Purina Beyond Dog Food Reviews, Coupons and Recalls 2024

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As one of several Purina brands, Beyond dog food is produced and manufactured by the Nestle-Purina company, one of the largest pet food manufacturers in the world. Purina offers a mixed bag of products but the Beyond line is one of their higher quality brands. The Beyond brand is a natural brand of pet food, made with real meat, poultry, or fish as the primary ingredient and supplemented with essential nutrients for balanced nutrition. According to the Beyond website, this company believes “that when we connect with what’s natural, we reconnect with what’s good in food”. They also believe that choosing your pet’s food is one of the most important decisions you can make and they design their products in such a way that they become a healthy choice.

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The Purina company has been around for more than 80 years, but the Beyond brand is one of their newer lines of products. This brand was created in response to a rise in demand for all-natural pet food products. According to the Beyond website, this line of products consists of “natural dog and cat food nutrition plus essential nutrients providing all the nourishment your pets need and nothing they don’t”. Beyond states that all of their products are made with quality proteins and that they are free from poultry by-product meals. Beyond dog foods don’t contain any corn, wheat, or soy ingredients and they are free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. All of these things seem to sync up with the brand’s claim of being a natural pet food brand.

When it comes to their product offerings, the Beyond brand is made up of three different product lines – Beyond Simply 9, Beyond Adventure Grain-Free and Beyond Superfood Blends. The Beyond Simply 9 line of dry dog food features simple recipes made with just 9 key ingredients and it is a great choice for dogs suffering from food allergies and sensitivities. The Beyond Adventure Grain-Free line of products is designed to nourish active dogs with premium proteins and zero grains – it is described as a “back to basics” approach to pet nutrition. The Superfood Blends line of products is focused around nutrient-dense, superfood ingredients with Purina’s special Superfood Blend that includes an assortment of essential nutrients to ensure complete and balanced nutrition.

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Purina Beyond Recalls 2024:

As you have already learned, Purina products are produced and manufactured by the Nestle-Purina company. This company is one of the largest pet food manufacturers in the world and they have manufacturing facilities all over the country as well as several plants oversees. The brand does not provide specific information about where their ingredients are sourced or where their products are manufactured. The Purina website makes some general claims about sourcing their ingredients from regional vendors and about quality assurance for their manufacturing processes, but there is no brand-specific information. The Purina company as a whole has been subject to a number of recalls over the years but the Beyond brand, being fairly new, has only one recall in its history:

  • In August 2013, the FDA issued a recall for Purina One Beyond White Meat Chicken & Whole Barley Recipe adult dry food due to potential salmonella contamination.

Purina Beyond Dog Food Coupons 2024

Because this food is made with natural ingredients and it is free from artificial additives, it may be a little more expensive than other Purina brands. Compared to many all-natural pet foods, however, it is still fairly affordable. A small bag of dry food in the 13- to 15.5-pound range costs about $25 to $35. For 12-ounce cans of canned food you will spend about $2.50 each. They also offers 3.2-ounce food topper pouches for about $2.25 each. To save money on this food, look for printable coupons online or sign up for special offers on the Purina Beyond website.

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Purina Beyond Reviews

Purina Beyond food is marketed as a natural pet food that is completely grain-free and made with real meat, fish or poultry as the number-1 ingredient. This brand of food is free from corn, wheat, and soy ingredients plus it excludes by-product meals and artificial additives. They offer six different dry food products in three different product lines: Simply 9, Grain-Free, and Superfood. The Simply 9 line of products includes two recipes – Ranch Raised Lamb & Whole Barley and White Meat Chicken & Whole Barley. These products are made with 9 simple, easily recognizable ingredients plus essential vitamins and minerals. The Grain-Free line includes three flavors made with quality meats like wild-caught tuna, white meat chicken, and beef. These recipes are made with gluten- and grain-free carbohydrates like peas and cassava root flour. The Superfood recipe is made with salmon, egg, and pumpkin in a high-quality, nutrient dense formula to support your dog’s whole-body health.

Is this Food Good for my Dog?

