combination of ingredients like beef, carrots, brown rice could also serve as a healthy option. A good potato mash with finely diced chicken and carrots is both a creamy and rich meal for your dogs.

A more quirky dinner option to go for is meatballs! Again, the scope for customization and specialization is immense. Thus, you could choose from a wide bracket of suitable ingredients to prepare your dogs the perfect meatballs. A popular meatball mash includes a mix of ground beef, pumpkin, oats, carrots, and kale. You could also sprinkle a small quantity of cottage cheese as a treat on a few occasions!

Another easy dish to prepare is a high-protein baked omelet combined with a few vegetables. You could serve it with sweet potato for a fulfilling meal.


We hope our buyer’s guide on the best dry dog food for English bulldogs came to fruition.

We highly recommend that the owners pay attention to their pets as per their breed. Each breed is different and requires extra care and attention, especially food.

Avoid heavy grains, corn, wheat, and soy-based products to your English bulldog. We highly recommend consulting your veterinarian before putting your dog on a new product.

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