Pitbull Brush: 2024 Picks for Best Dog Brush for Pitbulls

Pitbulls have short, sleek fur that doesn’t require too much maintenance. They’re a great dog for people who don’t like giving baths since they rarely ever need them.

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The one caveat here is that Pitbulls do tend to shed. Probably more than you’d think, and you need the proper brush to tackle the excess hair. Ahead, we’ll take a look at the best Pitbull brushes, and give you everything you need to make an informed buying choice.

Different Popular Dog Brush Types

There are several different kinds of brushes for dogs you’ll see on the market, but each has different uses. Certain brushes work better for longer coats, for instance, and some are better for the shorter, sleeker coat of a Pitbull.

Ahead, we’ll list some of the most popular dog brush types and let you know which ones you should be looking at for your dog. This information will help you find the best Pitbull brush type – even if we overlooked a good product in our recommendations.

The most popular brush types for Pitbulls are as follows:

  • Bristle brush
  • Glove brush
  • Pin brush
  • Slicker brush

Bristle Brushes

Bristle brushes are often the preferred Pitbull brush type because they are designed to groom short-haired dogs with smooth coats. This describes a Pitbull to a tee and is one of the better Pitbull brush options you can select.

A bristle brush will be enough to get rid of any loose fur your Pitbull has. It will keep their coat clean and fresh as well as promote healthy skin underneath. A bristle brush is usually going to be a great choice if you’re looking for a brush for a Pitbull.

Glove Brushes

Glove brushes are some of the easiest brushes to use since you’ll be patting your dog while brushing them at the same time. These brushes usually come in mitten form with plastic, spaced-out teeth.

A lot of people prefer glove brushes because it allows them to pat and groom together. They’re low-stress and help remove dead fur and make way for a fresh coat. Most glove brushes are great for Pitbull’s since they don’t dig too deep and can get rid of the surface hair. It’s usually good to have a bristle brush for deeper grooming as well, but glove brushes are excellent options.

Pin Brushes

Pin brushes also work well for Pitbull’s but aren’t as effective at removing loose fur as bristle brushes are. Pin brushes are a lot like regular human brushes. You probably have one in your bathroom closet right now. They have wires that are spaced-out and flexible with small tops on each.

A pin brush can help stimulate your dog’s skin but doesn’t do too much for the health of his or her coat. There’s no doubt they’ll enjoy the sensation of a pin brush, though, so it’s nice to use on them from time to time. We recommend bristle brushes for the bulk of your dog’s grooming routine, though.

Slicker Brushes

Slicker brushes are one of the more popular types of dog brushes but don’t always make the best Pitbull brush. These brushes will have thin, small wires in a tight area that specialize in getting mats out of long or medium-haired dog breeds.

Pitbulls are short-haired dogs, so they don’t usually get too matted – even when you don’t brush them for a while. You might see these types of brushes recommended for dogs, but they aren’t the best dog brush for a Pitbull.

You’d do much better with one of the other brush types we listed, so we don’t recommend buying a Pitbull slicker brush.


Owners should avoid rake brushes when shopping for the best brush for a Pitbull. Retailers will also refer to these types of brushes as “undercoat rakes,” since they are designed to tackle thick coats that can knot-up over time.

You will notice these brushes by their distinct design. They look a bit like a large razor than they do a brush. They penetrate layers of the coat to reach and remove any dead fur lying underneath.

Owners of dogs like German Shepherds will use rakes to get rid of any fur their dogs shed during the change of season. Although Pitbulls shed as well, they do not have an undercoat to protect them. A rake can do damage to a Pitbull’s skin, so choose a bristle brush or pin brush instead.

The Best Pitbull Brushes

Pat Your Pet Grooming Gloves

Key Features :

  • Versatile
  • Makes grooming more like petting
  • Easy to clean
Why You Should Buy

Pat Your Pet Grooming Gloves

Pat Your Pet Grooming Gloves are great because they make the grooming experience more like petting for your pitbull.

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Glove brushes are the preferred option for many dog lovers since they make grooming your pet easy. All you have to do is pat them as you normally would, but you’ll be giving them a good cleaning and brushing at the same time.

This brush – like a lot of glove brushes – are easy to clean and comfortable for both you and your pet. The reason we chose the Pat Your Pet Grooming Gloves over other glove brushes was the five-finger design.

Most glove brushes come in mitten-style, which doesn’t give you the same level of versatility. This pack also comes with two gloves, meaning you can brush your Pitbull with both hands.

Best Pitbull Matted Hair Brush

JW Pet Gripsoft Double Sided Brush

Key Features :

  • Two sides for multi-use
  • Easy to hold in your hand when your dog is fidgeting
  • Great for owners of multiple dog breeds
Why You Should Buy

JW Pet Gripsoft Double-Sided Brush

JW Pet Gripsoft Double-Sided Brush has two sides for multi-use and it’s easy to hold when your dog is fidgeting. It’s comfortable to hold and fits nicely in your hand.

