The 5 Best Dog Shampoos and Conditioners for French Bulldogs in 2024

French Bulldogs are an affectionate, active breed, and these small dogs make adorable companion animals. When you’re on the hunt for the best shampoo for french bulldogs, you want to pick and choose a formula that’s going to work for your dog’s specific grooming needs. Selecting the wrong french bulldog shampoo can make bath time a stressful ordeal for both you and your pooch.

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As the mom or dad of a french bulldog, you know that your dog is prone to shedding, especially during the spring and fall when they lose and gain their thicker undercoat. The French bulldog’s short, wiry fur has particular grooming and maintenance needs that you’ll need to consider during bath time. So, what are the five best smelling shampoos french bulldog shampoos and conditioners? Find out below.

What are the different types of french bulldog shampoos?

Not only do french bulldogs need different shampoos from say, a long-haired dog like a Shih Tzu, but your french bulldog may also need a particular type of shampoo formula. Think about your hair texture and skin needs. When you pop into the salon or barber, you’ll notice many different types of soaps and shampoos for a variety of customers. There’s thickening shampoos, moisturizing shampoos, and conditioners for dandruff control. The same concepts apply to your french bulldog. Before you can choose the best shampoo for bulldogs, you’ll need to account for any skin or fur issues your particular pup might have.

Sensitive Skin

Have you ever worn a ring bought from a gumball machine or street vendor? If you have sensitive skin, the metal in the ring probably turned your skin green or made it itchy. While dogs tend to have skin that’s more sensitive than a human’s skin, some french bulldogs have skin that’s more sensitive than others.

If your dog has had issues with scratching and itching after bath time before, chances are, your four-legged friend suffers from sensitive skin. You’ll want to choose a shampoo that’s free of harsh and synthetic soaps and parabens that are irritating to dogs with sensitive skin. Certain shampoo formulas are more moisturizing than others, too. For example, shampoos made with oatmeal or are created from a coconut-oil base are safe for dogs with sensitive skin that’s prone to dryness.

Antifungal Shampoos and Conditioners

Dog skin is comprised of naturally occurring and beneficial bacteria. One of those microorganisms is yeast. When yeast levels are normal, the dog’s skin is healthy. However, yeast is an opportunistic bacteria, and if given the right conditions, it will grow to excess. Overabundant yeast will cause an infection. If your dog is excessively scratching themselves or chewing and licking at their paws, they might have a yeast infection. Always check with your vet first to rule out any other issues if your dog is exhibiting symptoms.

High heat and humidity, surgery, and feeding your dog poor-quality kibble can make him prone to yeast infections. The folds in the french bulldogs characteristic wrinkles also provide an ideal area for bacteria to grow. Fortunately, yeast infections can be treated with diet, keeping your dog dry and cool, and bathing them with antifungal and antibacterial shampoos.

Even if your French bulldog does not need a bath more than every few weeks, you’ll still need to clean beneath the wrinkles and folds to prevent bacteria overgrowth frequently.

Shedding Control

French bulldogs shed more than poodles and some cross or hybrid dog breeds. Typically, a french bulldog is a mild to moderate shedder, with shedding increasing in the spring and fall months when he gets rid of or grows his winter coat. If your dog is excessively shedding though, it could be a sign of a more serious problem. Parasites and intestinal worms can cause fur and hair loss, and so can poor quality food or nutritional deficiencies. Before you do anything, always take your dog to the vet if his fur suddenly starts to fall out beyond normal levels.

If you want to cut down on french bulldog shedding, you can purchase inexpensive and effective shedding control shampoos. But be sure to choose a formula that uses high-quality ingredients to keep your dog’s coat and skin looking and feeling healthy.

Dandruff Control

Like humans, dogs can also get dandruff. Dandruff is white flakes or dead skin cells that fall off and get stuck in the dogs fur. Some amount of skin flaking is reasonable, but dandruff can be a sign of a health problem. Thyroid disorders, parasites, and hormonal imbalances can cause dandruff.

If your Frenchie has dandruff from dry skin, it’s a relatively simple fix. You’ll want to use dandruff control shampoos and conditioners when you bathe her. Using moisturizing conditions and making sure the air inside the house isn’t too dry can cut down on dandruff.

Deodorizing Shampoos

French Bulldogs have a characteristic odor that can be unpleasant to humans. Also, the wrinkles and folds of the French bulldog can harbor odor-causing bacteria. Frequently cleaning your french bulldog and using deodorizing shampoos can go a long way to cutting down on unpleasant smells and keep your dog’s sensitive skin free from inflammation and odor-causing bacteria.

Top 5 Tips for Keeping Your French Bulldog’s Coat Clean and Healthy

The French bulldog has a short, wiry coat that doesn’t hold in natural oils as well as some other breeds. A dog’s skin will secrete natural oils and fatty acids that keep the skin and fur moisturized, shiny, and protect it from infectious bacteria. If you wash your Frenchie too much, his skin can get dry. Dry skin is prone to infection, inflammation, itchiness, and his fur can look dull and feel brittle, too. Try not to bathe your french bulldog more often than every two weeks. If he is smelly, try cleaning the wrinkles with a washcloth and some deodorizing shampoo if he is particularly dirty. Otherwise, limit bath time to twice a month or less.

  1. Keep the dog ’s face, eyes, and wrinkles free from debris.

You might need to wipe down your dog’s face and wrinkles when he gets dirty playing outside, or if he is a messy eater. You’ll need to wipe him down at least once per week, so he doesn’t get an infection. French bulldogs faces are also prone to becoming stained from their natural tears. You can purchase tear stain remover to keep the fur on his face clean and looking healthy.

