Can Dogs Eat Pears?

Many dogs enjoy pears and some dog foods use pears as a source of fiber and carbohydrates. Acana uses pears in their Duck and Bartlett Pear formula to help maintain a low glycemic and low carb diet (the food uses oats as a single source of grain). Lots of dogs enjoy slices or pears the same way they eat apple slices. But, are they good for dogs?

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Are Pears Good or Bad for Dogs?

Pears are very good for dogs and they are quite safe. Like apples, the seeds of the pear contain the precursor to cyanide that can develop in the intestines, but you or your dog would have to eat a lot of pears – and crunch the seeds – for this to become a problem. You can remove the seeds or slice the pear and not give your dog the core if you are concerned.

Are there any health benefits?

Yes, pears are very healthy for dogs. They contain vitamin C and K and lots of fiber. They also contain copper and antioxidants which help your dog stay healthy, fight the effects of aging, and which may help prevent some kinds of cancer.

You shouldn’t give your dog lots of pears all at once, especially if he isn’t used to eating them. Give him a couple of slices at first to see how he likes them. You should always let a dog get used to a new food before giving him more. Otherwise you can upset his stomach. This is true with any new food.

Pear Dog Treats:

These pear cookies feature molasses. Most people are unaware that A) dogs really like molasses (most dogs have a sweet tooth); and B) molasses is quite healthy for dogs. It may be a byproduct of making sugarcane into sugar, but it contains trace amounts of some vitamins and quite a bit of a few minerals.  It gives cookies and sweets an unmistakable flavor.

This is an easy recipe and we think dogs will love these treats.


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