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Pitbull’s have short coats, which means their fur won’t get matted too often. You probably don’t need to look for a Pitbull matting brush specifically, since it’s not a problem you’re going to run into very much.

That said, the JW Pet Gripsoft Double Sided Brush is a fantastic all-purpose brush that can tackle the short hair of a Pitbull with one side and any matted hair with the other. The pins serve to detangle any longer fur, and the bristle end will smooth and clean your Pitbull’s coat.

The grip of the brush is also extremely comfortable, fitting nicely and securely in your hand. We have seen reports of the “goo” on the inside leaking after a while, but these seem to be the minority of cases.

3 More Top Rated Brushes for Pitbulls

Safari Combo Brush for Dogs

Key Features :

  • Double-sided and versatile
  • Comes in two sizes (Pitbull owners will want the large version)
  • Durable construction
Why You Should Buy

Safari Combo Brush for Dogs

The Safari Combo Brush for Dogs is double-sided and comes in two sizes. It has pins on one side and bristles on the other.

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The Safari Pin & Bristle Brush for Dogs with Wood Handle is another top-notch pick for Pitbull owners. Bristle brushes are the preferred brush for most Pitbull owners since it keeps their coat clean and sleek. Like the GoPets brush, we listed above, the Safari brush gives you the best of both worlds with pins on one side and bristles on the other.

Pitbull owners who have another breed of dog can use this brush to get mats out of longer-haired dogs and use the bristles on their Pitbull. The only reason we ranked the GoPets brush higher is because of its grip. When you compare the two side-by-side, though, there are few noticeable differences.

Mr. Peanut’s Right-Handed Grooming Glove Pet Brush

Key Features :

  • Comfortable, soft bristles
  • Machine washable
  • Great for fussy dogs
Why You Should Buy

Mr. Peanut’s Right-Handed Grooming Glove Pet Brush

Mr. Peanut’s Right-Handed Grooming Glove Pet Brush is comfortable with soft bristles and is machine washable. It’s great for dogs who are fussy or timid.

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The Mr Peanut’s Right-Handed Grooming Glove Pet Brush is another great glove brush that will help you easily groom your fussy Pitbull. The soft rubber bristles get rid of dead fur and massage your dog’s skin as they go to work – all with the benefit of patting your dog in the process.

Brushes like this one are great for dogs with sensitive skin. They might not like the feeling of a bristle brush, for instance, but you can still get the job done with this glove brush.

We love that this glove is machine washable for easy maintenance.

KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush

Key Features :

  • Great for removing loose hair without digging too deep
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to grip and hold
Why You Should Buy

KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush

KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush is great for removing loose hair and is also helpful for cleaning furniture.

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The Zoom Groom Rubber Wet Or Dry Brush is another great brush you can buy without spending too much. The brush design is unique, with comfortable finger indents and a grip that’s easy to hold onto.

Rubber brushes are an underrated tool to use on your Pitbull. These brushes are fantastic for Pitbull owners who have longer-haired dogs as well since it’s versatile enough to tackle multiple fur types.

We also really liked this brush because it works well when your dog is wet or dry. You can get the hair off of your dog while they’re still in the bath to limit the amount of fur that gets all over your furniture.

Furbliss Multi-Use Deshedding and Massaging Short Hair Dog Brush

Key Features :

  • Spreads dog’s natural oils
  • Maintains coat smoothness
  • Removes hair and lint from furniture
  • De-sheds and massages
Why You Should Buy

Furbliss Multi-Use Deshedding and Massaging Short Hair Dog Brush

Furbliss Multi-Use Deshedding and Massaging Short Hair Dog Brush is great for your pitbull because it desheds and massages and even helps to keep your furniture clean. It helps maintain coat smoothness and helps to spread your dog’s natural oils.

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No brush is more perfectly designed for a Pitbull than the Furbliss, which operates as both a deshedding and a massaging brush. One side of the brush provides a gentle massaging motion during brushing, while the other side desheds your Pittie’s fur and can even be used to remove hair and lint from clothing and furniture.

Pitbulls suffer from allergies that can dry out the skin and lead to scratching or redness. Using the Furbliss brush stimulates oil production for nourished fur and skin. These natural skin oils, encouraged by the Furbliss brush, ensure your Pitbull’s coat maintains its smoothness and softness without damage from allergies.

Furbliss also functions as a bath tool, collecting loose hair and massaging the skin during bath time. The massaging sensation helps create a calm environment, which is especially important when trying to relax your pet during a bath. Furbliss, with its multiple uses, offers a perfect solution for keeping your Pitbull’s coat healthy and polished.

