Can Dogs Eat Marshmallows?

Dogs will often eat anything they can reach. Add the fact that many dogs have a sweet tooth, and you may discover that your dog likes marshmallows. However, should you give your dog marshmallows? Are they a safe treat?

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Are Marshmallows Good or Bad for Dogs?

Marshmallows probably aren’t going to be on anyone’s list of healthy or natural foods. They are a spongy candy made from sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, vanilla extract, and coated with cornstarch or confectioner’s sugar. You can make homemade marshmallows but they are basically the same as the ones you buy in the store. There is nothing in marshmallows that is really harmful to dogs but they contain lots of sugar. You can give your dog a marshmallow now and then, in moderation, but this isn’t a food that you would want to give your dog in large amounts or every day.

If you have a small dog and you want to give him marshmallows, give him the mini-marshmallows so they are easier for him to bite and chew.

Are there any health benefits?

Well, marshmallows have a little iron and selenium and a little copper. They are about 2 percent protein (and mostly carbs and fat). They are candy. You can’t expect them to have a lot of health benefits.

Marshmallow Dog Treats:

It’s very hard to find marshmallow dog treat recipes. Three Dog Bakery has some Snow Balls (marshmallow mini wafers) and World’s Best Dog Treats makes some Blueberry Marshmallow cookies, but recipes are hard to find. So, we  had to improvise. Instead of S’mores, try making these ginger snap dog cookies and putting a marshmallow between two cookies as a cookie sandwich. Ginger is perfectly fine for dogs. In fact, it’s often recommended as a way to settle a dog’s stomach if he’s carsick. Most dogs love ginger cookies. If your dog likes marshmallows, he should love these marshmallow and ginger cookies.


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