French Bulldog Vs. English Bulldog – What’s The Difference

French Bulldog Vs. English Bulldog - What's The Difference

Bull-baiting was quite a popular sport in England in the 1500s, and bulldogs were bred specifically for this sport. Although Bull-baiting got fizzled out as time went by, the bulldogs remained.

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Bulldogs, known for their ferocious temperament, prevented people from keeping them as house pets in the early years. After bull-baiting became illegal, people no longer wanted to keep them as pets, as they were not fit for anything else.

That is when breeders came up with a plan. Through experimental breeding, breeders could change the temperament and physical features of the bulldogs.

Even though French bulldogs and English bulldogs may seem similar, they have significant differences. The most obvious ones are their height, weight, and ears.

French Bulldogs have pointy ears, whereas English Bulldogs have round ears. English Bulldogs are bigger. Bulldogs are known as brachycephalic breeds. It means they have short muzzles. Dogs with short muzzles tend to snort or breathe heavily. Bulldogs are social, loving, and friendly animals. They are adorable pets.

Even though bulldogs have a great temperament, they are high-maintenance dogs. You need to pay extra attention to their physical needs. They tend to put on weight quickly, putting a lot of pressure on their tiny legs. Too much weight causes joint problems. It is always better to keep their diets healthy.

Make sure not to feed them any junk food focus on good nutrition. Your dog’s health is essential, especially if it is a bulldog. Both bulldogs are loyal and social animals. Even though they need so much exercise, you shouldn’t take them out for very long walks. Since they are small animals, their body tends to overheat.

It is better to take them for short walks twice a day. Both English and French Bulldogs can become lazy, so you must make them exercise regularly.

Now that we have understood bulldogs’ nature let’s know the significant differences between the two.

Breeds Overview

French Bulldog vs English Bulldog Breeds

By 1800, bulldogs became docile dogs. There was a stark physical difference between the bulldogs. One was bigger with rose-shaped ears, while the other was smaller with bat-shaped ears. The more miniature bulldog became known as the French bulldog, while the bigger bully came to be known as the English Bulldog.

French Bulldog

During the Industrial Revolution, the French began taking the more miniature bulldog to their homeland. Soon Paris was filled with these little lap dogs. That was when people decided to call the small dogs – French Bulldogs or Frenchies. Frenchies became famous because of their small size and friendly demeanor. You could easily carry a French Bulldog with you.

It made for a perfect lap dog and an even better companion. French Bulldogs are loyal, intelligent, and independent. Like their forefathers, the French Bulldogs are known for their bullheaded demeanor. But despite this, French bulldogs love people. They are known to follow their owners around. French bulldogs suffer from separation anxiety. It is better to train them well when they are puppies.

The French bulldog weighs between 18-28 pounds. It is shorter than the English bulldog. Frenchies are 11-13 inches tall. They have short curly, corkscrew, or straight tails. The French bulldog has short and shiny fur. Their fur needs to be brushed once a week. French bulldogs are cream, white, red, fawn, or a combination of these colors.

Some rare dogs also have a blue or lilac coat. The American Kennel Club does not recognize such dogs. French bulldogs love people but usually pick one person as their favorite and stick with them. They are jumpier and more playful than English bulldogs, which is why it is better to keep them away from children. They are less patient and like to play rough. French bulldogs are friendly but frisky.

So, if you have small children at home, the French bulldog isn’t the best option. They are stubborn but intelligent. French bulldogs are not known for their intelligence but can be trained with consistent effort. They do not like to repeat tricks. They are pretty independent and have a mind of their own. It doesn’t mean they don’t get along with people.

Frenchies love cuddles and are incredible lapdogs. They have a short muzzle. It can cause them to snort or breathe heavily. French bulldogs live for 10-14 years.

English Bulldog

The English bulldog is bigger than the French bulldog. It has rose-shaped ears that droop forward. The English bulldog weighs 40-50 pounds and is 17-18 inches tall. This dog is heavier than the Frenchie. It does not make for a good lap dog. English bulldogs are adorable, lovable, and friendly. Just like Frenchies, they are independent and strong-headed.

They may not be able to jump onto your laps, but they will lie next to your feet. English bulldogs get along great with big families. They love people, and unlike Frenchies, the English bulldog gets along with everybody. They suffer from separation anxiety but can be trained as pups.

With proper training, you can teach your English bulldog to stay by itself. English bulldogs tend to be a bit lazy. Just like French bulldogs, English bulldogs tend to put on weight. If you plan to get an English bulldog, it is essential to keep a tight check on their diets. They need plenty of exercises, or else they develop significant health issues.

English bulldogs have folds on their bodies. It is not present in French bulldogs. It is essential to clean the skin under these folds. If not well maintained, the skin can become itchy. Skin infections are pretty common in English bulldogs. English bulldogs tend to have a shorter lifespan. They are known to live for 6-8 years. These dogs require constant attention.

They are known for the trademark chops on their face. English bulldogs are calm and serious. They have a soft demeanor and don’t like to jump around too much. Their tiny legs and short muzzles prevent them from being too active. English bulldogs tend to overheat, which is why it is essential to take them out for short walks.

If it is hot or humid outside, you need to keep them in an air-conditioned room. English bulldogs love people but like to remain calmly by their side. They don’t like to jump around too much!