Four Paws Magic Coat Love Glove Dog Bath Massager

Key Features :

  • Secure grip strap
  • Ensures effective bathing
  • Rids dog of excess hair
  • Massages and soothes
Why You Should Buy

Four Paws Magic Coat Love Glove Dog Bath Massager

Four Paws Magic Coat Love Glove Dog Bath Massager

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This Four Paws brush specializes in optimizing bath time, massaging shampoo into the coat to leave your Pitbull fresh and fluffy. It allows for deep penetration of shampoo and conditioner as it gently pulls dirt and hair from your pet’s coat. You can even use this massager before bathing to rid excess hair, making grooming during bath time more manageable.

Pitbulls are excitable dogs that may become a little overzealous during bath time. This massager features a secure grip strap that fits over your hand and lends you extra control to ensure effective bathing even when your pup may be uncooperative.

With this brush, there is no need to worry about your Pittie panicking during brushing, as it massages and calms your pet, creating a relaxing and bonding grooming experience.

Understanding Your Pitbull’s Coat

While most people think of an American Pitbull terrier when they think of a Pitbull, there are actually several different kinds of dogs that fall under the Pitbull umbrella. Thankfully, the coat of a Pitbull is quite easy to understand – regardless of the specific breed.

Pitbulls have short, sleek coats that lie very close to the skin. They can come in all different colors, but the style of the coat remains the same. The coat is stiff and shiny when healthy.

Your Pitbull Shedding

Despite the short hair, it’s very common for your Pitbull to shed. There are several reasons why your Pitbull might be shedding, and not all of them are healthy. Pitbulls shed a moderate amount, so you shouldn’t necessarily worry if your dog is shedding more than you expect them to.

The most common – and most obvious – reason that a Pitbull sheds is because the seasons change. Pitbull’s shed their fur when it gets warmer outside, replacing old fur with a new layer. Although this is relatively common, you shouldn’t expect too much seasonal shedding from your Pitbull. In many cases, the shedding might relate to another environmental factor.

A Pitbull coat requires a proper diet to flourish truly. No amount of brushing is going to keep your Pitbull’s coat healthy if you aren’t feeding them properly. Make sure the dog is getting enough vitamins and essential fatty acids in their diet.

It’s not uncommon for your Pitbull to shed some fur when you change their food – particularly the source of protein you’re feeding them. Some owners panic when they see an uptick in shedding after changing foods, but it’s normal for a Pitbull to shed their coat and reveal a healthier, fresher one underneath.

Of course, there can be some other reasons why your Pitbull is shedding. Stress, a change in the environment, and other elements may lead to shedding as well. It’s important to keep your Pitbull well-fed, comfortable and brushed to maintain a healthy coat.

Overall Best Brush for a Pitbull

Tips on Brushing your Pitbull’s Coat

Unlike dogs with long coats, your main goal when brushing a Pitbull will be to remove dirt, debris, and dead hair from them. You should brush your Pitbull regularly, but they aren’t one of the breeds that need constant grooming attention to stay healthy.

You should use a bristle, rubber, or plastic brush to go through your Pitbull’s fur to clean them out. Pitbull’s don’t need too much bathing, so regular brushing should do the job well.

You will want to start at the Pitbull’s back and work your way down to the rear. Next, go for the sides and finish with the top of the head.

Not all dogs enjoy the brushing experience. Make sure to have some rewards handy in case your Pitbull begins to become restless.

Brushing your Pitbull regularly will help alleviate some of this problem and get them used to the brush. It’s usually a good idea to take them for a walk first as well so they can burn off some excess energy.


How often should you brush a Pitbull?

Pitbull’s are generally very low-maintenance in the grooming department. Most don’t need daily brushing, although some experts recommend it. You will need to assess how much your Pitbull is shedding and whether or not they need a good brushing. As a general rule, you should brush your Pitbull two to three times per week – more if they need it and less if they don’t.

How to prevent Pitbull’s fur from matting?

Since your Pitbull has short, sleek fur, you don’t have to worry about it matting up too much. Matted hair is only common in dogs with longer coats, so there aren’t too many tips regarding keeping your Pitbull’s fur from matting-up. All you have to do is brush them regularly, and their coat will be healthy.

Do Pitbull’s have an undercoat?

No, Pitbull’s do not have an undercoat. Pitbull’s have a layer of fur that protects them from the elements. They shed, but that’s not always related to the change in weather. Still, you should brush and groom your Pitbull regularly just as you would for a dog with an undercoat.

How to prevent a Pitbull from shedding so much?

There are a lot of reasons why your Pitbull could be shedding.

A change in temperature is one of the more common reasons, but it could be related to stress, a new food, or a host of other reasons. If your Pitbull is shedding more than they used to, consider what has changed in their diet and environment.
Most of the time, you’ll be able to find the culprit here.


The best brush options for Pitbull’s include bristle brushes, rubber brushes, and plastic glove brushes. A bristle brush should probably be your first choice since it’s best for Pitbull coats, but you can get away with one of the other options most of the time.

Hopefully, this guide gave you some additional insight into keeping your Pitbull clean and healthy. If you’re shopping for a brush for another breed, take a look at one of our other guides on this page.

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