Seresto Flea and Tick Dog Collar Reviews and Coupons: Our 2023 Guide

Over time we’ve come up with various ways of getting these little critters to leave our dogs alone, some of which are more effective than others. We’ve got a whole range of lotions and potions that require a manual application, we’ve got natural alternatives like garlic that simply don’t work, and we’ve got the humble flea and tick collar too.

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Collars have several advantages over other kinds of treatment method, the most obvious of which is that they are a true “set and forget” solution. You put the collar on, and the job is done – or at least that’s the idea…

There are countless flea and tick collars out there in bargain bins across the country that claim to provide protection on a budget – but most of them simply don’t get the job done properly. That’s where Seresto comes in.

They’re the most reputable and respected flea and tick collar manufacturer in the world. Their products are almost always the brand that veterinarians will recommend due to their literally unbeatable performance – but they are also the most expensive too…

Are they worth the additional cost?

Well, today we’re going to find out in this Seresto flea and tick collar review.

Let’s get started.

Seresto Flea and Tick Collar Coupons

We were unable to locate any coupons from Seresto themselves (online or offline). But you can still save on their products if you’re clever about it.

The best way to do this is to look for pet stores that have discounts or promotions running that offer savings on a wide range of products. These discounts are usually more generous if you’re a new customer (because they want repeat business) but there are still decent offers out there for existing customers too.

At the moment the best discount we’ve found is at who are offering an incredible 35% off almost all of their products – which includes these excellent collars from Seresto.

For other cheaper brands of flea and tick collar, a 35% saving would be minimal (as they are cheap already). But when you’re buying a collar like this that costs over $50, it’s not an insignificant saving.

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Seresto Flea and Tick Collar Review

Hopefully, now you know a little bit more about the kinds of problems that ticks and fleas create and the different ways of solving them. Let’s take a look at Seresto and their excellent dog collar.

This is one of the highest rated flea and tick collars on the market, it’s also one of the most expensive. However, you really do get what you pay for when it comes to collars like this, and this is a premium product, with a premium price tag. It provides performance on a level that cheaper products cannot even hope to compare with.

It’s one of the better kinds of collar that we talked about earlier that will kill current infestations and make your dog seem like a bad target for fleas and ticks looking for their next host too.

One of the biggest advantages that you’re getting with this collar is that it doesn’t require a flea or tick to bite before it takes effect. Cheaper collars work in a reasonably counterintuitive way, the chemicals inside them often don’t harm the pests that have infested your pooch until they decide to bite and feed on the skin that’s covered in pesticide. This means it’s uncomfortable for your dog while the treatment is taking effect – which isn’t ideal.

Seresto’s collar doesn’t’ work like this – it will kill fleas and ticks on contact, without having to wait for them to decide to make your pooch their next meal.

As you’d expect from a product of this quality it’s a comprehensive solution that will kill adult fleas and ticks, alongside any eggs, larvae or nymphs that haven’t fully matured yet. This ensures you can get the problem under control and stop it from reoccurring at the same time.

It’s a non-greasy collar that’s completely odorless too – which is a big benefit. Cheaper collars use smelly chemicals that are visibly oily on your dog’s coat. The advanced formula that you find in the Seresto is virtually undetectable, you and your pooch are not going to notice any change in coat consistency, color, or odor whatsoever.

The fast acting formula will get to work within 24 hours, killing any fleas in your dog’s coat that shouldn’t be there, the repellent action we talked about earlier will start protecting your pooch even quicker than this (within 2 hours).

It takes a little longer to provide protection against ticks, the treatment takes 48 hours to start the mass murder of these little monsters and will repel other ticks that want a new home within 6 hours.

It’s a completely water-resistant formula, which is super impressive considering it’s not an oily product like some cheaper water resistant collars. It can even provide protection after you use your normal dog shampoo when you’re giving your dog a bath – just be sure not to bathe them more than once a month.

There’s no getting around the fact that this isn’t a cheap collar, but if you want proper performance and protection – there’s no other alternative to a Seresto product.

It’s one of the most commonly recommended collars by veterinarians for a reason, and considering it provides 8 months of protection – it’s not like this is going to be a regular expense anyway.

Different Sizes of Seresto Flea and Tick Collars

Seresto has two different collar lengths on the market. The shorter one is 15 inches in diameter and is recommended for dogs that weigh up to 18lbs. The larger one is 27.5 inches long and is recommended for all dogs over the 18lb weight limit of the shorter product.

Both collars are trimmable, which means you can fit it around your dog’s neck and then cut the excess off for a perfect fit every time.

Flea And Tick Collar Buyers Guide

Before we get into the review section of this article, it’s a good idea for us to explain a little bit about fleas and ticks (and the problems they cause). It’ll help us when we try and justify the comparatively large price tag of Seresto’s collars.

