8 Best Dog Foods for German Shorthaired Pointers in 2024

German shorthaired pointers have their origins as athletic hunting dogs, which means they have plenty of energy and enjoy an active lifestyle. However, to have the power to stay lean and fit, they need to have not only enough exercise, but also the energy to do so—and that comes down to their diet.

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Without food that gives all the calories and nutrients a GSP (or any other breed of dog) needs, they won’t be able to stay at their healthiest. The vast number of options out there when it comes to dog foods can make this process tricky.

You not only have to account for calories and nutrients but also keep an eye out for filler ingredients that can be detrimental to your pup’s health. If you don’t consider these options as well as carefully plan meals to fit the breed, your furry friend’s health can suffer.

To help make the process easier for you, we’ve compiled a guide to the best dog foods for German shorthaired pointers, along with information on what to look out for and answers to common pup meal questions!

What to Look for in a Good German Shorthaired Pointer Food

Researching dog food in advance is a necessity for the health of your dog. Especially since your German shorthaired pointer has the potential to be active, the wrong nutrient balance could impede their natural energy. Paying attention to a dog food’s ingredient balance is something you should always do when picking out your meal options.

Calorie level is something you should be keeping an eye on when shopping for a German shorthaired pointer. While they count as a medium-large breed, food meant for bigger dogs likely won’t have enough calorie count to give your shorthaired pointer the energy they need during the day. Other ingredients you want to see are:

  • Named animal protein – Animal proteins should be the first item you see on the ingredients list for your shorthaired pointer dog food. However, don’t accept animal proteins that don’t have a specific name attached to them, as these can come from almost any source. A listing for duck, beef, or pork proteins is much better options.
  • High meat content – Aside from specific proteins, you also want to see meats themselves listed in the ingredients. Again, make sure these list particular types of meat.
  • Healthy fats – Dogs need fats, but you want these to be healthy ones. Omega fats, like Omega-3 and Omega-6, are excellent, since they improve fur health, digestion, and energy levels.
  • Vegetables, fruits, and grains – Fruits, veggies, and grains help further balance your pup’s diet, but you don’t need a lot of these. Specific grains you want to see for a dog are oats, brown rice, and barley!
  • Prebiotics – Prebiotics like soybeans, raw oats, inulin, and beet pulp are good to see for your dog’s food. These also help with digestion and gut health!

You should also take a moment to scour over the ingredients for things you don’t want your dog to eat. Items to avoid include artificial preservatives, sweeteners, or flavors. Meat and poultry by-products are also potentially harmful to your dog.

Overall Best Dog Food for German Shorthaired Pointers


Healthy Ingredients : Turkey, Chicken, Beef, Eggs, Carrots
Key Features :

  • Human-Grade
  • Cooked to Order Weekly
  • Portioned Individually for your dog
  • Auto-ships direct to your door
Why You Should Buy

NomNom Fresh Dog Food

NomNomNow is a super-premium, fresh dog food, perfect for your Chow Chow. This service delivers freshly prepared meals to your door on a weekly basis, and the recipes are customizable based on your dog’s needs.

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NomNomNow is a super-premium, fresh dog food, perfect for your golden retriever. This service delivers freshly prepared meals to your door on a weekly basis, and the recipes are customizable based on your dog’s needs. All meals are prepared using whole, restaurant-quality ingredients to ensure the highest quality nutrition for your dog with no freezing or preservatives. NomNomNow is sent to you fresh for storage in your own fridge or freezer. Because the food is prepared fresh with gentle cooking methods, the nutritional integrity is retained for a wholesome meal. NomNomNow boasts the use of only human-grade ingredients which means that the food is prepared in way that would be fit for human consumption, something that many pet owners hold in high regard!

7 More Highly Rated Dog Foods for German Shorthaired Pointers

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Grain-Free Dog Food

Healthy Ingredients : Salmon, Ocean Fish Meal, Sweet Potatoes, Potatoes, Peas
Key Features :

  • Antioxidants for immune support
  • Helps to keep coat shiny
  • Grain-free
  • Fat and calories suitable for active dogs
Why You Should Buy

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Grain-Free Dog Food

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Grain-Free Dog Food is a great choice for your dog. It has salmon as the main source of protein and includes fresh fruits and veggies such as raspeberries, blueberries, and tomatoes.

