10 Best Dog Toys for Beagles

Energetic and friendly, Beagles are easy to please and a joy to have at home—just so long as they have the means to harness their abundant energy.

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These beloved hunting dogs require lots of stimulation to work their bodies and sharp hunting instincts. Without the right amount of stimuli and exercise, you may find your Beagle running around the house unchecked.

Thankfully, dog toys are a perfect way to keep them occupied—and your healthy, loving relationship with your pup undamaged. They allow them to control their chewing needs, release pent-up energy, and satisfy their need to hunt for their food. Providing your Beagle with the right toy will keep their mind occupied, their body healthy, and your sanity intact.

While it may seem like any toy will do, some are better than others for this breed. Make your dog happy with a combination of plush companions, something they can gnaw on, and pretty much anything to fetch. Beagles are avid chewers, so durable toys are a must if you want them to last longer than a day, and throw toys will help them release some of their abundant energy.

To help you provide the best play experience for your dog, we’ve done the research for you and put together a handy list of the top 10 best dog toys for Beagles. We’ve also included helpful information about different types of dog toys, as well as how to choose the best one for your dog.

Different Types of Dog Toys for Beagles

It may seem like all toys are the same, but there are many types with different functions. It’s helpful to understand which kind you’re buying to know how it will serve the Beagle breed.

Teething toys, for example, are a must for Beagles and perfect for helping puppies soothe the pain their emerging teeth cause. These toys are designed to withstand vigorous chewing and direct your dog’s urges away from your couch and shoes. To provide even more relief, you can also throw some of them in the freezer. Chew toys are also excellent for adult Beagles.

Stuffed toys are another type of toy and the dog equivalent of a child’s favorite teddy bear. Your pup can cuddle up with one to help ease separation anxiety when you’re away from home. Stuffed toys are also fun to play with, as many include squeakers that will capture your dog’s attention. They’re great for tug of war, too—just make sure the toy has minimal stuffing.

Action toys like balls are a must for fetch-loving Beagles. And to help make the repetitive task of ball-throwing easier, launcher toys do the work for you. They remove the bending over and picking up slobbery balls part of the equation. Launchers also help you throw the ball farther and higher for more effective exercise.

What to Look for in a Good Toy for Beagles

It’s useful to understand the Beagle nature to know what kind of toy is best for them. Beagles are energetic, highly intelligent, and have a long history of hunting in packs with humans. Because of this history, they love to spend time with their owners and can be attention needy. This desire to be with humans can be problematic since they are mainly kept for company nowadays.

If you do have to leave them to their own devices for several hours, the right toy can help keep them entertained and stop separation anxiety. Love of chewing is a characteristic of this breed, and puppies especially need a good chew toy. Adults also like to chew, but your senior dog will prefer something a bit softer.

The Beagle’s strong hunting instincts mean you have to be careful when choosing toys. They’re programmed to find prey, which means they can be rough with toys. A good toy will have to be tough to stand up to a Beagle’s relentless desire to hunt their quarry.

Their hunting instincts mean that they enjoy interactive play with both humans and other dogs. Look for toys that can be used in games like fetch and tug of war, as well as ones that require them to make use of their tracking skills.

Beagles also like to search for their food, so it can be fun to use treat dispenser devices to serve them their meals. Leaving these toys in different parts of the house for your Beagle to find will make your dog very happy indeed.

Overall Best Dog Toys for Adult Beagles

After researching many products, we discovered a select few that stood out above the rest. Here are our favorites for the best overall dog toys for your Beagle.

Best Overall—Kong Wobbler Dog Toy

Anyone who’s ever owned a dog has heard of Kong. Kong has set the bar high in the world of treat-dispensing toys, and it won our pick for the best overall dog toy. All you have to do is stuff the Kong full of your Beagle’s favorite treats and give it to your pup. Plus, high-grade plastic polymer construction provides the durability dog owners have come to expect from the brand.

Kong is perfect for when you have to leave the house for a few hours. Your dog will be endlessly entertained, trying to unearth the treat while the toy bounces in unexpected directions. Some even choose to use this toy instead of a food bowl, which keeps their furry friends busy for longer during mealtimes. It also comes in other shapes if your dog prefers something else.

COLLAR Puller Midi Two Rings Active Toy for Dogs

Beagles love interactive play, and the Collar Puller will provide your dog with hours of tugging and fetching fun. The durable rubber is long-lasting, so you can be assured that this toy will stand up to constant use. The set includes two rings, which is handy if you happen to misplace one (or throw it somewhere unintended). They also float for added fun in the water.

Besides being fantastic for playtime, this toy serves an added purpose: you can use the Collar rings to train your pet. And whether you choose them for training or for just spending time with your dog, he’ll love the hours of interactive fun that this toy offers.

Kong Dental with Rope

Kong’s products are so fantastic that it’s no wonder that a second product from this company made our list. The Kong Dental with Rope is similar to the original wobbler that we chose as the best overall toy. However, this model features a rope on either end of the toy that can be used for playing tug of war and fetch.

This product is excellent for adults, but it can also be given to teething puppies. Young dogs can satisfy their chewing urges (and stay away from your shoes) with the Kong Dental. You can place treats inside the hollow interior to keep your Beagle occupied, as well as special dog toothpaste to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Nylabone Dura Chew

Bones are one of the first things that come to mind when you think of dog toys, which is why our list had to have a bone option. Nylabone is a big name when it comes to dog bones, and the Dura Chew is a ring-shaped product that comes in a pack with various flavors, including chicken. It features a long-lasting, durable design that can handle the abuse of heavy chewers.