  1. Brush Weekly

The French bulldog may have higher skin maintenance needs than other breeds, but as far as his coat goes, he is pretty low-maintenance. He only needs to be brushed about once per week.

  1. Give your french bulldog high-quality food.

For healthy skin and coat, your french bulldog should be eating lots of high-quality protein. Dog food kibble that contains a lot of grains, meat by-products, and sugars is not going to make his coat look shiny and healthy. Poor quality dog kibble can cause many health problems and nutritional issues in your french bulldog as he ages. Feed him foods that contain real meats and proteins like chicken, lamb, salmon, and turkey.

  1. Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids

These nutrients do wonders for the health and appearance of a dog’s skin and coat. You can find these nutrients in salmon, sardines, and tuna.

  1. Use the right dog shampoo for your Frenchie.

Using high-quality shampoos and conditioners that are made of natural ingredients will keep your dog’s coat shiny, soft, and healthy. The wrong shampoo can dry out his skin and make his fur look dull.

What is the best french bulldog shampoo?

Our top pick for best french bulldog shampoo in 2024 is…

Buddy Wash Relaxing Green Tea and Bergamot Shampoo and Conditioner

Key Benefits:

  • This shampoo uses all-natural ingredients and is free of harsh chemicals and soaps, leaving your Frenchie with shiny fur that’s free of dandruff.
  • The formula is coconut-oil based, which is ideal for the French bulldog’s sensitive skin.
  • The shampoo includes whey protein, which is a natural deodorizer and is safe for puppies.

Buddy Wash Relaxing Green Tea and Bergamot Shampoo is 100% safe for french bulldog adults and puppies. It is made in the U.S. and is tested on humans. While inferior dog shampoo products can leave your hands feeling dry and irritated, this shampoo will soothe your dog’s skin and protect yours from drying out and becoming red. All-natural ingredients will also safeguard your French bulldog’s sensitive skin from dryness and leave his fur looking and feeling shiny and soft.

What are the pros and cons of using this dog shampoo for your pet?

Pros: Safe for humans, and adult dogs and puppies, too. The ingredients in this shampoo are ideal for the sensitive French bulldog, and the formula is also deodorizing.

Cons: While the shampoo will get rid of stinky dog smells, the bergamot and green tea scent is not particularly long-lasting. If you want your dog to have a more “perfumed” smell that will last for days, you may want to look at one of the other shampoos listed below.

The Runner-Up:

Our second place choice for the best dog shampoo for french bulldogs is…

4-legger Organic, Hypo-allergenic, Lemongrass, and Aloe Shampoo

Key Benefits:

  • The formula is free from parabens and synthetic chemicals that can dull the french bulldog’s short, wiry coat.
  • The essential oil blend won’t strip your dog’s fur or skin of natural oils, leaving their coat looking shiny and feeling soft.
  • Lemongrass has antibacterial and antifungal properties which can keep yeast at-bay if your dog is prone to fungal infections.

What are the pros and cons of the 4-legger runner-up formula?

Pros: 4-leggers Lemongrass and Aloe Shampoo for dogs is exceptionally gentle for dry, sensitive skin and french bulldogs who have dandruff or bacterial infections in their wrinkles. The formula is also easy to rinse and free of all kinds of irritants that you’d find in most inferior brands.

Cons: This shampoo cannot get in your dog’s eyes, and you’ll need to rinse it out immediately if that happens.

5 Tips for Bathing Your French Bulldog Puppy

  • The French bulldogs short and wiry coat can trap and hide all kinds of dirt and debris. While you should brush their coat first before getting them wet, consider blow drying them off too to knock out any dirt or debris before bath time.
  • Put a towel or another non-slip surface at the bottom of your tub or sink.
  • Test the water first. Make sure that it is lukewarm. Place your french bulldog inside an inch or so of water to test it and make sure he isn’t too hot or cold.
  • Put cotton balls in your pet’s ears to prevent water from getting inside the ear canal, but don’t forget to take the cotton balls them out.
  • Invest in a shower hose for bathing your french bulldog. A shower hose is ideal for making sure you get all of the soap rinsed off their coat. Leaving soap residue behind can cause skin irritation.

What are some other top-rated shampoos and conditioners for french bulldogs?

We’ve found a few other high-quality shampoos for french bulldogs:

FAQ for Bathing Your French Bulldog

  • Is it okay to use human shampoo or conditioner on my french bulldog?

No. Human shampoos and conditioners are way too harsh for your dog. Using a human shampoo on a french bulldog’s sensitive skin can inflame his skin and also cause an infection inside his wrinkles.

  • How frequently should I bathe my french bulldog?

French Bulldogs do not need to be bathed as often as other breeds. It’s a good idea to limit bath time to twice a month at the most. However, you will need to clean out his wrinkles at least once per week to prevent infection and cut down on odors. If he gets dirty playing outside, or his face gets messy from eating, you’ll want to clean him more often than once per week.

  • How should I clean and care for my french bulldog’s wrinkly skin?

Use a soft, clean, and moist washcloth to get rid of dirt and debris between the folds. Make sure to pay close attention to wrinkles that are especially deep. It can be easy for bacteria to grow and multiply if you don’t do a good job of cleaning your dog. After you wipe him down, use a soft, clean, dry towel to remove any remaining moisture. Moisture can feed bacteria growth. It’s also a good idea to use a specially-formulated wrinkle cream for french bulldogs and apply it to the skin folds to prevent irritation and inflammation.

The French bulldog’s short coat and cute, charming wrinkles are an unmistakable characteristic of the breed. However, your Frenchie’s skin has special grooming needs that you’ll need to maintain to keep him healthy, happy, and comfortable. The next time your french bulldog is due for a bath, consider using one of the above soothing, all-natural shampoos for dogs.

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