The answer to this question is not a simple one – you cannot assume that because their products have only been recalled once in recent years that it is a quality brand. In order to determine whether it is a good brand for your dog, you need to consider the nutritional balance of their products, the quality of the ingredients used, and the safety of the brand’s manufacturing processes. Purina does provide some general information on their website about sourcing their ingredients from regional sources and about employing quality assurance measures, but there are no specific details for any of their brands. This is not a good thing. A quick review of several Purina Beyond products, however, reveals the use of numerous high-quality ingredients like fresh lamb, chicken meal, and salmon. This product line does use gluten-containing grains, however, and several plant proteins. Overall, this brand seems to be a decent food brand, though you could do better.

Dry Food: The Purina Beyond brand offers three different product lines for their dry foods. The Simply 9 line of products is similar to a limited ingredient diet. Each recipe is made with just 9 key ingredients plus vitamins and minerals to ensure nutritional completeness. The Adventure Naturals line of products is grain-free, made with quality proteins like white meat chicken and supplemented with egg protein. The Superfood Blend line includes two recipes, both of which are nutrient-rich and made with a variety of superfood ingredients. Here is a list of their dry food recipes:

Simply 9 Recipes:

  • Ranch Raised Lamb & Whole Barley Recipe
  • White Meat Chicken & Whole Barley Recipe

Adventure Naturals Grain-Free Recipes:

  • Tuna & Egg Recipe
  • White Meat Chicken & Egg Recipe
  • Beef & Egg Recipe

Superfood Blend Recipes:

  • Barley, Egg, Sweet Potato & Cranberry Recipe
  • Salmon, Egg & Pumpkin Recipe

Canned Food: In addition to an assortment of dry food products, Purina also offers six recipes for canned food. All of their canned food products are naturally grain-free and made with meat, poultry or fish as the primary ingredient. Here is a list of their canned food recipes:

  • Grain-Free Beef, Potato & Green Bean Recipe
  • Grain-Free Chicken, Carrot & Pea Recipe
  • Grain-Free Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe
  • Grain-Free Chicken & Sweet Potato in Gravy Recipe
  • Grain-Free Turkey & Green Bean in Gravy Recipe
  • Grain-Free Beef & Spinach in Gravy Recipe

Purees: If you are looking for a simple way to add more flavor to your dog’s diet, or you want to boost his nutrition, Purees is a great way to go. These wet food products come in squeezable pouches and they are made with quality proteins and healthy nutrients. Each recipe contains just five recognizable human-grade ingredients – here is a list of flavors:

  • Natural Beef & Apple Puree with Vitamin A & Zinc
  • Natural Chicken & Carrot Puree with Vitamin E
  • Natural Beef & Berry Puree with Vitamin E
  • Natural Pumpkin & Oat Puree with Prebiotic Fiber

Dog Treats: Not only do they offer a selection of dry food and canned food recipes, but they also have a line of grain-free dog treats and biscuits. The dog treats feature premium proteins and they are full of natural flavor. Here is a list of dog treat flavors:

  • All-Natural White Meat Chicken Cutlets
  • All-Natural Grain-Free Jerky Strips with Chicken & Carrots
  • All-Natural Biscuits Salmon & Oats Recipe
  • All-Natural Biscuits Chicken & Barley Recipe
  • All-Natural Grain-Free Jerky Strips with Chicken & Apples

Purina Beyond Grain-Free White Meat Chicken & Egg Recipe Review:

This Purina Beyond Grain-Free White Meat Chicken & Egg Recipe dry food is described as a grain-free, protein-rich food that follows a “back to basics” approach to pet nutrition. This recipe is made with real, recognizable ingredients like fresh chicken as well as vitamins and minerals to ensure complete and balanced nutrition. Not only is this recipe free from corn, wheat, and soy products but it is also free from artificial additives and poultry by-product meals. The ingredients in this formula are carefully selected to “deliver the right nutrition to help your pet live a long healthy life”. What more could you ask for in a quality food product?

As promised, the first ingredient in this recipe is fresh chicken and it is followed by chicken meal. Fresh chicken is always a quality ingredient and it is even better when it appears at the top of the ingredients list. You should be aware, however, that fresh meats like chicken contain up to 80% moisture by volume – this means that when Purina cooks the product, the volume of protein provided by the chicken will become much lower. While this might be a problem if fresh chicken were the only source of protein in this recipe, the fact that chicken meal is listed second is a good thing. Chicken meal is simply fresh chicken that has been cooked to remove moisture and it contains up to 300% more protein by volume than fresh chicken. This recipe also includes dried egg product and pea protein as supplementary source of protein. Dried egg product is generally a good ingredient but it is difficult to see why pea protein would be included except to increase the protein content without adding more meat.