Physical Appearance

Physical Looks

English bulldogs and French bulldogs have significant physical differences. You can look at a dog and quickly determine whether it is a Frenchie or an English bully. Let’s check out the significant physical differences between the two.

French Bulldogs

French bulldogs have prominent ears. Their ears are pointy and shaped like that of a bat. The next time you see a bulldog with sharp ears, you’ll know it is a French bulldog. French bulldogs weigh less than English bulldogs. They are half the size of an English bulldog. The average weight of a French bulldog is 18-28 pounds.

Anything more than this can be harmful to their short legs. French bulldogs are 11-13 inches tall. Since they are lap dogs, they do not grow taller than that. Their coats are short and shiny. French dogs don’t shed too much. It would be best to brush their coat 2-3 times a week. It is best to add nutrients such as fish oil to their diet.

It keeps their coat healthy and adds that extra shine to it. French bulldogs are light and petite. They can easily fit on your lap. French bulldogs live for 10-14 years, much longer than English bulldogs.

English Bulldogs

English bulldogs are heavier than French bulldogs. Their weight is double that of a Frenchie. On average, English bulldogs weigh between 40-50 pounds. It is essential to keep their weight in check. English bulldogs are 17-18 inches tall. You will notice that the English bulldog has a lot more folds. These folds are present throughout their bodies.

If you wish to get an English bulldog, ensure the skin under these folds is thoroughly cleaned. They can quickly develop rashes, allergies, or other skin ailments. Because of their size, English bulldogs don’t make good lapdogs. It does not stop them from wanting to sit on their owner’s lap.

English bulldogs live for 6-8 years. They have a shorter lifespan than most dogs. It doesn’t stop them from being adorable pets.


Temperament of Bulldogs

French bulldogs and English bulldogs have similar temperaments. They get along with children, people, and other dogs. Bullys are often known as Velcro dogs. It is because they hardly leave their owner’s side. Both dogs suffer from separation anxiety. You need to train them when they are puppies.

French Bulldogs

French bulldogs are more active than English bulldogs. Due to their small size, they can move around faster. They are active and social. Frenchies love people. But they tend to choose a favorite person and stick to them. They are independent and can be stubborn from time to time.

French bulldogs are less patient than English bulldogs, so they are not the best companion for small kids. They will not cause harm but tend to be a little less patient. Frenchies are fun-loving social animals. They do not like to do the same thing again and again.

So if you make them do something more than a few times, they will lose interest in it.

English Bulldogs

English bulldogs are calmer than French bulldogs. They like to sit next to their owner’s feet. English Bullys are social but a lot less active. They are incredibly patient, which is why they are good with kids. These dogs love everyone. They are intelligent and strong-headed. English bulldogs can be stubborn but are kind. They are docile and get along with everyone.


Training needs to be done as puppies

French bulldogs and English bulldogs need to be trained when they are puppies. They tend to develop separation anxiety.

French Bulldogs

French bulldogs are active and easy to train. They are more intelligent than English bulldogs and can quickly pick up commands. It would be best if you were consistent with their training, or else they will take you for a ride. Due to their stubborn nature, French bulldogs will stop training if they don’t feel like it. Ensure to push them to finish their training even if they don’t feel like it.

English Bulldogs

English bulldogs are lethargic and hard to train. They are bigger than French bulldogs, so it is harder for them to move. These big boys are also strong-headed. You will need to put a lot more effort into training an English bull than to train a Frenchie. They are not ideal for first-time dog owners.


Short Snouts are a health problem

French bulldogs and English bulldogs have short muzzles. It makes it hard for them to breathe. They also suffer from joint pains and skin infections. Both dogs suffer from overheating, which is why it is vital to keep them in a cool environment.

French Bulldogs

French bulldogs have tiny legs and a heavy body. It puts pressure on their lungs and makes it hard for them to breathe. They also suffer from cataracts and cherry eyes. It is vital to keep an eye out for joint pains and breathing problems.

English Bulldogs

English bulldogs have skin folds all over their bodies. They tend to develop skin infections underneath these folds. English Bulldogs are heavy, but their legs are short. It makes their joints weak. English Bulldogs also suffer from joint problems, so it is essential to maintain a healthy diet.


Weight Issue

Since both bulldogs tend to put on weight quickly, it is vital to keep them on a healthy diet.

French Bulldogs

French bulldogs should be fed one and a half cups of food a day. Anything more than that will make them put on weight. The intake of treats should also be kept in check. You can add fish oils and vitamin D to their diets. These supplements will give them shiny fur and strengthen their bones. Ask your veterinarian for a special diet plan.

English Bulldogs

English bulldogs eat up to two cups of food a day. They may ask you for more, but make sure you don’t fall for their cute puppy eyes. They are more likely to put on weight. It puts pressure on their hips and legs. It would help if you made sure that their food intake is in control. You need to hide their food. They love to eat and will finish their food bag in no time.

Wrapping Up

Both English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs have their advantages and disadvantages. It is better to choose one that fits the environment you can provide. Suppose you want a calmer, slightly bigger dog, then go for the English bulldog. If you are looking for an active lapdog, then the French bulldog is for you.

Either way, both dogs are social, independent, and adorable! Make sure to understand their physical and emotional needs before choosing one.

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