How Long Do Flea Collars Last?

Usually, you’re going to get around 7 to 8 months out of a chemical based flea collar before it stops providing protection. This varies from brand to brand, and some cheaper collars may technically provide protection for this long – but they’ll be much more ineffective towards the end of their lifespan.

Natural collars on the other hand (that don’t use chemicals) have a much shorter lifespan. You’re only going to get around 4 months of use out of them before needing to think about getting a replacement.

Are Flea And Tick Collars Waterproof?

Nearly every flea and tick collar on the market will say they are waterproof, but there’s a huge variation of water resistance between them.

The worst products will still provide protection after being submerged in water, but they will be much less effective. Slightly better products will use oily materials in their collars that provide decent protection against water, but they leave your dog looking like it has been playing in a butter factory (they usually smell bad too).

The best products (like Seresto) provide complete protection against all kinds of water (including baths and shampoos) without being noticeably oily on your dog’s coat.

How Do Flea And Tick Collars Get Rid Of Pests?

The best collars on the market will kill fleas, ticks, their eggs, and their larvae. They’ll also prevent against reinfection by trying to make your pooch seem like an unattractive host to any prospective invaders.

Cheaper collars will often usually only do one of these things, they’ll either repel future invasions or clear current infestations – but not both at the same time.

What Are Fleas?

Fleas are one of the best jumpers in the entire animal kingdom, which is pretty handy for them – as they are technically wingless insects. They jump from dog to dog (or human to human) with incredible accuracy – eventually feeding off of their blood. This technically makes them parasites, despite them not living inside your dog.

They can jump one foot in distance and 7 inches high, which doesn’t sound impressive until you remember that they are around 1/8th of an inch in size. This is similar to you being able to jump around 300 feet long and 100 feet high.

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What Are Ticks?

Ticks are parasites too, but they’re a little bit different. These little monsters are technically arachnids (like spiders) and are significantly larger than fleas. You can see them with the naked eye, and they are big enough to remove one by one with a pair of tweezers.

When you do this you need to be careful to not break the tick as their juices cause infection, make sure you get the jaws too – as they can become attached. Clean the bite site with rubbing alcohol and then book a vet’s appointment. Ticks can carry Lyme disease, which can have serious long-term consequences for your dog and can often be fatal.

What Problems Can Fleas And Ticks Cause?

There’s a long list of problems these little monsters can cause our four-legged friends. Here are some of the most notable ones.


When your dog itches too much from an infestation they can cause wounds and sores that are unable to heal (from the constant scratching). Over time these can become easily infected and cause all kinds of problems for your pooch.


When a tapeworm has infected the stomach of a flea, it can infect your dog too if they accidentally eat it while itching and licking themselves. This requires a trip to the vet to sort out and can cause weight loss and an itchy backside for your pooch.

Flea Bite Anaemia

If the infestation is really bad (or you’ve got a young puppy or an old dog) the amount of blood these pests drink can make your dog’s red blood cell count fall and they can become anemic. This can be fatal in some circumstances.

Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is one of the most commonly known diseases that ticks can carry (but it’s not the only one). It’s a very serious medical condition that can often cause serious long-term health conditions for your dog – it can easily be fatal too.

What Alternatives To Flea And Tick Collars Are There?

The main alternative to using a flea and tick collar is a manual application of pesticide by hand. This is a repetitive job that needs to be done at least once a month. It’s not very fun for you or your dog as you’re both having to deal with smelly chemicals up close and personal.

The only times these potions and lotions are better than a collar is if you’ve got an immediate infestation that needs an intense treatment, or if your pooch hates wearing collars.

In almost every other situation a high-quality flea and tick collar will be the best option – they’re “set and forget” products.


So there you have it, that’s what we think about the Seresto collar.

We hope you’ve learned a little bit about the canine pest control world today and the issues fleas and ticks can cause. It’s a serious problem that goes far beyond a little itchiness – and it needs to be treated with the respect it deserves.

Seresto’s collars may be expensive, but they are also the best. There are other cheaper products on the market, but they shouldn’t even be classed as the same kind of product as the Seresto – the difference in performance is like night and day.

It’s a premium product with a premium price tag, but if you want proper protection that’s going to let you sleep well at night knowing your pooch is safe and sound…

Nothing else will do.

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  1. I do not recommend this product if u have a playful pet they dont hold up and break to easy. Mine only lasted 2 weeks.

    1. Perhaps you did not apply it correctly. I have 2 rambunctious cats and a crazy wild dog and the collars on all 3 lasted over a year even though you are supposed to replace it every 8 months, the collars were still working at keeping off the fleas.

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