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If you want a quick German shorthaired terrier dog food recommendation, then look no further than Taste of the Wild’s Pacific Stream flavor dog food. As the same suggests, salmon serves as the core protein, while also providing a delicious taste for your dog. The recipe also incorporates raspberries, tomatoes, and blueberries, which add to the nutrients and antioxidants for your dog’s immune system.

Numerous other nutrients come packed in the food, including Omega fatty acids to help with keeping shiny coats and healthy skin. The recipe is also grain-free, making it an excellent choice for pointers that may have allergies to these types of ingredients. The fat and calorie content is perfectly suitable for active dogs, so they’ll have plenty of energy.

Taste of the Wild is a US-based family company, and there is no use of artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors in their foods.
Just in case you want some extra options to consider for your German shorthaired pointer, we’ve got you covered!

American Journey Chicken & Sweet Potato Grain-Free Dog Food

Healthy Ingredients : Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Peas, Sweet Potatoes
Key Features :

  • No corn, wheat, soy
  • Great for dogs with an active lifestyle
  • Flaxseed and salmon oil for coat and skin health
  • Affordable
Why You Should Buy

American Journey Chicken & Sweet Potato Grain-Free Dog Food

American Journey Chicken & Sweet Potato Grain-Free Dog Food is an affordable choice for pet owners who want a healthy meal for their pet. This recipe is grain-free and packed with nutrients to support your dog’s skin, immune system, and overall health.

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Another grain-free option to consider comes from American Journey. Their chicken and sweet potato recipe doesn’t contain wheat, corn, or soy, which is excellent news for any pointers that may happen to have dietary restrictions. Deboned chicken serves as the core protein, while the sweet potatoes team up with chickpeas to keep your shorthaired pointer’s energy levels high for an active lifestyle.

Flaxseed and salmon oil both give Omega-3 and Omega-6 for coat and skin health, as well as eye and brain developments. The included blueberries, dried kelp, and carrots, also serve to round out the nutrients department, and American Journey also focuses on providing antioxidants that will keep your dog’s immune system in good shape!

American Journey provides a quality balance between grain-free accommodations without being overpriced for dog food.

Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach Salmon & Rice Formula

Healthy Ingredients : Salmon, Rice, Barley, Fish Meal, Canola Meal
Key Features :

  • Great for dogs with skin allergies
  • Easy to digest
  • Helps to develop lean muscle
  • No soy, wheat, or corn
Why You Should Buy

Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach Salmon & Rice Formula

Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach Salmon & Rice Formula is great for german shorthaired pointers with digestive issues. This recipe includes no soy, wheat, or corn, and is great for dogs with skin allergies or other skin sensitivities.

View Latest Price

For another salmon-based option, consider Purina’s Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach food option. While it’s not wholly grain-free thanks to the inclusion of rice, it is a good option for pet owners worried about their dog’s skin issues. It also doesn’t contain wheat, corn, or soy products. The salmon core protein helps pointers keep their athletic physique.

This formula is excellent for not irritating the stomach, as the rice and oatmeal make for easy digestion. The recipe also has a beneficial combination for dogs who struggle with diarrhea, which often occurs thanks to imbalances in their diet. Many picky eaters do enjoy this for mealtime but don’t be surprised if your dog ends up being the different one.

Aside from accommodating stomach issues, the Purina Pro Plan recipes include plenty of Omega fatty acids for fur and skin health.

Blue Buffalo Chicken & Brown Rice Life Protection Formula

Healthy Ingredients : Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Brown Rice, Barley, Oatmeal
Key Features :

  • Nutrient-dense
  • Boosts imune system
  • Protein-rich
  • Good for dogs with kidney issues
Why You Should Buy

Blue Buffalo Chicken & Brown Rice Life Protection Formula

Blue Buffalo Chicken & Brown Rice Life Protection Formula is made with many natural ingredients to help your dog’s immune system and keep him healthy and active, but it does not include any corn, wheat, or soy. Blue Buffalo is a great option for picky eaters.

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Another brand that we’ll give our attention to is Blue Buffalo. While chicken is the primary protein listed on the bag, it isn’t the only one available. Lamb and fish are also part of the recipe, along with apples, pumpkins, blueberries, and spinach for additional nutrients. It also relies on brown rice to provide grain benefits, which means it is not a grain-free product.

