10 Best Dog Toys for Golden Retrievers in 2020

Did you know Golden Retrievers hail from Scotland? This lovable, loyal breed is relatively new compared to some types of canines and was bred to help hunt waterfowl in the 19th century. Goldens can be gentle with kids and have a playful disposition, making excellent family dogs.

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However, their hunting origins lend these blonde dogs one quality that their owners must contend with on the regular: the need to chew, carrying things in their mouths, or attempt to eat what they shouldn’t.

If you’ve owned a Golden, you probably can relate to discovering chewed up shoes, kids’ toys, or even furniture. This trait is why it’s crucial to find toys that your Golden can chew for hours without destroying and will also love for a long time without getting bored.

Different Types of Dog Toys for Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are super lovable, but they are also incredible chewers and can do a lot of damage—even to their toys if you don’t keep an eye on them. Safety is of paramount importance when you give your Golden a new chewer.

Initially, you should get to know your dog’s chewing habits by watching what they’re attracted to, and which toys they respond with the best. Like people, every dog is a little different, and some pups will love rope toys, while others will not care for them.

Many Golden Retrievers don’t just like to chew; they love to eat. With Goldens, you need to be especially careful to keep an eye on them while they get to know a new toy. If your Golden starts to rip out the fibers of a rope toy or break apart the rubber of a bouncy ball, you should take it away.

Even with the safest chewers, the materials are not for ingesting. With items like rawhide bones, which are generally safe for dogs to consume, even these can become dangerous when the pieces get too small and turn into choking hazards.

The toys we selected for Golden Retrievers are for larger dogs that can be voracious chewers. We also know from experience (previously owning a Golden) how much they love to play and eat. So, many of the select we choose because they are more robust toys that are more difficult to consume, but can sometimes get stuffed with treats, or bounced around for more active playtime.

What to Look for in a Good Toy for Golden Retrievers

Thanks to the hunting origins of Golden Retrievers, these dogs can be excellent at playing fetch, but sometimes even more often simply love carrying a toy in their mouth. You want to look for dog toys that will be tough enough to withstand a lot of chewing, while also being pliable to prevent tooth damage or your dog’s jaw fatiguing too quickly.

Some exceptions can work well, such as Nylabone, which is very tough but typically not so hard that it will cause tooth damage. If you have a dog that loves bones or rawhides, this type of toy can be a decent option.

Another crucial feature to look for with Golden Retriever toys is the size. Goldens, being larger dogs, have wider throats and bigger mouths than most smaller breeds. This size can create a potential choking hazard if your Golden chews on toys that are too small.

You need to look for size-appropriate toys that won’t get lodged in your dog’s throat and are also designed to be chewed on with a lot of energy. Buying a bouncy ball at a store (not made for canines) is not recommended, as your Golden can destroy one of these, consume pieces of it, or choke on it. Not to mention, it could be made with toxic chemicals in the rubber if it’s a cheap toy.

Overall Best Dog Toys for Adult Golden Retrievers

Check out our favorite picks for toys to keep your Golden Retriever entertained and active.

Best Overall

KONG Extreme Dog Toy

The KONG brand makes dog toys that are popular for a reason: they’re durable, come in a few different shapes, but most importantly, you can stuff these chew toys with KONG’s squirt treat filler or their crunchy snack stuffers. That is if you want to buy the brand’s treats.

You can stuff these chewies with peanut butter, sunflower butter, or mini dog treats to help your Golden Retriever associate its KONG toy with yummy playtime. These toys are incredibly helpful for those who have dogs who suffer from separation anxiety and make it challenging to leave the house without your pup trying to come with you. Stuff the toy as a distraction!

Even when you don’t fill a KONG toy with a treat, these can still make excellent chew toys thanks to their durable rubber, tough but pliable texture that some dogs find satisfying to gnaw on, and the beehive-shaped design.

The KONG extreme chew toy is moderately priced and can last a long time (the full life of your dog if they are less destructive).