After the chicken and chicken meal come pea starch and cassava root flour. These are both gluten-free and grain-free carbohydrates that provide your dog with dietary fiber and some essential nutrients. This recipe also includes dried beet pulp and dried apples. The dried beet pulp is considered a questionable ingredient by some, though there is no definitive evidence to suggest that it is harmful for dogs. The dried apples are likely included as a natural source for key nutrients, though they also provide some dietary fiber. The main sources of fat in this recipe are canola meal and beef fat – both of these are decent fat sources and they provide concentrated energy. The remaining ingredients are nutritional supplements which are good, but it would be better to see chelated minerals used and the recipe could benefit from some probiotics such as dried fermentation products.

Overall, this Purina Beyond Grain-Free White Meat Chicken & Egg Recipe has a guaranteed analysis as follows:

  • Crude Protein (Min) – 27%
  • Crude Fat (Min) – 16%
  • Crude Fiber (Max) – 5%
  • Moisture (Max) – 12%
  • Zinc (Min) – 150 mg/kg
  • Selenium (Min) – 0.35 mg/kg
  • Vitamin E (Min) – 150 IU/kg
  • Glucosamine (Min) – 400 ppm
  • Omega-6 Fatty Acids (Min) – 1.3%
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Min) – 0.4%
  • Calorie Content – 438 kcal/cup

Bottom Line:

Overall, the Purina Beyond brand is a mid-quality brand – it is certainly better than some of Purina’s products, but it is not quite on-par with other natural pet food brands. The fact that this brand is produced and manufactured by one of the largest pet food manufacturers in the country could be a red flag because it is difficult to control quality with large-scale manufacturing operations. Many of their products do contain quality ingredients like fresh meats and meat meals as well as animal fats, but there are a few questionable ingredients as well. Simply put, if you are looking for an above-average pet food that is more affordable than other natural pet food brands, Purina Beyond may be the way to go.

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  1. i bought beyond tuna and egg and i had to take my dog to the emergency room he was really bloated and sick,they found out he had ple which is…
    Protein-losing enteropathy (PLE) is a fancy way of saying that excessive protein is lost from the gastrointestinal tract. Normally, protein that leaks into the intestines is digested into amino acids; these are then reabsorbed and made into protein again. he has a bad food allergey and it was this food, i know this because its the only new thing he had ate in a month, iam paying so much money in vet bills and special food meds etc i dont know what to do , iam scared iam gonna loose my dog, but sorry just had to write this so if anyone sees their dog is getting big around the stomach it isnt fat its liquid not leaving where it is suspose to , so take your dog to be checked
    thank you

  2. You need to make the canned beef Burien and beyond with a lot less juice sometimes they’re perfect and sometimes they have way too much juice in them and it’s just much she and nasty and my dog doesn’t want to eat it you need to get the recipe correct don’t get so much juice right now I’ve got four cans they hardly have no juice he scarfed it down the cans that are full of juice he picks that and won’t eat please try to correct the problem

  3. I have a very small dog and I don’t like to refrigerate food you could make half size cans of the Parina beyond and you would sell a lot more to smaller dogs he doesn’t hardly have teeth he’s old and he has to eat soft food in the cans once I put them in the fridge then I have to put them in the microwave and that’s not good for the food you should think about making smaller cans for smaller dogs like about half the size of that cam

  4. I’ve been feeding my dog Beyond dog food for almost a year. Last week my dog started having diarrhea.and the only thing we could think of that had changed was a new bag of Lamb beyond dog food. After looking in the container of food, I noticed dead bugs and clumps of cobwebs in the food. I checked the other unopened bag of Beef beyond dog food and it didn’t have any bugs or cobwebs in it. Within a day of changing to the new bag her diarrhea stopped.

  5. Why are the chicken cutlet dog treats SO hard to find – every time you change it up I get on board only to find out when I need to re-order they are never available. This is the ONLY treat MY Lil Girl will eat (and I’ve tried them all).

  6. I have been buying the Purina One Grain Free Chicken from a local large chain pet food store. I found what at first appeared to be a thick fur like spider web in the dry food. After digging deeper into the bag I found a blob of what appeared to be FUR. I called the store and she said this is caused by certain type of Moths. She also said that they get several complaints about this from Purina foods because the company is so big that they don’t keep a close eye on all of their plants. No more Purina for me.

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