Aside from satisfying chewing urges, Dura Chew promotes oral hygiene by helping to remove plaque and buildup from your Beagle’s teeth. Nylabone also has a range of bone products that will satisfy the needs of even the most particular Beagles.

ZippyPaws Squeakie Crawler Slowpoke the Turtle Dog Toy

Like we mentioned previously, Beagles are dogs that enjoy spending time hunting with their humans. They’re especially vulnerable to separation anxiety, which is why this ZippyPaws toy made our list. Your furry friend can cuddle up with this turtle stuffed animal when they’re alone to help ease anxiety and provide companionship.

And thanks to the squeakers the toy contains, it will satisfy your Beagle’s hunting urges, too. But don’t worry; it’s got minimal stuffing, so even if your dog does chew through it, your house will remain reasonably clean. This toy should help keep your dog occupied for a long time so that you can run errands worry-free. You can also play with it together when you’re home.

Kong SqueakAir Balls Packs Dog Toy

You can’t go wrong playing fetch with your Beagle, but you may want to consider purchasing a ball made specifically for dogs. The Kong SqueakAir has a few advantages that make it superior to a regular tennis ball. It’s brightly colored to grab your dog’s attention, and it has a bouncier design to help tire them out faster.

Also, as you may have guessed from its name, each ball contains a squeaker. The hunter in your Beagle will love hearing the sound when he puts the ball in his mouth, which helps satisfy his hunting urges. This is a toy that your Beagle will love, and as you can expect from Kong, it features a durable, long-lasting construction.

Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster Dog Toy

Hunting dogs love to fetch, and your Beagle will be happy to retrieve balls for hours on end. Make this activity more fun for yourself with the Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster. No one likes to touch slobbery balls or bend over endlessly to pick them up, so this toy does the work for you. And the best part for your dog is that it helps launch balls higher and farther into the air.

So not only does the toy make life easier for you, it can help your dog get better exercise. Plus, you can use it with standard-sized tennis balls, which eliminates worrying about losing the included Nerf balls.

Chew King Premium Treat Dog Toy

The Chew King dog toy is another treat dispenser like Kong. It comes in a different shape, however, and may be helpful if your dog doesn’t like Kong for some reason. This toy satisfies your Beagle’s chewing needs while at the same time keeping them entertained for long periods. You can put kibble in it as well if you want to stretch out mealtime.

The toy features everything you need for this breed: it’s non-toxic, retains its shape well, and has a durable construction that will stand up to Beagle use. It’s also perfect for training purposes.

Overall Best Dog Toys for Beagle Puppies

Puppies have different toy needs than their adult counterparts. Here are two of our top picks specifically suited to young Beagles.

Mittsy Tough Dog Toys Rope Bone Dog Toy

Beagle pups love active play, and this toy is a perfect way to engage them while allowing them to chew to their heart’s content. It’s got a simple, yet effective bone shaped design with two knots at either end that can handle rough tug of war games. The 100 percent pure cotton helps keep the dog’s teeth clean, which is another feature we love in this product.

We also like toys that transition well into adulthood, and this is certainly one that your dog will be interested in the long term.

PlayfulSpirit Bumpy Bouncy Solid Rubber Ball

Give your Beagle the best of both worlds—fetching and chewing—with the PlayfulSpirit Bumpy Bouncy Ball. The notches on the ball are designed for one purpose: creating unpredictable bounce patterns. Your puppy will never know which direction it’ll go, which means that this toy allows for endless entertainment.

While fun to throw, a bonus is that the ball doubles as a chew toy for teething puppies. The toy is made from natural rubber that helps extend its lifetime, though more enthusiastic adult dogs may chew through it. And like our other pick, this one also transitions well into adulthood.

Tips for Playing With/Entertaining Your Beagle

Properly engaging your Beagle’s senses through play goes beyond merely purchasing the correct toy. Many owners find that their dog needs some encouragement to use their toys. Here are some ideas for entertaining your dog that will help her get the most out of playtime.

  1. Praise your dog for showing interest in the toy.
  2. Engage with your dog! Playing with them is the easiest way to involve them in playtime. Doing so shows them what the strange new object is for. And not only do they get to have fun, but your dog also gets to play with their favorite person—you!
  3. Make sure your Beagle understands the rules for playing. For example, he’ll know to run and fetch the ball when you throw it, but he might not know that he needs to bring it back and drop it. Also, ensure that playtime doesn’t give way to bad habits like biting. If your pup can’t follow the rules, abandon the game.
  4. Dogs love new things, so if you have several toys, alternate them periodically into the rotation. By giving your dog only one or two at a time, the toys will seem newer and more stimulating.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many toys does my Beagle need?

There’s no limit to the number of toys you can give your dog, but avoid buying too many; you want to make sure that he plays with all of them. Purchase different toy types to gauge your dog’s interest and so that he has one to satisfy all his needs—chewing, fetching, hunting for food, etc.

What kinds of toys are best for a Beagle’s temperament?

Even from Beagle to Beagle, personalities and preferences vary. It’s a good idea to start with a plush toy, which many dogs seem to enjoy carrying around, as well as something for them to chew on.

How can I encourage my Beagle to play with toys?

If your Beagle seems disinterested in playing with the toys you bought for him, you may want to try putting them in a different area of the house. They may feel less safe in certain places, which makes having playtime there less likely. The use of play signals may also help bring out your Beagle’s playful side.


Ask anyone who’s ever owned a Beagle, and they’ll tell you what a fantastic breed it is—as long as you keep them occupied with exercise, love, and toys. The products we mentioned above are highly rated and will allow you to do just that. They’ll help you harness your dog’s energetic personality and love of hunting to ensure that both you and your dog live life to the fullest.

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