GoughNuts Ring Dog Toy

One of our favorite things about the GoughNuts donut-shaped chew toy is that there is a red indicator crafted into the ring. This guide will let you know when your Golden chewed enough of the toy that it’s time to take it away for good to prevent any choking hazards.

The durable rubber is natural to wipe down or clean, and these toys are sturdy. You can roll it along the floor for a playful dog, or just let your pup go to town when it needs to chew. Stuffing a crunchy treat in the center can offer your Golden a little more interest and help your dog associate the toy with gnawing.

The GoughNuts Ring Toy is a bit more expensive than the Extreme KONG, but we like the safety feature of the red inner ring, and the rubber on this chewer is tough.

West Paw Zogoflex Tux Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Chew Toy

If you like the idea of KONG stuff toys, but want something a little different, we love this treat-dispensing toy from West Paw. The shape is more interesting for some Goldens, and we’re also a fan of the BPA-free and Phthalate-free non-toxic rubber.

This toy has three nubs to chew on, which is ideal for Goldens that like to gnaw on things with their back molars. The treat dispensing area is in the center, and you can stick crunchy treats inside or freeze yummy snacks in the open space for more of a challenge.

Best of all, the manufacturer offers a 100 percent guarantee against chew destruction damage by your dog, and West Paw is made in the USA. This toy is comparable in price with the GoughNuts Ring Toy.

Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Dog Chew Toy

If you have a smaller Golden Retriever (under 70 pounds), this bacon-flavored Benebone is a chew toy we love. The flavor comes from authentic bacon—not artificial flavoring—and the base material is robust nylon.

Benebone toys are solid, so if you have an overly aggressive chewer, you might be better off steering clear, as in rare cases, some dogs can consume these or even go too rough on their teeth.

However, for most dogs, Benebones offer just the right amount of toughness to chew on without breaking down too quickly. The flavor makes these chewers irresistible to some dogs, and the price is pretty affordable, also. If you notice your dog starting to break off bits and eating them, take the Benebone away.

Nylabone DuraChew Chicken Flavor Bone Dog Toy

This Nylabone is one of our favorite chew toys on a budget. The cost is low, but these chew toys can provide hours of enjoyable chewing for your Golden. These chewers are best for dogs that like to gnaw but are a bit less aggressive about it.

We like Nylabone not only for the affordable price but because it’s made in the USA and has a delicious chicken flavor your Golden Retriever will love. This feature helps your dog associate the toy with chewing and can help keep them occupied longer.

Nylabones also have grooves and bumps crafted into the toy to help with your dog’s dental hygiene. Many vets recommend these toys for dental health along with brushing your pup’s teeth, so if healthy gums or fresher breath are a concern for your Golden, we recommend looking into this toy.

Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Tennis Ball

The Orbee tuff tennis ball is not for use on the courts, but instead, is ideal for tough chewers like Golden Retrievers. If your dog likes tennis balls, but you don’t like the drool getting caked into the soft fibers, you’ll appreciate this smooth material (which is recyclable).

This tennis ball is made in the USA of non-toxic material, and we love this for Goldens that need a bit of a breath freshen-up, as it’s mint flavored. If you live around the water or have a pool that toys fall into on occasion, this tennis ball is a fantastic choice as it floats. We like the price, which is on the more budget-friendly side.

Angelland Rope Toys

If you’re Golden is more attracted to chewing fabric items and doesn’t click with rubber toys or faux bones, these are some of our favorite rope toys. Some dogs just don’t like smooth rubber chewers. For those pups, we love these rope toys because they’re crafted of natural cotton and linen that is washable.

This three-pack offers variety, too, for dogs that get bored with a single toy or shape. Tug-of-war loops make it easy to play with your Golden, and sturdy knots provide excellent spots for your dog to gnaw on to relieve anxiety.

These rope toys are a bit pricier than some on our list, but for three ropes in one pack that are sturdy and durable, we think the cost is worth it for pups that enjoy non-rubber chewers.

KONG Extreme Goodie Bone Dog Toy

KONG is one of our favorite dog toy brands, but if your Golden Retriever doesn’t like the shape of the original, the “bone” is a fantastic alternative. This durable chewer is KONG’s extreme rubber—their more robust line as opposed to the original red toys—and still features spots to stuff treats.