However, it is free of corn, wheat, soy, and chicken or other poultry by-products, which helps with diet considerations. The formula is also the right choice for older dogs that might have to worry about consuming high levels of phosphorus. Overall, the inclusion of calcium allows for healthy bones and teeth, while protein and meal help your pointer’s muscles stay lean and healthy.

Blue Buffalo provides food that can appeal to even picky eaters while also focusing on the use of natural ingredients for a healthy dog.

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Healthy Ingredients : Buffalo, Lamb Meal, Sweet Potatoes, Egg Product
Key Features :

  • Highly digestibleI/li>
  • Great for immune support
  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  • Grain-free
Why You Should Buy

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is great for your active puppy who is need of lots of protein and nutrients to stay healthy and strong. Packed with all the things your puppy needs, this recipe is a great choice.

View Latest Price

Most of the options we’ve covered so far work for adult dogs, but what if you have a German shorthaired pointer in your home? Well, one of your options is to go with Taste of the Wild again, who make many of their primary flavors in puppy compatible formulas. The recipe aims to be highly digestible, so your puppy doesn’t have any issues getting the nutrients they need to grow.

Proteins are in plentiful supply here, and the use of buffalo, venison, beef, and bison make both appealing flavors and give a significant boost to your pointer’s developing muscles. You can expect the same of their skin and fur thanks to Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids. For the immune system and other nutrients, blueberries, raspberries, and tomatoes all play a role.

This puppy-focused recipe is a grain-free option, just in case that your pointer puppy happens to have allergies to worry about.

American Journey Lamb & Sweet Potato Grain-Free Puppy Dog Food

Healthy Ingredients : Deboned Lamb, Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Peas, Chickpeas
Key Features :

  • Appealing taste
  • Grain-free
  • Great protein source
  • Plenty of fiber
Why You Should Buy

American Journey Grain-Free Puppy Dog Food

American Journey Grain-Free Puppy Dog Food is great to help your puppy build lean muscles while staying healthy and active. Packed with nutrients and vitamins, you can rely on this recipe to help keep your puppy healthy.

View Latest Price

American Journey also has a line of puppy-friendly recipes to consider, and the Lamb & Sweet Potato variant gets our pick. Deboned lamb comes in as the primary protein, giving plenty of this nutrient to build lean muscles you want on your pointer as they grow. It also makes for a tasty flavor that’s sure to appeal to your puppy and make them excited for mealtime.

What’s to get excited over as an owner are all the other nutrients included. Blueberries, dried kelp, and carrots help provide additional nutrients, like vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. Sweet potatoes and chickpeas give plenty of fiber to boost your pet’s energy levels, and Omega acids encourage healthy skin and fur growth.

The grain-free aspect is good for pups with sensitive skin or digestion issues.

Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Chicken Dehydrated Dog Food

Healthy Ingredients : Dehydrated Chicken, Organic Barley, Dehydrated Potatoes, Organic Flaxseed
Key Features :

  • A good alternative to kibble
  • Free-range chicken as the core protein
  • Easily digestedI/li>
  • Fresh ingredients
Why You Should Buy

Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Chicken Dehydrated Dog Food

Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Chicken Dehydrated Dog Food

View Latest Price

If you’re looking for an option besides kibble, Honest Kitchen’s Dehydrated dog foods can give you that choice. By mixing the dehydrated food with warm water and letting it sit, your German shorthaired pointer can enjoy fresh ingredients without much concern for processing—which increases the nutritional benefits! There’s plenty of protein and calories to support your pointer’s active lifestyle.

The main ingredients include free-range chicken as the core protein, along with oats, bananas, barley, peas, carrots, potatoes, and celery. The parts are also US- and organically-sourced, for those who want to buy local and well-sourced products. Though the recipe is not grain-free, it does digest easily for those dogs who happen to have sensitive stomachs.

The recipe also does not include any protein by-products or artificial preservatives, which is good for your pointer’s health.

What Are the Nutritional Needs of German Shorthaired Pointers?

German shorthaired pointers are an active medium-large breed, which impacts the types of nutrients they need in a day to stay healthy. This factor is especially true since pointers have their origins as hunting dogs, which means they have high energy levels.