Each end of the bone has an opening you can put nut butter or a crunchy treat inside to distract and occupy your dog. One notable perk of having two different spots for treat placement is that it can buy you a bit more time if you are trying to distract your Golden. They have to work to get their snack out of one side, but once they get their treat, they still have the other side on which to work.

We love this toy for dogs with severe separation anxiety that want to come with you every time you walk out the door. Stuff both sides with your Golden’s favorite snack, and you will buy yourself a moment to leave without your doggie attempting to slip outside with you.

Overall Best Dog Toys for Golden Retriever Puppies:

Youngever Eight-Pack of Chew Toys

Puppies can be a lot like kids. They have high energy but can get bored with an item and jump to the next within minutes. That’s part of why we love this eight-pack of durable chewers from Youngever. In this set, you get five cotton rope toys and three 100 percent, natural rubber chewers.

The cotton rope toys are excellent for playing tug-of-war with your puppy, as well as helping clean your dog’s teeth with the fibers as they chew. The rubber toys are ideal for those moments when your puppy needs to gnaw on something harder or wants to play with a bouncy ball.

In addition to being non-toxic and durable, we love the price of this set. You get eight high-quality toys for under $20, which is a steal if you compare different dog toy prices. Some of these items, such as the blue and white knotted rope, are hefty enough for adult Golden Retrievers, also.

KONG Puppy Toy – Original Shape

KONG makes fantastic chewers for grown dogs, but we might love their puppy toys even more. They are made from durable rubber that is challenging for even the most aggressive gnawers to destroy, but the puppy toy is for smaller mouths with rubber that is slightly more pliable for tinier teeth and more delicate puppy jaws.

You can select from pink or blue, which is also cute for your baby Golden Retriever. As always, you can stuff these chew toys with a tasty treat to occupy your puppy when they are acting rowdy.

For smaller dogs, we like Wellness Soft Puppy Bites. Even if you forgo stuffing these cute toys with treats, they are excellent for gnawing and bouncing to keep your active puppy interested and jumping around.

Tips for Playing With/Entertaining Your Golden Retriever  

Golden Retrievers are typically playful dogs with a cheerful disposition. These canines do require a lot of attention, though. Even if you don’t have a lot of time, we recommend that you try one of these play activities for at least 10 to 25 minutes each day.

  1. Playing fetch in a backyard, in a dog park, or on a beach
  2. Stuffing a chew toy with a treat and then hiding it under some pillows or blankets you don’t mind your pup digging through
  3. Engaging in a little tug-of-war, not so much to stir up aggression, but enough to keep your dog from boredom
  4. Rolling a few different toys across the floor at the same time to make your dog think fast and pick an item

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I give my Golden Retriever kids’ toys?

We don’t recommend this, as toys for children are not designed to be chewed by canine teeth, and your Golden can accidentally ingest harmful pieces.

Can my dog’s toys be washed?

In most cases, yes. Rubber toys such as KONG chewers can be soaked and washed with dish soap and water. Rope toys can usually be thrown in the washing machine, although be sure to read manufacturer instructions first.

If my dog only chewed off a few pieces of a Nylabone, is it still safe?

If your dog chewed beyond standard bite marks and pieces are going missing, take the toy away. Small shards of hard nylon could injure your dog’s digestive tract.

Which dog toys are best for cleaning teeth?

Most toys designed with groove and massaging numbs with help scrape plaque away from your canine’s teeth and gums. Rope toys are also one of our favorites for this use, as the fibers can work similarly to the bristles on your toothbrush if your dog chews them enough. You can rub a small amount of appetizing dog toothpaste on a rope toy to encourage chewing for cleaner teeth.


Durable chew toys, whether they are rubber, nylon, or cotton rope, tend to work well for Golden Retrievers because these loyal dogs love to chew and to carry favorite toys around when they get excited. Look for items made for larger dogs, specifically extreme chewers, with non-toxic ingredients. Your Golden will love them!

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