To maintain that amount of energy, then, your shorthaired pointer is going to need a decent amount of calories in a day. For the average active adult pointer that weighs around sixty pounds, they’re going to need roughly 1500 calories in a day. Germain shorthaired pointers that do participate in hunting or other activities that require high-performance levels, up to 3300 calories per day may be necessary.

Of course, these numbers will vary depending on various factors for your dog. Size, age, and intensity of activity all impact food levels, with more active dogs needing to eat mood. Younger and adult dogs also tend to eat more than their senior dog counterparts, too.

Like many other breeds of dogs, proteins and fats are the vital essential nutrients for German shorthaired pointers. If you have an older pointer, then they’re likely going to need higher protein levels in their food than a puppy or active adult dog. While you want high percentages of these nutrients, an imbalance with other ingredients can also be bad for your pup.

Each dog has their own best diet to meet their needs. If you’re unsure of what your pointer needs, you should consult with your vet to make sure they’re staying healthy!

What Are the Different Types of German Shorthaired Pointer Foods?

When it comes to dog food, there are more options than ever available on the market. With all these choices, it can be tricky to understand what’s the best choice for your dog. Here’s a quick overview of some of the options available.

Dry food, or kibble, is one of the most common dog foods available. Kibble options tend to be affordable, easy to store, and simple to serve. Because kibble pieces are rough, they also help keep your pup’s teeth clean. Depending on the ingredients used, dry dog food can have plenty of nutrients, but you need to carefully research brands before feeding them to your pet.

Canned foods are another standard option. Since they come in sealed containers, these foods often contain plenty of moisture and gravy sauces, which makes them appealing to many pups. However, they come in smaller portions, so they’re not very filling for dogs like German shorthand pointers. If you want to use them as a treat, that’s fine, but you’ll need another option for their primary diet.

Fresh dog foods are also options, and these specialized goods use raw meats and ingredients in their creation. They also require refrigeration to keep edible, and often there’s no preservatives included. For those who don’t mind the extra cost, fresh dog foods can provide plenty of health benefits for your pup.

You can also find more specialized dog foods—such as allergen-free and grain-free options. As the names suggest, these food options are excellent if your pointer has special dietary needs. Keep in mind that even in these broader categories, you can find sub-categories and more specialized choices, too!

Read more about our favorite pick for German shorthaired pointers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I feed my German shorthaired pointer?

The frequency of how often your pointer should eat will depend on their age. Younger puppies tend to need several meals a day, usually between four and three until six months old. Once they hit half a year, you can shift to two meals a day. Most adult pointers will be alright with one meal a day, so long as it has enough calories for their activity. Depending on your dog’s temperament, they may prefer two smaller portions during the same day.

Do German shorthaired pointers have allergies?

As a whole, German shorthaired pointers don’t have any common food allergies amongst the breed. However, that doesn’t mean your dog can’t have allergic reactions to food. Many times in dogs, grains can be the cause of adverse reactions. You can try switching out parts of their diet to see if there is a change, and you can also consult with your vet for help.

When should I switch my German shorthaired pointer from puppy to adult food?

Puppy foods have plenty of benefits for young dogs, but they shouldn’t eat these types of kibble forever. Around one year of age is when you should upgrade to adult dog food for your pointer. You can also base the switch on weight if your pointer is growing fast; the average adult weight for males is fifty-five to seventy pounds, while females are forty-five to sixty pounds.

What should I feed my dog if they’re overweight?

For dogs that are at risk of becoming overweight, you should switch to a lower calorie food. This way, they can lose weight without missing out on other essential nutrients in their diet.


Without careful consideration when it comes to food, you may end up feeding your dog something that isn’t suited to their lifestyle or doesn’t provide the nutrients they need. With so many available options, it’s essential to understand the needs of your pup’s breed.

German shorthaired pointers need plenty of calories and proteins to keep up with their athletic lifestyle. While you’ll need to do the work of figuring out what flavors they like and how many calories are best for your pup, the choices on this list all come highly-reviewed, so you can count on them.

Once you find the right match, you can rest easy knowing that your German shorthaired pointer’s meals are helping them stay happy and healthy.

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